Amalia Fuentes Resentment With The Death Of Her Daughter, Liezl Martinez

Amalia Fuentes draw resentment  with the cremation of  her unica hija Liezl Martinez .
The veteran actress felt she allegedly ignored and  Liezel’s father Romeo Vasquez about the plans for their lost daughter .

"Do you know why I'm late ? I do not know where to do . They were the one who decide , those best friend , ' those types . I , where was I? Nowhere. Nobody talked to me, nobody gave me the schedule. Every time people will ask me, I don’t know. I’m just a guest.  That's what they did to me, "said Amalia.

She also said that, “I love her as much as she loves her children. But I was really upset when I found out that she had cancer. I was hoping that I would be the  one to die first, this is the worst day of my life, I feel like that I was the one that should die. "Being a mother it is the worst to lose the only child". .

Amalia also admitted that he later distanced itself from Liezl after Liezel marry Albert so that public will not  think the  intervention of  their life

“For the longest time, I was never a part of their life but I was always there for her. And those people gesture , the publicity that the picture - taking that are sweet ,  that's not true. It is in the heart , " she said .

Nevertheless , Amalia spoke to her son  liezel before Liezel’s died .

In turn, Liezel’s Father  Romeo Vasques makes a short statement about the incident .

He said, "we do not controlled what, you know . the Angry of  Amalia. we cant blame her, she is the mother, Thank you for your sympathy . Thank you very much . "