Robin Padilla And Maria Ozawa Upcoming Movie NIlalang In Jeopardy After Padilla Quits The Movie

Action Star Robin Padilla, announce on his Instagram that he will be backing out on their upcoming movies Nilalang, which he will be paired with former Japanese adult video star Maria Ozawa.

On the Instagram post, Robin said that he was regretting on withdrawing on the said movie, in which the movie will be featured on Metro Manila Film Festival this coming December 25, 215.

But due to personal matter, which particularly involving the sensitive pregnancy of Robin’s wife, Mariel Rodriguez, Robin decided to prioritize wife delicate pregnancy.

Mariel is currently pregnant with triplets, who also suffered a miscarriage in March of this year.
Robin Padilla and Vidanes Celebrity Marketing,had ask to the producers and the public for their understanding and kind consideration of their decision making.

Meanwhile, The Japanese star Maria Ozawa, also posted on her Instagram that she called on Robin Padilla, “Unprofessional”, upon quitting on the said movie that they will be teaming up. She felt sorry to the producer and the staff of the Horror Movie which is scheduled to start the shoot 10 days before.

Nilalang an action/horror movie is included on the official entry for the 2015 Manila Film Festival or MFF. But due to Robins withdrawal, the movie is in Jeopardy. Report said that the financier of the said movie also quits upon learning of Robins decision.

This is a very regrettable movie, especially the international Star Maria Osawa, her first movie in the Philippines and yet in Jeopardy on continuing the said project that hopefully they will continue and find new actor to team up with her?

But if faith does not favored Maria Osawa, there are always a next time.

For Robin Padilla, the decision, makes many people in Jeopardy but at least her wife is happy on the decision of taking of her, for the future of their triplet son that will be born soon.
source: GMA