Taiwanese Man, Trapped Inside A Coffin For A Week,Incredibly Survive By Drinking His Own Urine

Have you  heard people trapped inside the coffin in a movie film, but it real life it happened in a Taiwanese man , when he was trapped in a coffin , for six days . he survived by drinking his own urine and water from the rain .

The family of the victim believes that incident was planned, because the casket were the man were he was laid was  already removed a corp since, and kept it aside for a long time. a theory that the victim was carry and put inside the coffin during he was under the influence of Liqueur or drunk.

According to the  police , the man was small with 162 centimeters tall, and weighing just 50 kilos . Often seem to go to the shrine which is nearby the cemetery, just to have karaoke and drink with his friends . Police believe the man who has led the coffin, and put the lid weighs a hundred pounds .

When the victim awakes, he try to  lifted the lid of the coffin but failed, and saw few light penetrate from the outside , through a small hole in the coffin.  Because of Hunger and thirst , he was forced to drink the water from the rain  and his own urine for 1 week. Finally someone  heard  his screaming and crying when a visitors to the cemetery  heard him and he was saved .

The victim cannot recall how he went to the cemetery, or how he was trapped in the coffin , but his brother was very angry on what happened to him . They took pictures of the people hes with in drinking Liqueur during the time of incident , so that he can pin point the suspect.

According to the Central Weather Bureau , temperature in Taiwan falls down to 15 degrees Celsius last week, according to doctors, a miracle was happen to the  man , because in normal situations , people just live without water for  just three days . because he was able to drink his own urine , it prolonged another three days to survive.

According to lawyers , the suspect will be charged with attempted murder , and face the death penalty, life imprisonment , or jail time for over ten years .
source: youtube