Actress Melissa Mendez, Appeal To All Social Media Basher "Know The Story First, Before Judging Me"

Actress Melissa Mendez Gave her side about the thrown out off the  plane after alleged assault of fellow passengers . she also issued a dissatisfaction in judging her immediately in social media .

Melissa told how hostility began with her  and a male passenger which is a friend and companion model of  rugby player Andrew Wolff .

The actress said , he asked the man to allow her to sit first in the chair near the window to capture the image of the  cloud . she said she assured the man that she would return to his original seat after taking the picture.

But Andrew’s friend  does not agree with  and  began the unruly scene with the actress . "'Oh no, no, we paid the' chair  , ' '  said by Andrew’s friend.

The actress also said that she was threatened  by the man who will struck her face with a bag.

Melissa continues , " if you do not leave my seat , I will struck face." Said by Andrew’s friend. "

Melissa return to her seat . she try to approached  Andrew  friend to settle the issue but  Andrew’s friend does not want any settlement.

Melissa 's story neatly mouth seems documentation " ' Depart from me , the smell , the smell of your breath , bad breath . Take a toothbrush , you stink , you nasty , nasty ! ' he insult me till I cant stand anymore.

That time the pilot announced that the plane will returned to the airport in Manila because of a disruptive passenger .

" Long before I get angry but I was scold by a man , if he is really a man, he would not try to struck my face with a bag ,

I've never nothing wrong at that moment, " said by the actress as she crying . " Have you a have mother ? sister that she should be respected ? Does he  should be respected  me as a woman ?. "

Melissa also brought dissatisfaction in judging her  in social media .

" They must know the whole story first . Do not judge early and called me drunk , or whatever is going berserk , " she plead .

Actress also made it clear that she was not drunk or drinking alcohol which occur on the scene of the plane .she explains , juice from the fruit mixture made by her personal assistant that she drink .

Melissa planning to consult her lawyer and resorted to Gabriela group for support .
source: GMA