Viral: Newly Born Baby Shows Signs Of Stigmata That Christ Suffered During His Crucifixion

Quezon city,  Philippines – a boy was born in a hospital that was seen of sign of stigmata that resemble the injury that Jesus Christ suffered during his crucifixion.

The strange signs of stigmata that shows in a newly born baby, acquires attention of many Catholic religion, especially of the upcoming Holy week.

Report said that thousands of devotees are already surround the Quezon city Hospital just to see the blessed child.

The baby boy was born on March 15, 2015, weighing 3.2 kilograms and shows signs of marks of  injuries in his forehead, hands and  feet.

Those surprising signs of injuries  are the wounds that Jesus Christ suffered during his crucifixion, the head wound was suffered by Christ, by putting a torn crown into his fore head, the hands and the feet are injuries suffered through nailing into the cross.

According to some experts , the newly born baby suffered from a rare syndrome that cause his skin discoloration.

This case is amazingly rare, only a handful of similar case that happen through history  and it is the first time to a baby.

The baby was examined to know what really caused the sign of stigmata that appear on his head, hands and feet.

Different opinions of people was posted in social media, some believe that it is fake because of the upcoming holy week and they make this kind of hoax? Some believe its real and that lord are giving signs of his upcoming return.
source: youtube