WWE 2015 SummerSlam Controversial Results And Matches

Summerslam 2015, is already done, there are been declared winners and looser, some are controvercial but a win is a win.

The main event featured the re-match of the legendary wrestler “The Undertaker” against “The Beast” Brock Lesnar. A bloody poop matched where Lesnar, busted his forehead during the match and ends up in a controversial submission decision.

The Undertaker won the match after Brock Lesnar passed out in a submission. Where even in defeat Lesnar. Defies from loosing to Undertaker, by giving a middle finger in the face of the Undertaker before passing out.

Ackwardly, the time keeper, ring the bell without the authority of the referree, where everyone thought that the match has ended where Brock Lesnar won in a tap out. During in a submission position, where Lesnar hold the arm of the undertaker, and taps out. But the referree did not see it, the referree, is in focus of Lesnar shoulder, on reaching the canvas on the other side the undertaker was already tapping.

When all focus suddenly goes to time keeper, the undertaker, gives Lesnar a low blow, and continue the match by submitting Lesnar and won the match.

Paul Haymen, who repeatedly ring the bell and announce that his agent Brock Lesnar, is the true winner of the match, that shows in the slow motion review that the Undertaker, really taps out.
But as I said before, unfortunate to Brock Lesnar, the referre did not see the Undertakers tap out, and a win is a win, even it’s a ugly win.

Other Matches And Results:

Single’s Match
The Undertaker beat Brock Lesnar in a submission
Kevin Owen Defeated Cesaro by a pin
Seth Rollins (WWE Heavyweight Champion) defeated John Cena for the US Champion
Sheamus defeated Randy Orthon

Tag Team Match
Stephen Amell and Neville defeated Stardust and King Barrett
Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose defeated Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper

Tripple Threat Match
Ryback (WWE Inter Continental Champion) defeated Big Show and The Miz

Three Team Elimination Match
Team PCB  defeated Team Bella and Team B.A.D. – Team PCB won by a pin in Team Bella

Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match 
The New Day won the Tag Team Champion defeating  The Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O'Neil) (c), The Lucha Dragons (Kalisto and Sin Cara) and Los Matadores (Diego and Fernando) (with El Torito)