An Alien Creature That Looks Like A Crab Spotted In Planet Mars, Proves Of Life Existence In Mars

A viral photo of an alien creature, captured by a martian rover in Planet Mars. Has been exposed and now making a  buzz in the social media.

The alien creatures who looks like a  big crabish looking figure hiding in the rocks of the red planet and this thing looks like not a part of a rock. It sticks out and has many tentacles wrapping around and at the back of the alien creature looks like a figure of a face.

Many of us are fascinated of this alien creature exposed, is this really true? Is there really life in Mars? If this thing is authentic, then life in Planet Mars, still do exist.

There are many reports of Alien existence in Mars and here in our Planet Earth but still through the years there no concrete evidence is placed.

NASA, might know the truth if there are really life in Mars or even in some other planet that they explore, or even here in our own planet? but maybe there are not telling us something? Are they not telling us, because we might not be able to handle the truth? That ordinary people might be scared of some Alien existence? Who knows? Some of us already believe that they were true, the thing that we only awaits is NASA tells the truth out there?

If this is another fake? Or edited picture we don’t know? Or I don’t know? But if this is another cover up from NASA, as many reports from several years of hiding the truth, well I don’t know?

What do you think? Do you think this is true? Then if this true, then we are not alone in this world? You be the judge of this latest exposed picture of alien creature that looks like a crab? Is it Fake or Real?
source: youtube