Robin Padilla Inform The Public Of Second Miscarriage Of Wife Mariel Rodriguez

Mariel Rodriguez, the wife of Action Star Robin Padilla, suffered another miscarriage on Aug 12,Wed 6:30 pm.

The information was reported by Robin Padilla, through the Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP).
It was the second miscarriage of Mariel Rodriguez, after the first miscarriage happen on May of this year also.

Mariel, who is expected to have a tripplet baby, is suffering from a delicate pregnancy.

unfortunately , the worst case scenario happen once again. It is also reported that the couple was on and off in a hospital  which was related on Mariel pregnancy before the incident happen.

Meanwhile, Robin Padilla, who recently backs out on a movie “Nilalang” just a few days ago, due to taking care of her delicate wife’s pregnancy.

But due to unexpected and unfortunate miscarriage of her wife, will Robin, now continue to film the movie “Nilalang”? which he will be star with Japanese Adult Video star Maria Ozawa.

Robin, who recently take apology to the public, producer, financier and to Maria Ozawa after quiting the movie “Nilalang” which happen to be one of the movie which will show on the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

Maria Ozawa called upon on Robin Padilla “Unprofessional” after withdrawal of the said movie which is her first starring role in the Philippine cinema.

Padilla, apologized on Ozawa, and said that he understand the reaction and emotion of the former Japanese  porn actress.

On the other hand the couple Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez, are very emotional right now on what happen. But never loose hope, if God’s will sooner or later they will have a baby that they always wanted.
source: GMA