Mcdonalds Most Attractive Waitress In Taiwan, Gain Popularity In Social Media

A woman from Taiwan, is gaining popularity in social media, after a several picture of her was posted and gain thousand of likes overnight.

The woman who's name is Hsu Wei-han, is working as a waitress in a fast food chain branch called “Mcdonald”  in the city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Her beauty was revealed after a blogger name Raindog, was caught her attention and take some pictures of her and uploaded in social media.

The extra ordinary beauty of the attractive waitress who looks like a Doll, shows her a wider eyes like an anime character and wearing a sexy mini skirts which gives her more attraction. Her fame caught the attention of some netizens, as some of them eager to see her in personal and meet her.

The fast food chain, where the waitress is working has gain more customer, despite the food they buy, they come to see the famous Doll like feature waitress.

Hsu Wei-han, who has also have an Instagram account where she posted different pictures showing her unique beauty and had thousands of followers.

In general, fast food chain, sales lady, or some other company who required attractive ladies, are often do this by some owner. They often hired attractive woman,  Because it gives more attraction, especially for man, they will return to buy the product or foods in the same place where they bought it , just to see again the attractive waitress or sales lady.

That’s what we called business strategy, it’s a combination of good product with attractive waitress or sales lady. It’s rare to see that a business establishment like fast food chain, has an employee that not so good looking, mostly attractive ladies.
source: dailymail