Watch: Mexican Wrestler Died After Suffering Injury In The Hands Of Former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio Jr.

Professional wrestler, are wrestler that have highly advance technique  such as clinch fighting, take downs, locks, submission moves , pins down and grappling holds. Wrestler, now a days is considered as an entertainment sports, due to scripted match and feuds.

Wrestling is a contact sports that needs a strong build body and strong stamina. wrestler are vulnerable to accident due to their stand moves or acrobatic moves, even they are professional, accident happens all the time.

Recently, a famous Mexican wrestler has died during their match. The Wrestler is known to be ‘El Hijo del Perro Aguayo”. Pedro Aguayo, which is only 35 years old died during a tag team match against the former WWE Superstars Rey Mysterio Jr.

Report said that Pedro Aguayo, suffered cervical spine trauma, a three fractured vertebrae and was dead by the time he reached a hospital, the injury was suffered during a flying kick to the shoulder and neck from fellow mexican wrestler better known as Rey Mysterio Jr.

The video shows the actual footage of the incident, Pedro Aguayo, was hanging in the ring after Rey Mysterio Jr. give him a drop kick to his shoulder, a normal kick that caused the life of mexican superstar Pedro Aguayo.

It is remembered that another superstar in the world of wrestling has died also performing their stunt as a professional wrestler, Owen Hart, younger brother of Bret Harts has died during a live WWF event after falling down from the ceiling to the turn buckles of the ring that caused him injuries and eventually died.

Wrestler are professional, but sometimes even them, made mistakes. Incident or accident always happen. They may suffered injuries that might caused their career or death.

Its true that wrestler like in the WWE are entertaining to watch but it also disturbing that a lot of stunt performed by the wrestler are really vulnerable to injury or sometimes with a false move might even caused them there life.
source: yahoo , youtube