OFW Scheduled Today August 28, To Conduct "Zero Remittance Day" To Protest BalikBayan Boxes, BOC Policy

Overseas Filipino Workers or OFW all over the world are scheduled today August 28,to make their protest on not sending remittance in the country. The protest is called “Zero Remittance”.

The protest is about the Bureau of Custom, strict policy on Balikbayan Box, that many OFW got angered and used social media to show their protest on Custom policy.

The Custom, who already explain on why they conduct the physical inspection on Balikbayan Boxes, is to prevent smuggler on using Balikbayan Boxes. But OFW, does’nt feel that way, because they feel that their rights is being ignored.

Many OFW, uploaded video’s showing their side and reason on why the Custom should not focus on their Balikbayan Box , as many of them agreed with same reason that Balikbayan Box is a small token of appreciation and gift for their family, carefully wrap with love and the custom should not lay their hands on their Balikbayan box.

Even though President Noy Aquino, has already ordered the Bureau of Custom, to lift the current policy, OFW are still continue their protest today, as they will not send remittance in the country.

Malacanang, express their side, they understand the OFW’s sentiments and they respect it. but Government is not the one will be affected if they not send any remittance? And they believe that not all OFW will be joining the “zero remittance protest”? Some of them will still sending remittance to their family. Because family comes first. It might be delayed for a day but still they will send money to their love ones.

Report said that the reason of this recently Balikbayan Box, physical inspection is due to BOC, target on collecting P600-million revenue on Balikbayan boxes..