Manny Pacquiao Will Give $10,000 To Team Pacquiao For The Grand Prize Winner Of His Weight Loss Challenge

Manny Pacquiao Re-opened his weight loss challenge during his day off from his training for the upcoming fight against Floyd Mayweather , Jr. in May 2.

On Monday , after attending the Good Shepherd Church in Los Angeles, California ,Manny Pacquiao goes  straight in  his prospect mansion to buy in Beverly Hills 90210 which previously owned by the famous American rapper P.Diddy. which reported recently owned by Jennifer Lopez.

As of now, Manny Pacquiao, has finally given his bid in the said mansion and just waiting for the formal signing of contract.

He also said that her wife, Jinky Pacquiao, will surely like the mansion

Here  Manny announce the re- opening of its Biggest Loser Challenge that will take place in the last five weeks before his fight against Mayweather , where participants must reduce 15 % of their weight.

Men and women are separate in such competition , in contrast with the usual  last Biggest Loser Challenge by Pacman.

Everuone is game to participate, including those previously won the competition .

Last year, winner of weight loss challenge Jelly Arayata  said that he didn't eat. I just did this detox cleanse and it worked for me, so hopefully, it'll work for me again this year,”

Ezra Hernandez  who also  previously joined and won ,Told that "It's very challenging because we would work out three times a day or more . "

Winner’s will Gets $ 10,000 or more than P400,000 in Manny Pacquiao’s weight lost Challenge .
source: GMA