Former PXC Flyweight Champion "Ale Cali" Shot Dead In Davao City

A shocking news in the world of Mixed Martial Arts or MMA, when the former Pacific Xtreme Combat champion or PXC flyweight champion Ale Cali, was killed Sunday morning at around 10:30 am, August 16.

Unidentified gunman shot  Cali, in the head that caused Cali’s immediate death. The incident happen in the province of Ulas, Davao city.

The 25 years old Ale Cali, who's nicknamed in the octagon  ring was “The Young Gun” is considered as  one of many promising mma fighter in the Philippines.

The Filipino MMA community mourns the sudden lost of Ale Cali, sympathy and prayers are being shared through social media.

Davao city police, currently investigating on the motive of killing.  But no further details upon completing the said investigation.

Meanwhile, some sources reported that the cause of killing, might be a personal vendetta or traffic argument.

Cali, who is known for the style or character of  pissing he’s opponent while fighting inside the octagon ring, many fans might love or hate him, by the way he fights but surely one of the most exciting fighter in the world of PXC.

Ale Cali PXC Fighting Stat’s and Record:

Height : 5’5”
Weight : 125 lbs
Division Class : Flyweight
Province : Davao City
MMA Record : 5 wins 3 looses

Notable Fights:

On Nov. 17 2012, Ali Cali fights Erwin Tagle, the last fight that Cali won and put Tagle for retirement in a TKO results. After winning against Tagle, Cali loss, 2 consecutive matches againts Louis Smolka, by way of TKO last Nov. 9, 2013 and to Ernesto Montilla, in a submission armbar last year March 29, 2014.

Cali, was also reported to return in the octagon ring and scheduled to fight this year, before the incident happen.