An Arabian Man Has Extra Tooth Inside His Nose

In Saudi Arabia, an Arabian man who was complaining pain and bleeding of his nose was finally went into a Hospital to know the cause of his nose bleeding.

Doctors discovered that the patient caused of nose bleeding is a round tooth that is growing inside of his nose.

The 22 year’s old man, who had only experience one nose bleed a month for almost 3 years, was told that a half inch tooth  nasal cavity was growing inside his nose.

According to study of the American Journal reports that the inter nasal tooth was scratching the inside of his nose that was causing the bleeding .

Doctors from the King Fad Military Medical Complex, were particularly surprised of the nose tooth because the man in question has almost  have a perfect set of teeth in his mouth,.

According to life science, the patient after being put in a general aesthetics the tooth was removed successfully.

Doctor John Heilstein, one of the author of the study, explain that this are rare case that a nasal cavity grows upward towards inside the nose.

Meanwhile, Nose bleeding are common among young children and younger adults, but one young man's frequent nosebleeds turned out to have a rather unusual cause.

Nosebleed happen due to hemorrhage from the nose, usually noticed when the blood flows out through the nostrils.

There are two types of nosebleed the anterior the most common nose bleed, and posterior the less common nose bleed, the more likely to require medical attention.
source: youtube