Viral Video: Funky Flight Attendant Entertain Passenger Before Take Off

A viral video of a flight attendant  who show A little entertainment while passengers are waiting for some guests to board the airplane.

The funky flight attendant, who was not mentioned her name went funky  as she threw down some dance steps of the popular chart hit Uptown Funk, by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. the attendant started boogying down to Bruno Mars' hit track “Uptown Funk” before the airplanes take off.

The air hostess went  a little extra spices on her duty as she entertained the bored passengers waiting for their flight to take off.

The video was uploaded by  Redditor 'Simian_King', according to him the funky flight attendant , is a former break dancer  who turned flight attendant, and actually his sister too!

The flight attendant, ideas seems work, as The passengers and guests  cheered and  applauded the funky flight attendant as she showed her funky moves.

The viral video of the Uptown Funk track has spawned and as people use the song as their backing track for different  dance move and  performances.
sources: mirror, youtube