Viral: Actress Melissa Mendez Was Kick Out Off The Plane After She Make An Unruly Behavior Inside The Plane

A Viral video of filipina actress Melissa Mendez, showing that an Airplane Captain forced  her “Melissa Mendez” to be kick out off the airplane of  Cebu Pacific Flight after she make a unruly scene inside the plane.

The Captain told her that "No, you're going down , you can not ride this plane , you hurting my flight stewardess "

The incident happened a few hours ago this Friday , March 20 , based on the post Instagram actor - athlete Andrew Wolff .

According to Andrew, he is on  way to a place in Mindanao with a friend aboard Cebu Pacific .

But the flight was delayed  because  a certain " actress " which has passed of her primed, who first called the initials "MM"  does don’t wanna  leave their designated reserved  seats.

After the crew’s plead , the actress finally agreed to move to her actually assigned  seat.

But still continue to make scene as she throw some bad words  on Andrews friends.

Consequently , flight attendants warm  Melissa twice but still do not stopped .

Instead the actress punched the friend of Andrew and the flight attendants .

Because of this the Pilot decided to return to the airport in Manila to kick the actress off  the plane.

Andrew did not mention the name of the actress but clearly in his video you can see that show the female actress posted is Melissa Mendez .

Andrew, said in his Instagram that Melissa which he named “MM”  smelled like she's been drunk, you just knew something was gonna happen. She Kept claiming she was a famous star in her primed.

As Melissa could not be restrained, The captain announced: To all passengers and  apologize, that the plane had to go back to Manila due to one unruly passenger"

20 ground staff person were used just to offload one unruly person. Fines with this kind of incident include P500,000 and 3 years imprisonment.
sources: GMA, Youtube