Android Phone Users Warn Of Possible Bug Attack Coming From MMS Messages

Almost 1 million users of smartphone and android phones,  are affected by the  so called “Bug” in android operating system.

Android user’s  are  warn to take precautions of receiving some multi media  messages or mms. It is reported that through mms,  were the bug will came through. mms messages are those messages which has an image messages.

The bug is very dangerous , because it can hack android smarth phone through mms even though  the owner of the  phone does not open the mms messages.

The bug was discovered by a cyber security company in america.

Once the bug has hack your cellphone, it will compromise all your contacts, where the hacker will copy all your contact list and will use the phone to send bugs to other phones.

It will also control your phones, camera and even the microphone of the phone, where the hacker can easily listen on the conversation of the hack android phone.

Google, who is responsible for making the android operating system has  already done something to solve the problem of the alleged bug to all android phones to prevent from hackers.

The only problems is that the said solution has not been yet  send to all android phone users.  For now the best solution is to make our own solution where we can prevent the said bug.

Android phone users must turn off the auto retrieve messages in multi media messaging settings. Just turn in off but the question is, does it really work?  We don’t know? Because so far no one see’s the alleged bug of the android phones.

Prevent your phones from sharing contact number if necessary, do not click unknown links and regularly update your android software.

NTC has already ordered Telecommunication Company to warn their consumer and take precaution of the situation.
source: GMA