Synergy 88 Digital Inc., the country's leading animation and game development studio recently
announced its acquisition of the OptiTrack Prime 41 motion capture system, easily at par with high-end systems currently being used by Hollywood film makers and also by the world's leading game

Motion Capture, or "MoCap" for short, is a system composed of hardware and software to record
human actors' movements and using that information to animate a character to a 3D representation in
the final application such as video/film or for a game. In a motion capture session, movements of the
actor are captured by multiple cameras from many angles to calculate 3D positions. This animation data is then mapped to a 3D model so that the model on the computer screen performs the exact, same actions as the actor. Film-makers have used this same technology on movies such as Avengers: Age of Ultron and for games such as the popular NBA 2K series published by 2K Sports.

The OptiTrack Prime 41 system is the world's largest volume motion capture camera. It features
exceptional precision capture, a 100' tracking range, and huge capture volumes. Offering 4.1MP of the most intelligently processed pixels in the industry, it delivers pixel for pixel performance that outclasses all other motion capture cameras in its field. The hardware and software system has 16 high-definition cameras and also boasts of outdoor motion capture without the need for a full motion capture suit.

The OptiTrack Prime 41 is the Philippines’ first high-end motion capture system and Synergy 88 Digital is the first digital and animation studio to offer state-of-the-art motion capture services for various applications such as films and games.

World renowned studios such as Activision, EA, Microsoft, Capcom, Crytek and Ubisoft are currently using similar OptiTrack systems for recent and current projects. For instance, Microsoft used OptiTrack for the motion capture requirements of its upcoming release, Halo 5.

Alvin Juban, Director of Business Development for Synergy 88 Studios and also the President and
Chairman of the Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP) said that "With this system we just 'Leveled Up' the entire animation and game industry in the country. Now we can cater to higher requirements from the private sector, the local movie industry and even for education purposes. Apart from servicing our current and future clients, we can use this system to train local animators to use  world-class hardware and software. The Philippines has a vast pool of talent and we just need the right equipment to push them to the next level."

To make all the 3D magic work, Synergy 88 Studios earmarked approximately a 300 sqm property just for the motion capture system at their Quezon City corporate center.

For those who wish to see the OptiTrack Prime 41 system in action, Synergy 88 Studios will have a demo booth at the Asia Pop ComiCon Manila event at the World Trade Center, on September 17 to 20, 2015.

For further details or inquiries, please contact Synergy 88 Digital studios at or call (632) 448 6986. You may also check out the official website at


Synergy88 Digital Inc. is a game development studio specializing in outsourced 2D and 3D game art
projects, mobile game development, and R&D for Virtual Reality. The studio works for international
clients while creating its own original IP

Animation Studios Inc. (ASI) – ASI is a partnership between Synergy88 Studios and August Media,
focusing on 2D animation. The company caters to international titles and can produce multiple episodes up to full seasons in its Manila Studio.

Synergy88 Productions is a full service multi-media digital production company. The company caters to TV Commercial Production Management, Audio-Visual (AVP) campaigns, Viral and Training materials, Mobile App and Advergaming Development, Event Creative Concept and Management.

Southeastern Data Center is a Data Center catering to hosting, co-location, managed data services, 3D
rendering, business applications and web development services.
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OptiTrack creates the highest performing 3D tracking hardware and software available today and has
become the largest motion capture provider in the world. By delivering the best 3D precision, simpler
real time workflows, on-site manufacturing enabling the industry’s lowest pricing, and free and open
developer access, it has become the favorite of industry leaders in game and film production, university education and research, engineering, life science, sports performance and injury prevention, and many others.

The OptiTrack product line includes motion capture software and high-speed tracking cameras, contract engineering services, the GEARS golf training and club fitting solution, and affiliate consumer tracking products TrackIR and SmartNav.

Entertainment customers include: Activision, Electronic Arts, 343 Industries, US Army Game, Cloud
Imperium, Square Enix, Ready at Dawn, TV Globo, NetherRealm, Ubisoft, Rockstar Games, Crytek,
Remedy, Game On Audio, The Moving Picture Company, Animatrik Film Design, and other top studios and developers around the world. Engineering customers include: Boeing, KMel Robotics, NASA, Oculus VR, Lockheed Martin, John Deere, Mechdyne, Under Armour, Stanford University, Duke University, Laser Shot, Mitsubishi, and Dassault Systems.

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