Alden Richards and Yaya Maine Mendoza aka “Aldub” Surpassed All Love Team In The Philippines

There are no doubt,  that Alden Richards and Yaya Maine Mendoza aka “Aldub” has already surpass all  love teams here in the Philippines. Aldub nation  proved how strong the love team of  Aldub.

As of now, Aldubs tweets has already reach  3.5M and counting. It has already passed the tweets of Santo Papa, when he visit the country. And  it is expected to  exceeds 4 Million tweets in the next few days.

Perhaps the whole world are tweeting  Aldubs where there are Filipinos who followed them with watching  GMA Pinoy TV. While  Others are using  social media and YouTube for some updates of the “Aldub fever”.

Filipino all over the world always await on when the two lovers will finally meet, where Lola Nidora prevent it to happen. Not just Alden Richard and Maine Mendoza, keep the top rated Kalyeserye, character of Lola Nidora, and other new character like Tinidora,Nidora makes the KalyeSerye much more fun to watch.

Eat Bulaga, biggest gimmick, “KalyeSerye” turns to be the highest rating in TV ratings with comparison with other channels with the same time.

Meanwhile, Alden Richards, has upcoming concert on October, which will be his  make or break career in singing. And it is expected to be fill up  with fans of Aldub  at the Araneta Coliseum.

Reports said that Alden Richards will be receiving a talent fee of 1 million pesos in his first major concert where he tied Vice Ganda in his  first concert of their career. Due to the sudden popularity of Alden Richard, producer are now willing to risk  and gamble in the upcoming concert.