LeBron James, Is Scheduled To Visit The Philippines For The Second Time

NBA Superstar LeBron James,of the Cleveland Cavaliers is set to visit the Philippines, once again.
In 2013, the four time MVP, visit the Philippines, when he still part of the super team Miami Heat, where he won two titles of his NBA career.

According to some fans of the NBA , they cannot wait to see the rare opportunity to see once again the NBA star LeBron James.

James, is perhaps the only superstar today, that always  compared to Michael Jordan, when it comes to being the greatest player ever played the game of Basketball.

Despite loosing multiple NBA championship in the finals, which is now 2 out of 6, he’s still considered the closest to Michael Jordan.

James, is no doubt that he is the most dominant player in the NBA today. Where every coach or team will likely to had him. he change a team from being a poor team to a title contender, just like he does to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He recently lost the 2015 NBA Championship to the Golden State Warriors, where their team suffered multiple injury that caused them the title.

Upon arriving in the Philippines, James is scheduled to do some exhibition games with some Filipinos and selection of players from colleges and universities in the country.

On Initial information, James is scheduled to come from the Philippine, from August 19-22, 2015.

Nike Philippines reports, James is coming to the country to further inspire the team  Rise and some  Filipino basketball fans.

This will be a good news for NBA fans, especially LeBron James, fans. The biggest star of NBA is set to put his feet once again on our country. This player, is the most criticized player in NBA, but despite of it, he is the most watched and popular player in the NBA. So Filipino fans should not, pass this opportunity to see LeBron James, who knows when he will be coming again? After this scheduled second visit.
source: remate