JR Smith Finally Reached A Two Year Deal Agreement With The Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers management and free agent swing man JR Smith, finally reach an agreement that brought Smith to re-sign a two year deal with the Cavs, which will paid Smith a $5 millions per year and a player’s option over the next year.

 After a grueling summer free agent. Smith finally returns to Cleveland after gambling his  player options that he thought that he can receive a bigger offer from the Cavaliers or any other team but the risk does not pays off.

Smith, who opted out his $6.5 million next season salary, exercise his player options did not receive any bigger offer from any team in the NBA. That almost put his career into jeopardy.

While the Cavaliers are interested on re-signing Smith, in which they believe that Smith, is one important puzzle for the Cleveland Cavaliers on achieving the NBA Championship.

Meanwhile, Smith, posted on his Instagram account, that he is happy to return to the Cav’s. it’s been a long ride but worth the wait. Thanking the Cleveland Cavlaiers for making it happen.

With the return of JR Smith, the team remain intact, a championship calliber and an early favorite in reaching the 2015-2016 NBA Finals.

Asde from JR Smith reunites with the Cav’s. Kevin Love, Matthew Delavedova, James Jones, Iman Shumpert and LeBron James, re-sign all together with the Cavaliers.

While Tristan Thompson, is the only remaining Cavaliers, that has not yet reach a final agreement with the management. Thompson who is the leading rebounder of the team, play an excellent game in the finals, which help the team in contending the eventually Champion, Golden State warriors.

LeBron James, who boldly said that they needed Thompson for another Championship run.

Cav;s is also interested on acquiring Jamal Crowford, Crawford, will be a good addition with the team if an agreement is finalized.