JR Smith Rumors Of Staying With The Cavalier's Or Leaning Toward Other Team

Philadelphia 76ers , reported that showing  interest on acquiring the free agent  JR Smith, who until now has no done deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Smith,  who decided to opt out, take  the risk of free agency  of having a much higher salary but the gamble went wrong where the Cavaliers did not priority him.

Smith  was sent to the Cavaliers together with Iman Shumpert and help the Cavaliers  to reach in the NBA Finals. Smith who are having a great season with the Cavaliers,  fade away in the finals where it matter most.

The poor performance of Smith in the NBA finals, caused him to take chance of having a bigger salary that he wanted. Smith has a $10 million one year salary and a guaranteed  another year of $10 million, if he did not decided to opt out.

But now he will take less salary if he decided to return in Cavaliers uniform, which is an estimated worth of $6 million.

Now if JR Smith wants a better chance of winning championship he must stay in Cleveland, and take a lesser payment. But if he wanted to go else where  to take bigger salary better look on other team.

Sixer's, is one team that showing interest on Smith. If negotiation went through between Smith and the Sixers, Smith might be a sixer next season.

This is one good example of gamble in NBA free agency, a risk that every player must accept whether its good or bad for their career.

Its not too late for Smith, he is just 29 years old. One good season, might bring him into a bigger salary next year.

Meanwhile, Team mate Tristan Thompson, still negotiating on his deal with the Cavaliers but until now there is no clear if Thompson will stay with the Cav’s, which he play tremendous in the Finals, when all star Kevin Love is sideline due to Injury.