Watch Video: Expert Revealed Why This Dress See In Different Type Of Colours

A viral dress that has become world wide famous because of its misleading and confusing  colour.
The dress which sometimes becomes Blue, Black, White and Gold has been revealed  by expert on why the dress has different colors on the eye of the one who sees it.

Netizens  has been curious of the said dress, different opinion had been shared on what is the true color of the dress  and a lot of comment has been posted in social media network.

As the world seems divided on what color really did this dress have?  Two team has been divided, team A,   team who see the dress in black and blue on the other  hand team B, team who see the dress white and gold.

Why people see it differently? Expert says it’s a phenomenon called  “Colour constancy”
The Dress change colour due to surroundings, without noticing it and the brain must have assumption.

Team A, who picture the dress in white and gold has brain that maybe interpreting a room with blue surroundings, like in a near window or a bright blue sky that makes the white dress  looks blue and the gold dress makes  would not really change.

Meanwhile on team B. people who see the dress in black and blue maybe interpreting the dress in artificial the dress in some yellow lights , as a result the brain sees the gold  turns into black colour and the blue seem not affected and remain blue in colour.

Meaning it defends on where you see the dress that initiate the dress change in colour? It depends in things  surrounds the dress that makes the dress change in colour?

What can you say about this High Technology dress? If you see this kind of dress personally and suddenly you noticed that it change in colour? What would you react? Maybe at first I would say I am color blind?
source: youtube