OFW Appealed On The Bureau Of Custom, Stay Away From Our BalikBayan Boxes

For the past few days, several Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), are expressing their self and displeased on the Bureau of Custom (BOC) strict procedure on all Balikbayan Boxes.

Several OFW, uses social media by uploading videos and expressing their fellings on the Custom strict policy on some Balikbayan boxes. The custom,who open some Balikbayan boxes to search on the alleged smuggled items and to impose the right taxes inside the Balikbayan box.

OFW and their family in the Philippines are outrage of the Custom new policy. Several complains are being brought to the Bureau of Custom, on why the custom attention are on those OFW Balikbayan Boxes, there are much more attention to focus from, aside the Balikbayan Boxes.

Balikbayan Boxes, are boxes came from OFW abroad, where they put some gifts and presents from their family in the Philippines. It is being shifted and paid by the OFW on the country that he or she reside. A box where it shows love and devotion to their love ones. A small piece of happiness from OFW to shared from their love ones.

There is no normal person will not be angry to see that the your Balikbayan Boxes are being open and search by some person on the custom, where you properly arranged it and carefully put inside the box, then suddenly the custom do this new policy.

Bureau of Custom, said that they are only implementing the rules to prevent some smuggle items to enter the country or to confiscate it as early as possible. But searching all Balikbayan boxes, one by one is not the solution. BOC, must used an equipment to determine whats inside the boxes, to prevent it from opening the box. And also to avoid some item inside the box to misplaced or lost?

Many politicians, like Senator Marcos and Senator JV Ejercito, are questioning the Custom, strict policy of OFW Balikbayan Boxes. They support OFW’s sentiment and they also believe that the custom should leave it alone all the Balikbayan Box.

Bureau of Custom, is a government agency, where the reputation of the agency is considered as one of the most corrupt government agency in the Philippines.

In some survey, The Bureau of Custom is listed as the number one corrupt government agency in the Philippines, followed by the Land Transportation Office or LTO.