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Alden Richards and Yaya Maine Mendoza aka “Aldub” Surpassed All Love Team In The Philippines

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There are no doubt,  that Alden Richards and Yaya Maine Mendoza aka “Aldub” has already surpass all  love teams here in the Philippines. Aldub nation  proved how strong the love team of  Aldub.

As of now, Aldubs tweets has already reach  3.5M and counting. It has already passed the tweets of Santo Papa, when he visit the country. And  it is expected to  exceeds 4 Million tweets in the next few days.

Perhaps the whole world are tweeting  Aldubs where there are Filipinos who followed them with watching  GMA Pinoy TV. While  Others are using  social media and YouTube for some updates of the “Aldub fever”.

Filipino all over the world always await on when the two lovers will finally meet, where Lola Nidora prevent it to happen. Not just Alden Richard and Maine Mendoza, keep the top rated Kalyeserye, character of Lola Nidora, and other new character like Tinidora,Nidora makes the KalyeSerye much more fun to watch.

Eat Bulaga, biggest gimmick, “KalyeSerye” turns to be the highest rating in TV ratings with comparison with other channels with the same time.

Meanwhile, Alden Richards, has upcoming concert on October, which will be his  make or break career in singing. And it is expected to be fill up  with fans of Aldub  at the Araneta Coliseum.

Reports said that Alden Richards will be receiving a talent fee of 1 million pesos in his first major concert where he tied Vice Ganda in his  first concert of their career. Due to the sudden popularity of Alden Richard, producer are now willing to risk  and gamble in the upcoming concert.

An Alien Creature That Looks Like A Crab Spotted In Planet Mars, Proves Of Life Existence In Mars

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A viral photo of an alien creature, captured by a martian rover in Planet Mars. Has been exposed and now making a  buzz in the social media.

The alien creatures who looks like a  big crabish looking figure hiding in the rocks of the red planet and this thing looks like not a part of a rock. It sticks out and has many tentacles wrapping around and at the back of the alien creature looks like a figure of a face.

Many of us are fascinated of this alien creature exposed, is this really true? Is there really life in Mars? If this thing is authentic, then life in Planet Mars, still do exist.

There are many reports of Alien existence in Mars and here in our Planet Earth but still through the years there no concrete evidence is placed.

NASA, might know the truth if there are really life in Mars or even in some other planet that they explore, or even here in our own planet? but maybe there are not telling us something? Are they not telling us, because we might not be able to handle the truth? That ordinary people might be scared of some Alien existence? Who knows? Some of us already believe that they were true, the thing that we only awaits is NASA tells the truth out there?

If this is another fake? Or edited picture we don’t know? Or I don’t know? But if this is another cover up from NASA, as many reports from several years of hiding the truth, well I don’t know?

What do you think? Do you think this is true? Then if this true, then we are not alone in this world? You be the judge of this latest exposed picture of alien creature that looks like a crab? Is it Fake or Real?
source: youtube

OFW Scheduled Today August 28, To Conduct "Zero Remittance Day" To Protest BalikBayan Boxes, BOC Policy

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Overseas Filipino Workers or OFW all over the world are scheduled today August 28,to make their protest on not sending remittance in the country. The protest is called “Zero Remittance”.

The protest is about the Bureau of Custom, strict policy on Balikbayan Box, that many OFW got angered and used social media to show their protest on Custom policy.

The Custom, who already explain on why they conduct the physical inspection on Balikbayan Boxes, is to prevent smuggler on using Balikbayan Boxes. But OFW, does’nt feel that way, because they feel that their rights is being ignored.

Many OFW, uploaded video’s showing their side and reason on why the Custom should not focus on their Balikbayan Box , as many of them agreed with same reason that Balikbayan Box is a small token of appreciation and gift for their family, carefully wrap with love and the custom should not lay their hands on their Balikbayan box.

Even though President Noy Aquino, has already ordered the Bureau of Custom, to lift the current policy, OFW are still continue their protest today, as they will not send remittance in the country.

Malacanang, express their side, they understand the OFW’s sentiments and they respect it. but Government is not the one will be affected if they not send any remittance? And they believe that not all OFW will be joining the “zero remittance protest”? Some of them will still sending remittance to their family. Because family comes first. It might be delayed for a day but still they will send money to their love ones.

Report said that the reason of this recently Balikbayan Box, physical inspection is due to BOC, target on collecting P600-million revenue on Balikbayan boxes..


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Synergy 88 Digital Inc., the country's leading animation and game development studio recently
announced its acquisition of the OptiTrack Prime 41 motion capture system, easily at par with high-end systems currently being used by Hollywood film makers and also by the world's leading game

Motion Capture, or "MoCap" for short, is a system composed of hardware and software to record
human actors' movements and using that information to animate a character to a 3D representation in
the final application such as video/film or for a game. In a motion capture session, movements of the
actor are captured by multiple cameras from many angles to calculate 3D positions. This animation data is then mapped to a 3D model so that the model on the computer screen performs the exact, same actions as the actor. Film-makers have used this same technology on movies such as Avengers: Age of Ultron and for games such as the popular NBA 2K series published by 2K Sports.

The OptiTrack Prime 41 system is the world's largest volume motion capture camera. It features
exceptional precision capture, a 100' tracking range, and huge capture volumes. Offering 4.1MP of the most intelligently processed pixels in the industry, it delivers pixel for pixel performance that outclasses all other motion capture cameras in its field. The hardware and software system has 16 high-definition cameras and also boasts of outdoor motion capture without the need for a full motion capture suit.

The OptiTrack Prime 41 is the Philippines’ first high-end motion capture system and Synergy 88 Digital is the first digital and animation studio to offer state-of-the-art motion capture services for various applications such as films and games.

World renowned studios such as Activision, EA, Microsoft, Capcom, Crytek and Ubisoft are currently using similar OptiTrack systems for recent and current projects. For instance, Microsoft used OptiTrack for the motion capture requirements of its upcoming release, Halo 5.

Alvin Juban, Director of Business Development for Synergy 88 Studios and also the President and
Chairman of the Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP) said that "With this system we just 'Leveled Up' the entire animation and game industry in the country. Now we can cater to higher requirements from the private sector, the local movie industry and even for education purposes. Apart from servicing our current and future clients, we can use this system to train local animators to use  world-class hardware and software. The Philippines has a vast pool of talent and we just need the right equipment to push them to the next level."

To make all the 3D magic work, Synergy 88 Studios earmarked approximately a 300 sqm property just for the motion capture system at their Quezon City corporate center.

For those who wish to see the OptiTrack Prime 41 system in action, Synergy 88 Studios will have a demo booth at the Asia Pop ComiCon Manila event at the World Trade Center, on September 17 to 20, 2015.

For further details or inquiries, please contact Synergy 88 Digital studios at or call (632) 448 6986. You may also check out the official website at


Synergy88 Digital Inc. is a game development studio specializing in outsourced 2D and 3D game art
projects, mobile game development, and R&D for Virtual Reality. The studio works for international
clients while creating its own original IP

Animation Studios Inc. (ASI) – ASI is a partnership between Synergy88 Studios and August Media,
focusing on 2D animation. The company caters to international titles and can produce multiple episodes up to full seasons in its Manila Studio.

Synergy88 Productions is a full service multi-media digital production company. The company caters to TV Commercial Production Management, Audio-Visual (AVP) campaigns, Viral and Training materials, Mobile App and Advergaming Development, Event Creative Concept and Management.

Southeastern Data Center is a Data Center catering to hosting, co-location, managed data services, 3D
rendering, business applications and web development services.
For more information:


OptiTrack creates the highest performing 3D tracking hardware and software available today and has
become the largest motion capture provider in the world. By delivering the best 3D precision, simpler
real time workflows, on-site manufacturing enabling the industry’s lowest pricing, and free and open
developer access, it has become the favorite of industry leaders in game and film production, university education and research, engineering, life science, sports performance and injury prevention, and many others.

The OptiTrack product line includes motion capture software and high-speed tracking cameras, contract engineering services, the GEARS golf training and club fitting solution, and affiliate consumer tracking products TrackIR and SmartNav.

Entertainment customers include: Activision, Electronic Arts, 343 Industries, US Army Game, Cloud
Imperium, Square Enix, Ready at Dawn, TV Globo, NetherRealm, Ubisoft, Rockstar Games, Crytek,
Remedy, Game On Audio, The Moving Picture Company, Animatrik Film Design, and other top studios and developers around the world. Engineering customers include: Boeing, KMel Robotics, NASA, Oculus VR, Lockheed Martin, John Deere, Mechdyne, Under Armour, Stanford University, Duke University, Laser Shot, Mitsubishi, and Dassault Systems.

For more information about the OptiTrack Prime:

WWE 2015 SummerSlam Controversial Results And Matches

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Summerslam 2015, is already done, there are been declared winners and looser, some are controvercial but a win is a win.

The main event featured the re-match of the legendary wrestler “The Undertaker” against “The Beast” Brock Lesnar. A bloody poop matched where Lesnar, busted his forehead during the match and ends up in a controversial submission decision.

The Undertaker won the match after Brock Lesnar passed out in a submission. Where even in defeat Lesnar. Defies from loosing to Undertaker, by giving a middle finger in the face of the Undertaker before passing out.

Ackwardly, the time keeper, ring the bell without the authority of the referree, where everyone thought that the match has ended where Brock Lesnar won in a tap out. During in a submission position, where Lesnar hold the arm of the undertaker, and taps out. But the referree did not see it, the referree, is in focus of Lesnar shoulder, on reaching the canvas on the other side the undertaker was already tapping.

When all focus suddenly goes to time keeper, the undertaker, gives Lesnar a low blow, and continue the match by submitting Lesnar and won the match.

Paul Haymen, who repeatedly ring the bell and announce that his agent Brock Lesnar, is the true winner of the match, that shows in the slow motion review that the Undertaker, really taps out.
But as I said before, unfortunate to Brock Lesnar, the referre did not see the Undertakers tap out, and a win is a win, even it’s a ugly win.

Other Matches And Results:

Single’s Match
The Undertaker beat Brock Lesnar in a submission
Kevin Owen Defeated Cesaro by a pin
Seth Rollins (WWE Heavyweight Champion) defeated John Cena for the US Champion
Sheamus defeated Randy Orthon

Tag Team Match
Stephen Amell and Neville defeated Stardust and King Barrett
Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose defeated Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper

Tripple Threat Match
Ryback (WWE Inter Continental Champion) defeated Big Show and The Miz

Three Team Elimination Match
Team PCB  defeated Team Bella and Team B.A.D. – Team PCB won by a pin in Team Bella

Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match 
The New Day won the Tag Team Champion defeating  The Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O'Neil) (c), The Lucha Dragons (Kalisto and Sin Cara) and Los Matadores (Diego and Fernando) (with El Torito)

OFW Appealed On The Bureau Of Custom, Stay Away From Our BalikBayan Boxes

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For the past few days, several Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), are expressing their self and displeased on the Bureau of Custom (BOC) strict procedure on all Balikbayan Boxes.

Several OFW, uses social media by uploading videos and expressing their fellings on the Custom strict policy on some Balikbayan boxes. The custom,who open some Balikbayan boxes to search on the alleged smuggled items and to impose the right taxes inside the Balikbayan box.

OFW and their family in the Philippines are outrage of the Custom new policy. Several complains are being brought to the Bureau of Custom, on why the custom attention are on those OFW Balikbayan Boxes, there are much more attention to focus from, aside the Balikbayan Boxes.

Balikbayan Boxes, are boxes came from OFW abroad, where they put some gifts and presents from their family in the Philippines. It is being shifted and paid by the OFW on the country that he or she reside. A box where it shows love and devotion to their love ones. A small piece of happiness from OFW to shared from their love ones.

There is no normal person will not be angry to see that the your Balikbayan Boxes are being open and search by some person on the custom, where you properly arranged it and carefully put inside the box, then suddenly the custom do this new policy.

Bureau of Custom, said that they are only implementing the rules to prevent some smuggle items to enter the country or to confiscate it as early as possible. But searching all Balikbayan boxes, one by one is not the solution. BOC, must used an equipment to determine whats inside the boxes, to prevent it from opening the box. And also to avoid some item inside the box to misplaced or lost?

Many politicians, like Senator Marcos and Senator JV Ejercito, are questioning the Custom, strict policy of OFW Balikbayan Boxes. They support OFW’s sentiment and they also believe that the custom should leave it alone all the Balikbayan Box.

Bureau of Custom, is a government agency, where the reputation of the agency is considered as one of the most corrupt government agency in the Philippines.

In some survey, The Bureau of Custom is listed as the number one corrupt government agency in the Philippines, followed by the Land Transportation Office or LTO.

JR Smith Finally Reached A Two Year Deal Agreement With The Cavaliers

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The Cleveland Cavaliers management and free agent swing man JR Smith, finally reach an agreement that brought Smith to re-sign a two year deal with the Cavs, which will paid Smith a $5 millions per year and a player’s option over the next year.

 After a grueling summer free agent. Smith finally returns to Cleveland after gambling his  player options that he thought that he can receive a bigger offer from the Cavaliers or any other team but the risk does not pays off.

Smith, who opted out his $6.5 million next season salary, exercise his player options did not receive any bigger offer from any team in the NBA. That almost put his career into jeopardy.

While the Cavaliers are interested on re-signing Smith, in which they believe that Smith, is one important puzzle for the Cleveland Cavaliers on achieving the NBA Championship.

Meanwhile, Smith, posted on his Instagram account, that he is happy to return to the Cav’s. it’s been a long ride but worth the wait. Thanking the Cleveland Cavlaiers for making it happen.

With the return of JR Smith, the team remain intact, a championship calliber and an early favorite in reaching the 2015-2016 NBA Finals.

Asde from JR Smith reunites with the Cav’s. Kevin Love, Matthew Delavedova, James Jones, Iman Shumpert and LeBron James, re-sign all together with the Cavaliers.

While Tristan Thompson, is the only remaining Cavaliers, that has not yet reach a final agreement with the management. Thompson who is the leading rebounder of the team, play an excellent game in the finals, which help the team in contending the eventually Champion, Golden State warriors.

LeBron James, who boldly said that they needed Thompson for another Championship run.

Cav;s is also interested on acquiring Jamal Crowford, Crawford, will be a good addition with the team if an agreement is finalized.

Mcdonalds Most Attractive Waitress In Taiwan, Gain Popularity In Social Media

A woman from Taiwan, is gaining popularity in social media, after a several picture of her was posted and gain thousand of likes overnight.

The woman who's name is Hsu Wei-han, is working as a waitress in a fast food chain branch called “Mcdonald”  in the city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Her beauty was revealed after a blogger name Raindog, was caught her attention and take some pictures of her and uploaded in social media.

The extra ordinary beauty of the attractive waitress who looks like a Doll, shows her a wider eyes like an anime character and wearing a sexy mini skirts which gives her more attraction. Her fame caught the attention of some netizens, as some of them eager to see her in personal and meet her.

The fast food chain, where the waitress is working has gain more customer, despite the food they buy, they come to see the famous Doll like feature waitress.

Hsu Wei-han, who has also have an Instagram account where she posted different pictures showing her unique beauty and had thousands of followers.

In general, fast food chain, sales lady, or some other company who required attractive ladies, are often do this by some owner. They often hired attractive woman,  Because it gives more attraction, especially for man, they will return to buy the product or foods in the same place where they bought it , just to see again the attractive waitress or sales lady.

That’s what we called business strategy, it’s a combination of good product with attractive waitress or sales lady. It’s rare to see that a business establishment like fast food chain, has an employee that not so good looking, mostly attractive ladies.
source: dailymail

It's Not Michael Jordan Or LeBron James But Julius "Dr. J" Erving, Is The Greatest Player Of All Time By Shaquille O'Neal

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Retired NBA player Shaquille O’neal, gives his opinion of who is really the Greatest NBA player, ever played the game of Basketball.

Recently, Michael Jordan said that he will beat LeBron James one on one during his prime. And LeBron James also said that He will take anybody on his prime.

But the Diesel, Shaquille O’Neal, has one thing on his mine, on who of the two most compared player that will win if they had a chnace to play a game one on one during their prime.

O’Neal, said that Michael Jordan, will definitely beat LeBron James in one on one both on their prime. Michael Jordan is special, he does impossible things just to win and he is a winner. On LeBron James, he is more of like Magic Johnson, a passer and like to get it up.

But for Shaq, the Greatest player of all time is not on the two, he chooses Julius “ Dr. J” Erving, the man, who’s name is less mention when it talks about the Greatest of all time.

O’neal, idolized the Dr. J, it is his favorite NBA player, as he said it! That’s why maybe he thinks he is the greatest of all time.

In General, all over the world, thinks and perhaps true, that Michael Jordan, is the Greatest of all time? But LeBron James, is trailing him, he is there and always talk about of being the guy to surpassed Michael Jordan.

LeBron James, has still a chance to prove to all that he is the Greatest, he has many more years to play at 30 years old, he has a lot of time to chase Jordan.

When all is set and done, if James reach the end of his career then, perhaps the question will finally answered.

Comparisson of the three NBA Greatest Player :

Michael Jordan : 6 NBA Champion, 5 Time MVP
LeBron James    : 2 NBA Champion, 4 Time MVP
Julius Erving        : 1 NBA Champion, 1 Time MVP (ABA stats and achievement not included)

Former PXC Flyweight Champion "Ale Cali" Shot Dead In Davao City

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A shocking news in the world of Mixed Martial Arts or MMA, when the former Pacific Xtreme Combat champion or PXC flyweight champion Ale Cali, was killed Sunday morning at around 10:30 am, August 16.

Unidentified gunman shot  Cali, in the head that caused Cali’s immediate death. The incident happen in the province of Ulas, Davao city.

The 25 years old Ale Cali, who's nicknamed in the octagon  ring was “The Young Gun” is considered as  one of many promising mma fighter in the Philippines.

The Filipino MMA community mourns the sudden lost of Ale Cali, sympathy and prayers are being shared through social media.

Davao city police, currently investigating on the motive of killing.  But no further details upon completing the said investigation.

Meanwhile, some sources reported that the cause of killing, might be a personal vendetta or traffic argument.

Cali, who is known for the style or character of  pissing he’s opponent while fighting inside the octagon ring, many fans might love or hate him, by the way he fights but surely one of the most exciting fighter in the world of PXC.

Ale Cali PXC Fighting Stat’s and Record:

Height : 5’5”
Weight : 125 lbs
Division Class : Flyweight
Province : Davao City
MMA Record : 5 wins 3 looses

Notable Fights:

On Nov. 17 2012, Ali Cali fights Erwin Tagle, the last fight that Cali won and put Tagle for retirement in a TKO results. After winning against Tagle, Cali loss, 2 consecutive matches againts Louis Smolka, by way of TKO last Nov. 9, 2013 and to Ernesto Montilla, in a submission armbar last year March 29, 2014.

Cali, was also reported to return in the octagon ring and scheduled to fight this year, before the incident happen.

Schedule And Early Prediction Of The 2015-2016 NBA Season

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The 2015-2016 NBA Season will officially start on October 27, 2015. Despite another  2 months to go, the NBA already released the full schedule of 2015-2016 regular season.

The regular season will have 82 games for each team and the back to back games is slash in four-games-in-five-nights stretches throughout the 2015-16 season.

Injured NBA superstar are scheduled to return this season, Kobe Bryant of L.A Lakers, Kevin Durant of  Oklahoma Thunder, Carmelo Anthony of  New York Knick's.

On October 27, opening day, a series of matches which will featured where a rematch of playoff matches that took place last season. Reigning NBA champion Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers are having their first game with different opponent.

NBA 2015-2016 Opening Day Schedule:

1. Last regular season top seed Atlanta Hawks vs Detroit Piston
2. Last season semi final round match: Cleveland Cavaliers vs Chicago Bulls
3. Reigning NBA Champion GSW vs New Orleans Pelicans

While on NBA Christmas Day, NBA gives the best matches to offer:

1. Finals rematch between Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warrior at Oracles Arena
2. New Orleans Pelicans vs the rebuilding team Miami Heat
3. Chicago Bulls vs Oklahoma City
4. San Antonio Spurs vs Houston Rockets
5. Los Angeles Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers

The 2015-2016 season, early favorite and predictions:

- In the Western conference, San Antonio spurs, are the early favorite in winning the west, with the addition of LaMarcus Aldridge and David West, the Spurs are the heavy favorite in winning the west.
- In the Eastern conference, The Cleveland Cavaliers, are the early favorite, with a complete and healthy line up, the Cavs will likely to return in the Finals.

Prediction of 2015-2016 NBA Finals match:

Cleveland Cavaliers vs San Antonio Spurs

These are some early prediction base on NBA reports and comments of some social network user which they think that are the early favorite on the 2015-2016 season based on line up of each team.

Robin Padilla Inform The Public Of Second Miscarriage Of Wife Mariel Rodriguez

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Mariel Rodriguez, the wife of Action Star Robin Padilla, suffered another miscarriage on Aug 12,Wed 6:30 pm.

The information was reported by Robin Padilla, through the Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP).
It was the second miscarriage of Mariel Rodriguez, after the first miscarriage happen on May of this year also.

Mariel, who is expected to have a tripplet baby, is suffering from a delicate pregnancy.

unfortunately , the worst case scenario happen once again. It is also reported that the couple was on and off in a hospital  which was related on Mariel pregnancy before the incident happen.

Meanwhile, Robin Padilla, who recently backs out on a movie “Nilalang” just a few days ago, due to taking care of her delicate wife’s pregnancy.

But due to unexpected and unfortunate miscarriage of her wife, will Robin, now continue to film the movie “Nilalang”? which he will be star with Japanese Adult Video star Maria Ozawa.

Robin, who recently take apology to the public, producer, financier and to Maria Ozawa after quiting the movie “Nilalang” which happen to be one of the movie which will show on the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

Maria Ozawa called upon on Robin Padilla “Unprofessional” after withdrawal of the said movie which is her first starring role in the Philippine cinema.

Padilla, apologized on Ozawa, and said that he understand the reaction and emotion of the former Japanese  porn actress.

On the other hand the couple Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez, are very emotional right now on what happen. But never loose hope, if God’s will sooner or later they will have a baby that they always wanted.
source: GMA

Robin Padilla And Maria Ozawa Upcoming Movie "NIlalang" In Jeopardy After Padilla Quits The Movie

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Action Star Robin Padilla, announce on his Instargram that he will be backing out on their upcoming movies “Nilalang”, which he will be paired with former Japanese adult video star Maria Ozawa.

On the Instagram post, Robin said that he was regretting on withdrawing on the said movie, in which the movie will be featured on Metro Manila Film Festival this coming December 25, 215.

But due to personal matter, which particularly involving the sensitive pregnancy of Robin’s wife, Mariel Rodriguez, Robin decided to prioritize wife delicate pregnancy.

Mariel is currently pregnant with triplets, who also suffered a miscarriage in March of this year.
Robin Padilla and Vidanes Celebrity Marketing,had ask to the producers and the public for their understanding and kind consideration of their decision making.

Meanwhile, The Japanese star Maria Ozawa, also posted on her Instagram that she called on Robin Padilla, “Unprofessional”, upon quitting on the said movie that they will be teaming up. She felt sorry to the producer and the staff of the Horror Movie which is scheduled to start the shoot 10 days before.

“Nilalang” an action/horror movie is included on the official entry for the 2015 Manila Film Festival or MFF. But due to Robins withdrawal, the movie is in Jeopardy. Report said that the financier of the said movie also quits upon learning of Robins decision.

This is a very regrettable movie, especially the international Star Maria Osawa, her first movie in the Philippines and yet in Jeopardy on continuing the said project that hopefully they will continue and find new actor to team up with her?

But if faith does not favored Maria Osawa, there are always a next time.

For Robin Padilla, the decision, makes many people in Jeopardy but at least her wife is happy on the decision of taking of her, for the future of their triplet son that will be born soon.
source: GMA

LeBron James, Is Scheduled To Visit The Philippines For The Second Time

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NBA Superstar LeBron James,of the Cleveland Cavaliers is set to visit the Philippines, once again.
In 2013, the four time MVP, visit the Philippines, when he still part of the super team Miami Heat, where he won two titles of his NBA career.

According to some fans of the NBA , they cannot wait to see the rare opportunity to see once again the NBA star LeBron James.

James, is perhaps the only superstar today, that always  compared to Michael Jordan, when it comes to being the greatest player ever played the game of Basketball.

Despite loosing multiple NBA championship in the finals, which is now 2 out of 6, he’s still considered the closest to Michael Jordan.

James, is no doubt that he is the most dominant player in the NBA today. Where every coach or team will likely to had him. he change a team from being a poor team to a title contender, just like he does to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He recently lost the 2015 NBA Championship to the Golden State Warriors, where their team suffered multiple injury that caused them the title.

Upon arriving in the Philippines, James is scheduled to do some exhibition games with some Filipinos and selection of players from colleges and universities in the country.

On Initial information, James is scheduled to come from the Philippine, from August 19-22, 2015.

Nike Philippines reports, James is coming to the country to further inspire the team  Rise and some  Filipino basketball fans.

This will be a good news for NBA fans, especially LeBron James, fans. The biggest star of NBA is set to put his feet once again on our country. This player, is the most criticized player in NBA, but despite of it, he is the most watched and popular player in the NBA. So Filipino fans should not, pass this opportunity to see LeBron James, who knows when he will be coming again? After this scheduled second visit.
source: remate

A Senate Bill Amending To Increase The SSS Retirees Monthly Pension Worth Of 2,000 Pesos

Good news for pensioners who are members of the Social Security System ( SSS ).

Sen. Teofisto Guingona III , filled a proposal of increasing the monthly pension of SSS member  retirees of  P2,000 across- the- board.

In Senate Bill No. 2888 filed Sen. Teofisto Guingona III , it would amend Section 12 of Republic Act 1161 or the Social Security Act of 1977 , to raise the minimum amount of pension received by retired SSS members,

Guingona, said that the pension that were currently receiving by the retired members is not enough  because of continued increases in the prices of commodities.

The last increase of monthly pension of SSS was way back 2004. And an estimated of  two million SSS pensioners.

Under the Bill proposal , the current P2,400 monthly pensions of SSS members retirees who served for 20 years will likely to received an additional  P2,000. Which they will received a total of  P4,400 per month.

Meanwhile, the SSS members retiree with 10 years of  credited years of service, would be receiving a monthly pension of P3,200 per month . from  the previous P1,200 only.

Hopefully the Bill will passed in the senate, it would be a great help for all SSS members, a better  and a higher monthly pension would be a great help for  the continuing increase of cost of living.

This is a good idea of Sen. Teofisto Guingona III, we all know that pensioners, most of the time are not able to work when they retired. An increase of monthly pension will benefit  a lot.

source: Abante

Senator Grace Poe Commented On Bad Politics That Throwing At Her

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Senator Grace Poe blamed on the corrupt political system in the country. Where throwing muds and  slur of a politician before the upcoming elections.

In interviews with journalists on Wednesday , the senator said that she expects more negative accusation while the 2016 elections is nearing.

Of course you have to be strong within you , prepared , but for me the rotten political system is we need to look at  examine carefully , "she said.

Poe said that she was not happy on a report appeared in the newspaper that she is alcoholic and was  subjected to a rehabilitation, and abusive employers.

You know i was sad on that report. They accused  me that i am a battered, alcoholic, who was once in a rehab. All of that throw at me and sooner or later another negative  publicity will appeared. But when you know the truth on your side , I am not afraid of that, "said Poe.

According to the senator , if she ever drink a beer or white wine, is just every particular  occasion .

I'm just sad because I do not throw a  hand on them. If  i drink in a  party , beer or white wine , i do not think that it was a alcoholic and I never went to rehab , "she added.

Poe explained, on people who takes and experiencing rehab, I'm just, a public order and dangerous drugs, that’s  we build in our country. the rehabilitation is important to cure all people who became addicted. But i am not one of them.

Despite the allegations, the senator said that she will continue her advocacy but there was still no definite answer as to whether she will run  in a higher position in 2016 elections.

Rumors are that a possible tandem will be formed between Presidential candidate DILG secretary Mar Roxas  and senator Grace Poe as Vice president candidate.
source: GMA

JR Smith Rumors Of Staying With The Cavalier's Or Leaning Toward Other Team

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Philadelphia 76ers , reported that showing  interest on acquiring the free agent  JR Smith, who until now has no done deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Smith,  who decided to opt out, take  the risk of free agency  of having a much higher salary but the gamble went wrong where the Cavaliers did not priority him.

Smith  was sent to the Cavaliers together with Iman Shumpert and help the Cavaliers  to reach in the NBA Finals. Smith who are having a great season with the Cavaliers,  fade away in the finals where it matter most.

The poor performance of Smith in the NBA finals, caused him to take chance of having a bigger salary that he wanted. Smith has a $10 million one year salary and a guaranteed  another year of $10 million, if he did not decided to opt out.

But now he will take less salary if he decided to return in Cavaliers uniform, which is an estimated worth of $6 million.

Now if JR Smith wants a better chance of winning championship he must stay in Cleveland, and take a lesser payment. But if he wanted to go else where  to take bigger salary better look on other team.

Sixer's, is one team that showing interest on Smith. If negotiation went through between Smith and the Sixers, Smith might be a sixer next season.

This is one good example of gamble in NBA free agency, a risk that every player must accept whether its good or bad for their career.

Its not too late for Smith, he is just 29 years old. One good season, might bring him into a bigger salary next year.

Meanwhile, Team mate Tristan Thompson, still negotiating on his deal with the Cavaliers but until now there is no clear if Thompson will stay with the Cav’s, which he play tremendous in the Finals, when all star Kevin Love is sideline due to Injury.

Food Startup That Is Ready To Bring A Fresh New Concept To The local Food Scene

/ No Comments, a unique website for listing and discovering homemade food, has recently launched its services in Philippines. aims to bring a new concept in the local market.

Customers can browse through to search for homemade food nearby.  Currently available in limited cities, the website aims to expand all over Philippines.

Home chefs can use the website to list their homemade food and instantly connect with hungry foodies in their area. handles online payment so that customers can have a cashless transactions. With safety features and screening process in place, ensures the website offers authentic flavors from real home chefs in Philippines so the foodies get an amazing and safe dining experience.

Packed with various features, is not only limited to getting homemade food delivered .Customers can use the website to book caterers for an event, book a chef to cook at their home or attend a hosted meal at a chef's house. is also collaborating with culinary schools in the country to provide opportunity to aspiring home chefs

Flyvr started in 2014 by two techie foodies who were far away from home and were craving for a plate of delicious homemade food, realizing that the only options for food available online were from restaurants. What started as a dream to have homemade food easily accessible has now turned into a global platform for listing and discovering home cooked meals.  bring a new wave to the food industry creating new opportunities for home chefs and changing the field. making good quality food accessible to all.

" We believe that if you have a passion for cooking and have the skills and a kitchen, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to monetize on that. We know that every day many home chefs in Philippines create delicious homemade food in their kitchens and we believe that can provide them with a platform to connect with foodies and convert their home kitchens into virtual restaurants which can empower them and create an alternate source of income" Says Asra Nadeem the CEO of Flyvr.

Currently the website has a growing list of home chefs signed up from The Middle East and Philippines.To learn more about all the yummy options Flyvr offers you can check out

Know The Person Behind The Character Of the "Dudsmash Queen" AKA 'Yaya Dub"

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The Dubsmash Queen Also known as “Yaya Dub”  is a 20 year old woman from Bulacan, who’s real name is Maine Mendoza.

She graduated at De Lassale College of St. Benilde with a Bachelors degree of Culinary Arts, and had on the job training in a famous resort in New York City, USA.

She gain popularity after making a Dubsmash video of Kris Aquino, where she gain million of viewers in just one night in social media networks.

Her ultimate dream is to be an artist.

Her favorite movies are Mean Girl and Notting Hills.

She Stands at 5 feet and 4 inches.

She is available, her last boyfriend was way back 5 years ago.

Aside from being the The Dudsmash Queen, where she first gain popularity, TV Shows Eat Bulaga, got interest to her as she later on appeared on the longest TV shows in the Philippines.

She is now seen in Eat Bulaga in a character Divina Ursula Bukbukova or Yaya Dub for short. A character where she portray the role of yaya of Lola ni Dora.

The only thing she does with the dabarkads is acting a Dub Smash.

Later on, she was tandem to actor hunk Alden Richards. Where it gains more popularity on Yaya Dub. As viewers awaits everyday the Dub Smash of Alden- Yaya Dub love team. which later called as "Aldubs".

Some netizens, uploads edited pictures of Alden Richards and Yaya Dud which are along together, where one of the two putting one hands above the shoulder and vice versa, due to the eagerness that the two should meet in real life. A picture went viral in social media.

As of now Eat Bulaga and love team of Alden and Yaya Dub are gaining viewers and popularity and still growing.
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Sec. Mar Roxas Will Resign Later Today As DILG Secretary

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PHILIPPINES - Presidential aspirant and DILG Sec. Mar Roxas, is scheduled today August 3, to filled resignation as DILG Secretary.

Roxas, who was recently announced by President Aquino, to be their administration candidate in this coming 2016 Presidential Election.

Later today Mar Roxas and President Aquino, will meet to tackle his resignation as DILG secretary. The President will  likely accept the resignation but will not take effect until  the right person  is find to replace DILG sec. Mar Roxas.

Roxas, said that he has a list of person, that he may suggest to the President , to replace him as DILG Sec.

DILG staff and employee, has already advice by the outgoing DILG that to continue their works in doing “
Daang Matuwid”

PNP, and Mar Roxas, has also takes their goodbye this morning, as Sec. Roxas, takes his final Flag ceremony at PNP.

Sec. Mar Roxas must resign, in order to make preparation for his 2016 candidacy,

Meanwhile, Senator Chiz Escudero, also resign as the Secretary of Finanace Committee. Escudero, said that the reason why he resign is due to Delicadeza.

DILG Sec. Mar Roxas and senator Chiz Escudero, are just two of the potential candidate for Presidency together with Vice President Jejormar Binay. But as of now Sen. Chiz Escudero is not declaring on what position he will run too.

Rumors said that Mar Roxas is eyeing for Senator Grace Poe, to be his Vice President Candidate in the 2016 election.

Governor Vilma Santos and wife of former DILG `Sec. Robledo are also in the list of candidates for Vice Presidency.

Iconic WWF Superstar OF The 80's "Rowdy Roddy Piper" Died At 61

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Another sad news for wrestling fans all over the world. After Hulk Hogan controversy about racism and being fired  and remove from the WWE Hall of Fame, another Icon of WWE has passed away.

WWE Hall of Fame Roderick George Toombs, better known as “Rowdy Roddy Piper”, died July 31, due to heart attack while he is sleeping in his home in Hollywood, California. He was just 61 years old.

Piper’s popularity rise in the 1980’s along with Hulk Hogan during the WWF era. Piper portray the role of a villain against the Good Guy Hogan.

Piper appeared in the first ever Wrestlemania in 1985, where he and Mr. Wonderful faces Hulk Hogan and Mr. T. in a match that they lost.

Piper’s career as a wrestler was known as wrestling villain where he was considered as  one of the top 50 villains in the history of the WWE.

Piper’s legacy is considered as one of the greatest talkers and heels in wrestling history.

In 2005 Piper was admitted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005.

Piper’s achievement in WWF/WWE

World Tag Team Championship with Ric Flair (1 time)
WWF Intercontinental Championship (1 time)
WWE Hall of Fame in the class of 2005
Slammy Award  winner for Best Personality in Land of a Thousand Dances (1986)

Piper’s career went out through several Wrestling company one of them is WCW the biggest treat in WWF. but he reunites with WWE in 2008 and  appearing with several occasions and events up to 2014.

Piper is one of the greatest super villains of WWF, despite portraying Villains he was love by many wrestling fans. Just like Hogan being the good guy.

 Iconic wrestler who already died where Piper wreslte alongside in their prime in WWF are, Andre The Giant and Ultimate Warrior.
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