Viral Video: Ghost Playing Around Disneyland Caught In A CCTV Footage

A viral video footage was uploaded in social media about a ghost that was captured by a CCTV in Disneyland.

Disneyland is a theme park, where family and friends came together to have some fun. it is a large bustling place filled with colorful attractions and event that people will surely enjoyed.
But at night when all events and attractions are done, a strange visitor came to visit Disneyland, this time it was caught by a CCTV.

A clear footage of ghost was seen in a CCTV walking around the theme park, even though all lights are on in the theme park.

The footage shows the ghost that enter the gate of the Disneyland, as it walks through the path walks of the theme park and passes through another gate and goes around the theme park and also walks through water as seen in the footage.

Even ghost still love Disneyland, even they are already died, they still coming back.  Maybe having fun or not knowing they are already dead?

The Spooky footage is a scary thing, maybe a lot of this are visiting Disneyland?
Maybe if my time has come I will visit also Disneyland, which so far I cannot do in this time of my life.

What do you think guys? Is this real? Or another edited by photo shop magic? for me maybe it is real, because a lot of ghost reports has recorded though years. A lot of proved it, and I do also experience and encounter a Ghost. So for it is real video footage.

What’s your opinion?
source: youtube