Viral Video: Screaming Ghost Caught In A Hotel Security Camera

A viral video of a screaming ghost that was caught and recorded by a security camera in one of the hotel in Illinois, the footage was recorded on September 14, 2003.

Due to the noise that coming from one of the hotel room which other people are staying also, they over heard a very loud scream from one of the hotel room.

They reported the noise and complaints to the front desk with reports of loud screaming coming from the 2nd floor which particularly in room # 209.

An  investigation has been made to know the history of hotel room # 209. And it found out that over the years there are also reports of complaints on the screaming heard on room # 209. As of know this is the only video footage that show where the screaming is coming.

As you may see in the footage a man name John came up to check room # 209, when he is near the room he suddenly stop when he heard the screaming voice, the room is unoccupied that time but a very loud scream was coming inside on the said room.

John was advised to wait to the Police but he decided to open the door of room # 209, as  he open the door a ghostly image went out and walk through hotel corridor.

John reported as he check the room that there are no one else inside but the furniture inside are all been turn upside down, the carpet has been ripped up and the shower was on but nobody is in there.
This viral video of a ghost in a hotel is not new for me, i heard it also in several people who encounter this kind of incident like the NBA superstar Tim Duncan reported that he encountered a freaky feeling in one of the hotel that he stayed.

This is nothing but one thing is for sure, lately Hotel become a favorite place for apparition of Ghost.
For me the video footage is real, it looks real, what do you think? Fake or real?
source: youtube