A 7 Weeks Old Baby Surprisingly Greet Her Mother "Hello"

A viral video of a cute 7 week’s old baby  named “Cilian”who can already says a word “Hello”.

Toni McCannm from Northern Ireland, the mother of the 7 weeks old baby of the said video footage.who  is also the one who takes the viral video was speechless on the day she witness his seven week old son say his first word “hello”.

In general most babies are usually can speak their first word until they reached at least one year old but in case of “Cilian” he is just 7 weeks old and that is very amazing for a baby.

On the video footage, you can the mother said hello to his baby son as his baby son tried to mimic the word that her mother says, as you can hear in the video the baby boy clearly utter the voice “hello”

The mother of Cilian, also said that if she didn’t video the day his son spoken the word “Hello” people might not believe her that his son can already spoke a word.
 source: youtube