Viral: Award Winning Talk Show Host Fired After A Racist Comment On Paolo Ballesteros

Filipino TV host , actor  Paolo Ballesteros of  Eat Bulaga, has another trending make up transformation but this time someone is been fired on commenting on his newly famous personality he imitates.

Univision Talk show host Rodner Figueroa, who recently won the 2014 Daytime Emmy Award, is in the hot seat after making an insulting comment on the make up transformation of Filipino actor  Paolo Ballesteros as US First Lady Michelle Obama.

During a live episode of the show El Gordo y la Flaca of Univision network on March 12 , they discussed the make- up transformation of Paolo Ballesteros into a list of celebrities like Kim Kardashian , Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande , Jennifer Lawrence , Cher , and lately US First Lady Michelle Obama.

However Rodner Figueroa, made his comments on Michelle Obama looks like she's from the cast of 'Planet of the Apes,' the movie,"

Raul de Molina co - host of the show Quickly react to compensate the comments of Figueroa.

He said “You might say that First Lady Michelle Obama is" beautiful and attractive "

The incident was reported by an independent radio host Javier Ceriano in his social media accounts .

He posted the video on his Instagram account varied comments got it .

Because of this comment,  Talk show host Rodner Figueroa, has been fired on his job, for being racist upon his comment on the US First Lady Michelle Obama looks in the said make up transformation.

Rodner Figueroa, depend himself that he is not pertaining to US First Lady Michelle Obama but he is referring to Filipino Actor Paolo Ballesteros he who transform to US First Lady Michelle Obama.

Univision  Network made an statement that they do not  tolerate such racist comment by the award winning talk show host Figueroa's which is completely reprehensible and in no way reflect the values or opinions of Univision.
source: yahoo