After Decades Of Searching Japanese Warship "Musashi" was Finally Found

On March 2015, After a decades of searching , the largest Japanese warship “ Musashi” , was finally found under the Sibuyan Sea in Romblon . this warship was used in combat during World War II .

Over a seven decades of searching it became a mystery on what place where the Japanese warship “Musashi” sank until it finally found  in the sea of the Philippines, by a group that  led by Microsoft co - founder Paul Allen

Over 1,000 Japanese were killed in the sinking of Japanese warship “ Musashi” was sunk by an  estimated 19 torpedo and 17 bomb hits from  American US aircraft  during the Battle of Leyte Gulf. in October 24, 1944 in the middle of the war. Over half of her crew was rescued.

The warship was discovered by the help of Allen's group who used various historical records and with the help of his modern yacht with advance technology to find the warship .

The showdown in the sea of  Leyte was dubbed as the Battle of Leyte Gulf , one of the largest sea battles ever recorded  in history .

The Musashi is allegedly one of the largest , heaviest and most armed warship ever made.

Musashi  warship was the second ship of the Yamato class of an Imperial Japanese Navy World War II battleships.

Musashi warship and her sister ship, Yamato warship, were the heaviest and most powerfully armed warship ever constructed in history, displacing 72,800 tonnes at full load and armed with nine 46 cm (18.1 inch) Type 94 main guns. Neither ship survived the second world war.
source: GMA