Viral Video: Is This The Best Video Footage Ever Recorded Of UFO Sightings?

In Lima, Peru, a viral video was recorded that involve  another sightings of UFO or Unidentified Flying Object during daytime.

A  live telecast of one of the TV show in Peru, was briefly stop to give way on the strange purple colored disc shape object when one of the crew was sighted and hovering over a purple UFO near a building of construction site in Lima, Peru, and has been seen by many locals.

Report said that Eyewitnesses claim of the Purple colored disc shape UFO, was in the sky for about two hours. But no video was recorded on how the strange aircraft leave the place.

The video footage was filmed and recorded by a TV crew who recently making an episode of Peruvian show.

Also according to the TV crew who shot the video said that both distant and  zoom in perspective revealed a  saucer shape object with purple colored disc shape aircraft

This is another evidence that we are really visited by alien race or UFO and recently a lot of sightings of UFO has been spotted all over the word. And this one in this video is clearly not from our  Earth.

This is might the best evidence and clear footage of UFO ever recorded during daytime. So far I think this is the best one, because many video recorded sighting of this UFO was reported during night time, and because its night time the visibility is dark and the proof of evidence that a UFO sighted  was recorded during night time is very little.

What can you say about this? Are we really not alone? Is this the proved that alien or UFO really exist?

Will this UFO video footage will answer all the question for so many years that alien and UFO do exist?
source: youtube