Senator Grace Poe Commented On Bad Politics That Throwing At Her

Senator Grace Poe blamed on the corrupt political system in the country. Where throwing muds and  slur of a politician before the upcoming elections.

In interviews with journalists on Wednesday , the senator said that she expects more negative accusation while the 2016 elections is nearing.

Of course you have to be strong within you , prepared , but for me the rotten political system is we need to look at  examine carefully , "she said.

Poe said that she was not happy on a report appeared in the newspaper that she is alcoholic and was  subjected to a rehabilitation, and abusive employers.

You know i was sad on that report. They accused  me that i am a battered, alcoholic, who was once in a rehab. All of that throw at me and sooner or later another negative  publicity will appeared. But when you know the truth on your side , I am not afraid of that, "said Poe.

According to the senator , if she ever drink a beer or white wine, is just every particular  occasion .

I'm just sad because I do not throw a  hand on them. If  i drink in a  party , beer or white wine , i do not think that it was a alcoholic and I never went to rehab , "she added.

Poe explained, on people who takes and experiencing rehab, I'm just, a public order and dangerous drugs, that’s  we build in our country. the rehabilitation is important to cure all people who became addicted. But i am not one of them.

Despite the allegations, the senator said that she will continue her advocacy but there was still no definite answer as to whether she will run  in a higher position in 2016 elections.

Rumors are that a possible tandem will be formed between Presidential candidate DILG secretary Mar Roxas  and senator Grace Poe as Vice president candidate.
source: GMA