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Android Phone Users Warn Of Possible Bug Attack Coming From MMS Messages

Almost 1 million users of smartphone and android phones,  are affected by the  so called “Bug” in android operating system.

Android user’s  are  warn to take precautions of receiving some multi media  messages or mms. It is reported that through mms,  were the bug will came through. mms messages are those messages which has an image messages.

The bug is very dangerous , because it can hack android smarth phone through mms even though  the owner of the  phone does not open the mms messages.

The bug was discovered by a cyber security company in america.

Once the bug has hack your cellphone, it will compromise all your contacts, where the hacker will copy all your contact list and will use the phone to send bugs to other phones.

It will also control your phones, camera and even the microphone of the phone, where the hacker can easily listen on the conversation of the hack android phone.

Google, who is responsible for making the android operating system has  already done something to solve the problem of the alleged bug to all android phones to prevent from hackers.

The only problems is that the said solution has not been yet  send to all android phone users.  For now the best solution is to make our own solution where we can prevent the said bug.

Android phone users must turn off the auto retrieve messages in multi media messaging settings. Just turn in off but the question is, does it really work?  We don’t know? Because so far no one see’s the alleged bug of the android phones.

Prevent your phones from sharing contact number if necessary, do not click unknown links and regularly update your android software.

NTC has already ordered Telecommunication Company to warn their consumer and take precaution of the situation.
source: GMA

Watch: John Cena Successfully Defended His US Title, Even Suffering A Broken Nose

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WWE superstar  John Cena, suffered a broken nose in his match against the current WWE Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins accidentally hit John Cena  nose after giving a knee from the head during their match. Despite the bleeding and uncomfortable feeling that he suffered, John Cena, continue the match as a sign of professionalism.

The said match happen on Monday Night Raw, July 27. Where John Cena,  will be defending his United States Title against the current Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins.

John Cena, defeated Seth Rollins in a submission hold, successfully defended his US title. After the match , a medical officer, immediately comes to Cena, to know if he is alright. Cena, said he is fine and celebrate his win.

For those who don’t know what is WWE? WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. It is not a sport. It is a entertainment, where all matches are scripted. But even though it is scripted, accident happen just like what happen to John Cena.

Wrestler can really injured their self  due to contact,  throwing punches, knee, kicking , slamming body. Sometimes they are using chairs , tables and ladder to the extreme entertainment.

But after that, broken bones, ribs, back, injury and even death suffered by a wrestler.

There are several notable wrestler that died during their match. One of those is Owen Hart, in one of the WWF pay per view match. Hart falls down in a turnbackle, during an opening entrance which he hangs on the air on the way of the square ring, where a freak accident happen that caused him to fall on the turnbuckle that caused an internal bleeding in his chest and later died.

Even though they were professional and matches are scripted, you can never  tell when or where accident will happen?
source: youtube

Matthew Dellavedova, Re-sign With The Cavaliers, Agreed A 1 Year " $1.2 Million" Deal

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After a several days of negotiation, finally a done deal has been agreed. Australian point guard Matthew Dellavedova, finally agreed in  a 1 year deal worth $1.2 million to re-sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Australian back up point guard who takes a spot light in the post season where the main point guard all star Kyrie Irving , has been out due to knee injury.

Dellavedova, takes the challenge of replacing Kyrie Irving, he play aggressively, pure hustle, as he shine as a hero aside from LeBron James.

Cavaliers fans, embracing dellavedova’s effort in the NBA Finals. Giving his all, defending the reigning MVP Stephen Curry, where at some point , Curry cannot put away Dellavedova.

Even though the Cavaliers lost in the finals, Cavaliers management want Dellavedova back for another run for the finals. After he prove to the world that he belongs in the NBA.

Cavaliers fans love Matthew Dellavedova, he is a tough player and they need him. Despite Mo Williams, returns as a Cavaliers, Dellavedova, will likely the 3rd options as point guard.

Dellavedova, averaging  4.8 points and 3.0 assists while shooting 40.7 percent from 3-point range during the regular season. While  in the post season he is averaging  7.2 points and 2.7 assists,  his most noted games is 19 points in a series-clinching win in Chicago in the second round and 20 points in the Cavs' Game 3 win over Golden State which they take the series  up 2-1 in the Finals.

Meanwhile, JR Smith and Tristan Thompson are still having conversation about on re-signing with the Cavs, until now there is no done deal as further negotiations are going.

Smith and Thompson are two of the most important pieces of the Cleveland Cavaliers success in getting in the finals, with them getting back as Cavaliers,  it will be a great chance for the cavaliers to return again to the Finals.

Freak Accident: A Mother Died, Swallowed Inside The Escalator

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An accident happened in the area that you less expected , take place inside a shopping mall. In what could be a bonding  time with a mother and son, shopping in a mall turn to be a nightmare.

A video footage showing a mother and a son, taking an escalator, when they reach the  upper floor, the plate of the escalator  they step in suddenly collapses. the two felt down. But with the presence of mind of the mother she immediately push his son forward where two employee’s at the mall immediately grab the boy.

But the mother was unfortunately did not survived the incident. despite a mall employee’s effort to save her by pulling her, the mother falls down and disappeared  inside the escalator where she was later died that day.

The mother who was only 30 years old along with his son, shopping in a mall around 10:00 am  after the accident happen. the dead body of the mother was recoverred around  14:00 pm.

The accident happen in a shopping mall in the city of Jingzhou in China.

What kind of management or maintenance have this kind of mall? Should they secure all people safety before opening their shopping mall? Now that I see this kind of accident involving escalator, the next time  I go to a shopping mall I’ll be watching my steps along with my family when we used escalator. Who knows? Maybe another irresponsible management are still out there? Now even an escalator can kill you.
sources: GMA , youtube

Viral Video Of A Woman Who Gives Birth To A Baby Boy Inside A Car

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A viral video of a woman who gives birth to a baby boy inside a car circulate in the social media.

A mother who is laboring inside a car along with his husband are going to a birth center. But did not make it , when  the mother  suddenly experience extreme pain and  her  water broke  and continues to shout. While his husband is so calm and recording the entire event.

When the woman realized that the baby is coming out, his husband and her pulled her pants to give way to the out coming baby.

The baby successfully comes out healthy with a little stain of blood and while the mother seems was alright after the tremendous pain she had earlier in the video. The mother tap his baby boy to cry and to be able to breath which usually done in a new baby born.

The couples were so happy as they tap their hands and enjoying the moment with their new son.
While the father recording the remarkable experience, he wonders if the birth center will still be charging them if they used the birth center?

The 4 minute video is one scary footage, having birth in none birth center is very dangerous. These couple are lucky enough that the baby comes out easily. Maybe the one reason is that the mother in the said video has already give birth on two previous child. And so she had already experience it and knows what to do.

But again the most safety precaution if giving birth is to come early to a birth center if you know the schedule of you  giving birth. Always be prepare.

There are several cases like this. It happen to a bus, a train, an airplane. But luckily all reports are positive.

To all mothers, if you experience this kind of situation, don’t panic, calm your self and do the right procedure of giving birth. It might be to easy to said than done.
source: youtube

Racism Comment Of Hulk Hogan Brought Him From Being Terminated In WWE

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Hulk Hogan who's real name is Terry Gene Bollea, is facing a controversy when a racist audio of him rant surfaced.

Hogan who admitted the audio voice of racism that is pertaining to the African-American boyfriend of her daughter  Brooke Hogan. The audio has been recorded and happen 8 years ago. Even though it happen from long time ago, and the timing of it surfaced, we don’t know? But still Hogan, apologize's from the way he act back then.

Due to this controversy and bad publicity of Hogan, the World wrestling Entertainment (WWE), cut ties with Hulk Hogan, terminates any contract that involving him, he was also remove from the WWE Hall of Fame, Tough enough and the WWE 2K16 game edition.

A heavy penalty from the WWE management, despite all the success that Hogan brought to the company. Maybe the WWE company must do things that best for their business.

The 61 years old American wrestler at the same time an actor and TV personality is one  and perhaps the most famous and iconic wrestler of all time. His fame gave him a break to be seen in movie and other tv shows.

Where ever he goes he became the most dominant wrestler in that company. From WWF, New Japan Pro Wrestling, American Wrestling Association, WCW and WWE. The popularity is always there. Wrestling fans idolized and loves the “Hulkster”

Hogan's Racist Rant Audio

Kids and even adult people idolized Hogan of his character as a good guy in movie, wrestling arena and even in real life. But due to this racism comment he had, some might turns back on him? But one thing is for sure, many fans and friends of Hogan still love him. “Hulkamania’ will never die.
source : youtube

Rumors "LeBron James Will Take His First Starring Role In Space Jam 2"

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NBA superstar LeBron James, is now taking his talent as a movie actor. He debut on his first movie in a comedy movie “Trainwreck”. Which he co-star with comedian Amy Schumer.

After his first movie, another deal has been made to the basketball superstars and this time a big deal with Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Entertainment  reached an agreement with SpringHill Entertainment a company owned by Maverick Carter, which James also co-founded.

Rumors that a new sequel of the famous movie Space Jam will be made and this time LeBron James will lead his first starring role.

Space Jam, which stars by Michael Jordan, Bugs bunny and other looney tunes cartoon character, makes a bit hit in the movie industry and because of the popularity of Michael Jordan as the NBA Greatest Player at that time and Bugs bunny popularity as a cartoon character at that time the movie became box office hit.

Despite many years has been passed and a lot of cartoon character has been show up in TV and cinema. The iconic character of Bugs Bunny will still hit the cinema and teaming up with the Greatest player of today’s NBA LeBron James, it might be a sure hit.

Whether the rumors are correct of the upcoming new movie Space Jam 2, many social media comments and tweets are now predicting the outcome of the movie. As they say LeBron James is not the right one to play the role of Michael Jordan? Kobe Bryant should be the right one to play the role of Michael Jordan and James should not ruin the integrity of Space Jam.

Haters gonna hates LeBron James whether in NBA sports or in Movie. But one thing is for sure, haters always watch LeBron James. And if the rumors of the second movie of Space Jam are true? Haters will make it a hit, because they will watch it.

What can you say about this? Is LeBron James is the right choice of starring in the alleged Space Jam 2?

Iglesia ni Christo Facing Controversy After Angel Manalo Revealed Corruption Inside The Church

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Felix Nathaniel " Angel" Manalo , the excommunicated brother of Eduardo Manalo, executive minister of the Iglesia ni Cristo spoken on Friday morning . he called on their brethen to go to the compound where they were in Quezon City to vigil and protect their Bible doctrines allegedly changing  by the people around her leading brother.

In an interview with the media at 1:00 am Friday in the compound of Manalo , Angel deny with ongoing hostage -taking in their place . This came after Thursday morning 's message posted on the window of their compound.

Angel explained , that a child with them possibly make’s the posted messages in the windows.

However , Angel stood with a threat to their lives from alleged Council of the Church of Christ, as well as the abduction occurred to some colleagues

He also accused with corruption occurring with the use of church funds

Angel 's also clear that he loved and did not contradict his brother Eduardo , but he should not listen to the people around him.

Among Angel, criticized is the building developments , namely the Philippine Arena supposedly eat Iglesia Ni Cristo funds rather than spending on construction of new church.

Angel called on their supporters to go to them and to make vigil and protect  doctrinal who change by the people around his brother Eduardo.

We call on our brothers to stand up and do not be afraid , "said Angel.

Watch video of Felix Nathaniel "Angel" Manalo, asking the public for help
source: GMA

Singer Performer Chris Brown, Stop By Bureau Of Immigration From Leaving The Country

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PHILIPPINES - The Bureau of Immigration ( BI ) issued a Lookout Bulletin Order (LBO) against international performer singer Chris Brown, and the promoter before they are allowed to leave the country after a concert Saturday at the SM Mall of Asia ( MOA ) Arena in Pasay City.

According to BI , the LBO is based on the mandate of the Department of Justice ( DOJ ) on July 21, 2015 , which placed its promoter Brown and John Michael Pio Roda.

The ruling stated by DOJ to BI that requires any foreign nationals  to ensure a LBO holding Emigration Clearance Certificate ( ECC ) before allowed to leave the Philippines.

Tan explained , the LBO is not the same as a hold departure order ( HDO ) which initially was allowed to leave the country with ECC from the bureau and with the consent of the DOJ.

Under ILB , all foreigners are required to have ECC stated in Section 22 - A of the Philippine Immigration Act to ensure that there is no case in the Philippines.

Chris Brown was about to leave the country  yesterday after  his concert last Friday night when he was blocked at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport ( NAIA ) for LBO.

Justice Sec . Leila de Lima, said that Iglesia ni Cristo ( INC ) and the Festive Development Corp. who oversees the Ciudad de Victoria where the Philippine Arena recourse to catch and can hold the international artist.

 It said that on July 20 a letter to the DOJ send by Glicerio Santos, head of the LTD legal council and chief operating officer of Festive Development Corp. and  requested that his trial was a John Brown and Michael Pio Roda estafa they filed

The case start when singer Chris Brown, did not attend the New Year's Countdown on December 31, 2014 Philippine Arena despite the company allegedly paid the singer.
source: abante

Hackers Threatened A Dating Website That They Will Reveal Their Clients Information

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Hackers warn people who are having an affair and betraying their wife or husband that they will release information they have of about 37 million clients who betray their husbands or wife in a dating website.

 It will also include  credit card details , nude photos , and even worldly fantasies of it. according to the Reuters report.

Base on KrebsOnSecurity blog, on Reuters report , Avid Life Media, confirmed that Canadian parent of  website , that someone has entered into their system.

The website are now secured and they are helping the authorities to determine who was behind of  the hack attack the " The Impact Team." Claiming of the attack.

Avid Life also refuted the threat of hackers who can not afford to remove the " paid delete" function in the information and communication about the profile of the members of the website. Because of this, Avid Life said in a statement that they offered such free "function ."

Although the officers of the company has not yet commented on the incident. KrebsOnSecurity of Avid Life Chief Executive Noel Biderman, said that they have a suspect they know who might be behind the attack that allegedly have access to their internal networks.

"It was definitely a person here that was not an employee but certainly had touched our technical services," said by the official.

In the screen grab shown on KrebsOnSecurity blog, the Impact Team  are very proud that they controlled the Avid Media systems , including customer databases , source code, financial records and emails.

Kerbs also reported that hackers are allegedly brought some detail and information  on the website and they threatened that if  they not removed  AshleyMadison and EstablishedMen , they will release in public of the names of this MGA clients , nude photos , credit card details and their " secret sexual fantasies . "

Meanwhile ,Adult FriendFinder which is estimated member of  64 million, was also attack by hackers.
source: GMA

Tim Cone Leaves Star Hotshots Join The Sister Team Barangay Ginebra San Miguel

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Finally, The winningest coach of the PBA, Tim Cone. Will join the most popular team in the PBA, The Barangay Ginebra San Miguel.

San Miguel Corp. boss Ramon S. Ang has confirmed that Tim Cone will be the new coach of Barangay Ginebra, and it  will be finalized upon his arrival from the US.

As the rumors finally sealed one team will be happy to welcome him and the other sudden by his departure. Despite the relationship between the Purefoods Star Hotshots and Barangay Ginebra San Miguel as sister team and own by one corporation, there is no doubt that some players are hurt of his departure especially Marc Pingris.

Marc Pingris sudden of his departure from Purefoods Star Hotshots, but he accept the decision of the management because that part of PBA Life. He credit coach Tim Cone, for all the successful thing happen in his life.

Tim Cone, who lead the San Mig Coffee Mixer In a rare Grandslam Champion in 2013 – 2014 season and now will lead the controversial team Barangay Ginebra.

Barangay Ginebra who last won a PBA Championship  in 2008, has been struggle since then. They were criticized as a very talented team but unable to reach PBA Finals.

When it comes to Line up, Barangay could be the most dangerous team in the league and considered as a championship contender. But despite all of that they always fail.

Different Coaches comes and go with the team but the result is always the same “Failed”
With The Entrance of Coach Tim Cone, will be this the time that the Barangay Ginebra , claim the top of the PBA? Or would be another Failed? Is really the coaching are the problems? Or is the player?
Lets wait and see this upcoming season of the Philippine Basketball Association.

Tim Cone Achievements As a Coach

18 times PBA Champion ( combination of Alaska Milk and B-meg Llamados/San Mig Super Coffee Mixer)
2 times Grandslam Champion ( 1996 season – Alaska Milk) , (2013 – 2014 season San Mig Super Coffee Mixer)
3 times Coach of the year ( 1994, 1996, 2013-2014)
7 times all star head coach

Watch: Surfer Mick Fanning Attacked By A Shark During A Live Surfing Competition

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A scary moment happen to pro-Australian surfer Mick Fanning, when he was attack by a shark in a live television show.

Mick Fanning, who is waiting for his turn, suddenly attacked by a shark . the shark who appeared behind him, shows a big black pin and heading towards him. Mick Fanning, hold on tight on his board and start to kicking when he saw the shark but he was knock off his surfing board and struggle for saving his life.

Splash all over him is the only thing you can see and at that time the shark never seen in the footage, it was gone.

Mick, rushingly swim towards the shore. and rescuer, immediately runs toward him and maybe due to loud noise of jet ski and speed boat the shark never shows up again.

The incident is very dramatically emotional that even the announcer thought that Mick Fanning , might be killed by a shark in that very scary situation but luckily he escape death.

Because of the incident the surfing competition was cancelled.

In an interview to surfer champion Mick Fanning,  on what happened during the encounter with the shark. “he said. I felt something rub in my leg and I just kicking and screaming to go away” and ask if he see the teeth of the shark? “ He said he only see pins and he also punch it at the back” laughingly said.

Mick Fanning, has a reputation of shark attack, first was in the South Africa and now this. according to some people. this is not a rare incident, many surfer was killed and injured in shark attack, it can happen to everyone, after all the sea is the home of the shark.
source: CNN, youtube

Jun Mar Fajardo Join's The Elite List Of Back To Back Winner's Of MVP

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Jun Mar Fajardo proven once against that he is the best player in today's PBA. Claiming his second Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards after winning it last year.

The 25 year’s old  San Miguel Beerman center from Pangasinan is  now joining an elite group who won  a rare back to back MVP’s.  Bogs Adornado won in 1975-1976, Alvin Patrimonio in 1993-1994 and his former team mates and mentor Danny Ildefonso in 2000-2001.

Fajardo also known as the “cracken” listed at 6ft 11” is the most dominant  player when it come to low post. Because of his big size and long wing span, he can easily scores down the low post. He is a monster rebounder and when it comes to defense he can surely erased your shot with a blocks.

Despite winning his second MVP In the recent 2015 LEO awards. He also win his 3rd Best Player of the conference in the Governor’s cup. And he also brought home the 2015 Sportsmanship awards.
Jun Mar Fajardo, will likely be the future of the PBA.  And as of now he is the most dominant player in the PBA and likely will in the next season.

Fajardo, also join the list of past and present  PBA superstar’s that had more than one  MVP’s in the likes of James yap (2 MVP), Willie Miller (2 MVP), Danny Ildefonso (2  MVP), Benjie Paras (2 MVP), Abet Guidaben (2  MVP), Bogs Adornado (3 MVP) , and Ramon Fernandes and Alvin Patrimonio with 4 MVP’s.

If Fajardo will continue his dominace in the PBA, he will like gain more MVP awards and surpass Ramon Fernandez ansd Alvin Patrimonio.

Currently Junmar fajardo averaged 19.2 points, 12.4 rebounds and 2.6 blocks per game.

X- Factor Contestant Shock Audience When He Start To Sing

Carmelo Munzone, came from an Italian family who try the auditions of "The X Factor Australia” in 2012. During his auditions, standing in-front of hundreds of Australian audience and millions of viewers watching around the world he was interviewed by a female judges actress and singer songwriter Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

Carmelo was asked if he came from a big Italian Family? Carmelo answered, but due to the way he talked, dress and calling his grandparents in different names like in Italian names nonno and nonna meaning grandfather and grandmother the audience started laughing at him.

Read: Simon Cowell Cry During UK X-Factor Audition

Carmelo was asked again by the female judge asking about his singing rate? And again he answered that his singing rate is great and asking for cooperation with the audiences? And once again the audience laugh.

But things turn around when Carmelo begun to sing his own version of Maroon Five hits “Sunday morning”. Everybody was silence and stunt, the recent laughing of what looks like a discrimination? Turn into excitement and admiration. Carmelo silent all the audience watching inside the audition with his beautiful voices shock and impressed with his great voice.

Natalie the female judge who interview Carmelo was also impressed as she never expected that this is coming? She stand and applauded Carmelo together with all the audiences who witness a singer who sings great and effortless as they didn’t expect it on the way that Carmelo looks?

Read Also: How To Check SSS Contribution Online 

source: youtube

At the end of Carmelo’s audition all judges were impressed and all agreed to pass him and advance to the next stage of the singing competition of "The X Factor Australia”.

Her two sisters are very proud of him while awaiting at the back stages. A not so good looking man, shock Australia with his golden voice.

This is a simple reminder that don't judge people by the way they looks or speak? Sometimes you might be wrong? What did you think of his voice? Is he really a good singer? Just comment below if you like his voice?

Good Looking Guy, Turns To An Ugly Guy After A Face Surgery Gone Wrong

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A man who wants to gain more good looks, decided to undergo a face surgery that turns to be a nightmare.

Ellowe, who wants to sharpen his nose and to have a cleft chin. decided to go to Kashieca,a nurse recommended by his friend who knows something about  in injecting collagen.

He admit that he was scared at first, but eventually convinced to undergo the implanting collagen into his face.

Ellowe, said to him by Kashieca, that the collagen will not cause infection. But after just two years, the fear of Ellowe was his nose and mouth are swelling and his face seem's to widen.

My face grows bigger and widening after that I consult a doctor and said why is my face looks like this?

The nose and mouth of  Ellowe, suffered an infection and almost no trace of his former good looks.

The cause of the damage of the face of Ellowe, is that  collagen  injected into the mouth and nose are not pure collagen.

According to Dr. Gil Vicente, though  it usually occurs when the body rejected the chemicals into the body that eventually destroy the skin.

Investigative Documentaries, look for kashieca in Canlubang, Laguna. But never saw the anonymous nurse .

Last year , Ellowe filed illegal practice of medicine in fiscal of Laguna against Lasheca because he gains complications . but as of now the case of fiscal against Kasheca are pending.

Ellow, who only 16 years old that time is already participating in some talent search and due to his   good looks he was able to seen in some movie and televison for minor role. But in order to  pursue his career as actor he decided to take surgery to his face to looks more handsome but eventually turn to be the opposite.
source: GMA

Napoles Assets Worth $12.5 Million Will Likely To Return By US Government Upon Confiscated

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The US Department of Justice are now doing their best to confiscate the $12.5M assets of' pork' scam queen Janet Lim Napoles in America.

Based on the report of the Federal Bureau of Investigation filed by the US Department of Justice for civil forfeiture complaint to confiscate the assets of  Janet Lim Naoples, which allegedly all her assets  in america came from kickbacks obtained from the pork barrel of legislators.

The FBI complaint, is that  allegedly all the funds used by Napoles are came from Philippines government for Development Assistance and Disaster Relief which in turn she buy property in America including condominium unit in Los Angeles California and Porsche Boxster who were named  at her daughter Jeane Napoles.

Besides from yhe  property she bought she have also reportedly has 19 % shares in a consulting company which is based in California.

According to Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell Criminal Division of the US Justice Department , said that US will not allow corrupt officials to make playground in their country and make it a haven for ill-gotten wealth

The civil forfeiture complaint filed under Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative, which jointly handled by the prosecutors of the Criminal Division 's Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section.

At that time that assets of Napoles was confiscate such assets will be returned Philippine Government.

Bayan Muna Rep . Neri Colmenares, said on the matters that US has the right idea of returning all the government assets in the Philippines which Napoles  used for her kickbacks that used for purchasing assets in america.

The Filipino people should benefits from it and not the foreigners
source: abante

SMB Going For 3 - 0 Lead In The Finals, Alaska Going For Their 1st Win In Game 3

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Two of the most succesful teams in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) The San Miguel Beermen and the Alaska Aces are classing against one another in Game 3 of their Best of seven Governor’s finals match.

San Miguel Beermen, a  20 times PBA Champion, currently holds the most number of championship in the PBA History. Trying to extend their wins into 3 - 0 and hoping  not to give any chance to Alaska Aces to come back in this series. The Beermen dominated Game 1, 108 - 78 in a blown out game and Game 2, 103 - 95 in a come from behind win.

While the Alaska Aces, a 14 times PBA Champions, currently second to san Miguel Beermen in most number of Champions, will try to win Game 3, to keep the hopes alive in claiming the Governor’s Championship. A win will bring them back in the series but a loss will sink them to 0-3. That a slight of hope  or chance to recover from a 0-3 deficit.

Beermen, will rely to their best player Junmar fajardo , Marcio lassiter and their import Arizona Reid, while the Alaska Aces will rely to the Governor’s cup Best import  Romeo travis, Cyrus Baguios and Calvin Abueva.

Game 3 is schedulled Friday, July 15, 2015 at 7pm in Smart Areneta Coliseum.

Watch: Expert Explains How The "Grouper Fish Or Lapu- Lapu" Grows As Almost As 7 Feet

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Antique, Philippines - last July 8, 2015 a pictures of a very big fish known as grouper fish or “Lapu – Lapu” became viral after the picture of the fish was uploaded in social media.

Netizens caught the attention of the big fish and puzzled on why the “Lapu – Lapu” grows bigger than their usual size? The fish that was caught is almost a size of an adult man. Which measured 7 feet and weighed 176 kilograms.

Some social media users also wonders that the picture might be another fake  or photo edited.
The fish was caught by a fisherman in the shallow waters of the town.
Meanwhile expert explain on why grouper fish (Lapu-lapu) grow bigger than their usual size? And when the fish was cooked it takes like a meat of a cow.
Many people believe that in the province of Antique, there is a very big fish swimming in their ocean. But all are just rumors till last week the rumors finally ended after one very big fish was finally caught.

the stranded fish was caught in brgy Tabok, in the town of libertad. The size and weight of the fish needed two bamboo stick in order to carry it by seven men.

The big fish was believed by the residence to be a kind of “Lapu-lapu” which is usually called Pugaro. but expert explain that the fish that was caught in the said brgy. Is a Giant grouper which is usually grows from 3 to 7 feet and weighs up to 600 kilos.

Jessie Cacam, the man who saw the stranded fish, called fellow fisherman to carried the stranded fish. he then sell the fish to their brgy. Captain. Which they got paid of P13,000 pesos.

Meanwhile One of the residence of the brgy. Has cooked the meat of the said fish and said that the fish taste like a meat of a cow.

The fish that was caught is estimated up to ten years old of age? And due to climate change the salinity of the sea was lessen and that might caused the fish to swim toward the sea shore and got stranded.

Watch the complete story in Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho
source: GMA

Alden Richards Viral Video Walking Along Greenhills To Broadway

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During the rainy season many Filipinos are becoming a regular victims of severe traffic  due to heavy rains and floods. And some Kapuso stars, just like hunk actor Alden Richards are not exempted in this kind of situation.

Not everyday you see an actor walking down the street just to reach his taping or any engagement that he must attend. Because of the intense traffic , Kapuso actor and TV host choose to walk along the street with his assistant from Ortigas Avenue to reach the opening of the longest - running noontime show " Eat Bulaga " on Broadway Centrum.

Alden, who posted his video showing him and his assistant said "Because super traffic in Greenhills along the way to  Eat Bulaga , we choose “walkathon “.

And while his assistant looks haggard , the actor  is enjoying  the new experience.

Its enjoying, At least once in a while, you experience something else,” said by EB Dabarkads.

Netizens admired and praised the dedication and professionalism of the actor who demonstrates dedication in  his work.

A report like this is nothing new. there are several reports just like this that an actor was walking down the street to reach his destination due to traffic. There are several reports also that an actor are commuting or taking LRT train just to avoid traffic and to reach their taping or destination in much earlier time.
source: GMA , youtube

Watch: "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer" Already Earn 15 Millions Of Views In Just Two Days

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Two of the most popular super hero of DC, will finally clash on March 25, 2016 in theaters. But as for now a 3:39 minutes of trailer was released  to give us glimpse on the story of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

The latest trailer of the movie has already earn 15,948,932 as of today and still counting after the trailer was uploaded last July 11. Social media users have different opinion of the upcoming movies. Some of them are excited to watch the movies but they have to wait more!!! In general the trailer has earned positive impression. Fans of Batman and Superman are now exited to watch the latest movie of the Iconic super hero.

The story plot of this movies, A feud between Batman and Superman, which the people turns against superman who became a super hero for them for a long time and now realizing that he is a great threat in them and they want the alien super hero to leave planet earth. Batman, eventually is one of them, will do anything to stop superman using his especial gadget and with the help of Kryptonite. A special stone that makes superman weak.

Ben Afflect will portray the role of Batman, while Henry Cavill as Superman. In this trailer you will also see Wonder Woman as one of the characters in the upcoming movies.
source: youtube

Watch The History Of "El Fraile Or Port Drum" The Unsinkable Battleship

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Many of us might not know the history of El Fraile or Port Drum. The unsinkable battleship of Filipino-Americans during WW2 that until now the unsinkable ship is can be seen in the inlet waters of Manila Bay.

The battleship is made of rocks or a small island of rock that constructed to form in the image of a real  battleships.

It was constructed to monitor and to destroy all incoming ships enemy in Manila Bay. A powerful defense strategy of Filipino-american's who fights during that time. Despite the powerful artillery of s. Port  Drum, manage any attack from land, air and sea. It cannot be destroyed because of powerful construction of the said Battleship.

When the Japanese finally occupied the Philippines, many people believe that time, that Bataan was the last stand of the country but the truth is that El Fraile was the last battle fields that surrendered to the Japanese.

When Gen.Douglas Macarthur, return and defeated the Japanese , El Fraile was also occupied by the Japanese army .The american's burns the Battleship from inside were many japanese army are hiding were killed.

Now a days El Fraile still stands in the sea of Manila Bay and almost forgotten. the remains of the port from artillery and steel from concrete to foundation are stolen by many people in order to sell it and make some money.

Philippine government should rebuilt this El Fraile, in case of war this Port will be a good area for defense strategy. It was tested before and until now it was proven unsinkable.
source: youtube

Two Classmates Emotionally Reunites As Judge And Burglary Suspect

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Two classmate in middle school reunites after several years has passed. But the reunion was not on the right place. The woman who became a Judge, recognized his former classmates who turn to be the suspect for Burglary.

At first the suspect did not recognized her middle school classmate until the judge ask her on what middle school he attended?

The suspect started to cry, when he finally realize that the judge he was facing and going to sentence him is  actually his classmate.

The Judge who describe his old classmate during their middle school as one of the nicest and best kid in their school and she used to play football with him and look what happen to him.

She advised his former classmate that she hope that he can change his life and live a lawful life.

This is a very emotional reunion of two former classmate. Same people a two nice kid during their middle  schools, but chooses different path as the get older.

Sometimes a nice kid in schools turns to be a criminal and a bad kid turns to be a good man.

Future can never tell peoples life. Sometimes there are path that changes us for good or bad, defending on the situation of our life.

Sadly a nice kid in middle schools who recognized by the much younger judge at that time, eventually lost his path. But there are always a chance to move on and make us better, maybe after facing her old classmate he will now choose the right path.
source: youtube

Watch: Wedding Shoot Ruins By Street Kids After It Went Scramble For A Bird

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A viral video of a Wedding shoot caught the attention of Netizen, due to the reaction of the groom and the epic fail of the said wedding.

The wedding was held in the historical Barasoain Church in Bulacan. the wedding turns alright till the couple are taking some video in front of the church, after they kissed and threw the two doves then that was the time the problem happen.

After the couple throw the birds,  several street kids went out and grab the birds which eventually ruin the shoot of the wedding.  the kids block some portion of the wedding shoot.

The Groom in the video was definitely shock and he admitted in an interview that he was really dismay of what happen. He never thought that  time that the kids that are watching their wedding shoot was actually just waiting for the birds to throw and went scramble to the birds.

While her Bride was still all smile of what happen on their wedding shoot. The Groom reaction was the one who caught the attention of Netizens. it became viral in the social media world as the video of newly wed couple gain popularity as it reach 1 million views.

Despite of several people opinions and comments that the wedding shoot became an epic fail? the couple said the video became more memorable to them because they give laugh to all people who watch the epic video.
source: youtube

Classes Are Suspended Today Due To Continues Heavy Rain And Floods

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Classes are suspended today, due to continues rain and floods that experiencing in some part of the country. Typhoon Egay still affected the country due to enhance Southwest Monsoon and will bring moderate to occasionally heavy rains over the western section of Luzon.

Provinces of Cavite, Laguna, Bataan, Batangas, Quezon and Rizal were warned via an advisory of heavy rainfall and flooding in low-lying areas.

Typhoon Falcon, has maintain its strength and it will continue to pass over the border of Philippine Area Of Responsibility.

No Classes In The Following Area's:

Metro Manila Area

Manila - all levels
Muntinlupa City - all levels
Pateros - all levels
Parañaque City - all levels
Navotas - all levels
Marikina City - all levels
Mandaluyong City - all levels
Makati City - all levels
Valenzuela City - all levels
San Juan City - all levels
Pasig City - all levels
Malabon City - all levels
Pasay City - all levels
Taguig City - all levels
Quezon City - all levels
Caloocan City - all levels
Las Piñas - all levels


San Mateo, Rizal - all levels
Cainta, Rizal - all levels
Antipolo, Rizal - all levels
Angono, Rizal - all levels
Binangonan, Rizal - all levels
Taytay, Rizal - all levels
Cardona, Rizal - all levels
Teresa, Rizal - all levels
Pililla, Rizal - all levels
Morong, Rizal - all levels
Rodriguez, Rizal - preschool to high school
Cavite - all levels
Laguna - all levels
Pangasinan - preschool to high school
Batangas City, Batangas - all levels
Lipa City, Batangas - all levels
Lian, Batangas - all levels
Ibaan, Batangas - all levels
Bauan, Batangas - all levels
Olongapo City - all levels
source: GMA

Floyd Mayweather Jr, Stripped Off His Title That He Won Against Manny Pacquiao

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Last Monday, the Undefeated Champion Floyd “Pretty Boy” Mayweather Jr., has been stripped off of his WBO Welterweight title, that he won against the Filipino Fighter Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao last May 2, 2015.

Mayweather beat Pacquiao in the biggest show of his life in Las vegas, Nevada. The 147-pound unification fight  breaks all financial records in boxing history, it has the most total gross such as pay-per-view subscriptions and sponsorships.

The WBO world championship committee, warned Mayweather to vacate the two junior middleweight titles that he holds. But he failed the deadline that caused him to pay the penalty worth of $200,000 and stripped his WBO welterweight title.

WBO organization said that holding multiple titles in different weight class is against the rules of the organization. A boxer who holds different title in different weight class must decide to choose on what title that he will continue or he will surrender?

Mayweather has given by the WBO organization of two months to decide on what title that he will surrender? Usually boxer holding multiples titles in different weight class  is only given 10 days to decide.

Meanwhile, Floyd Mayweather Jr, camps was displeased on the ruling of the WBO.  Leonard Ellerbe CEO of Mayweather promotions said that Floyd will talk and will decide what, or if any, actions he will take. After he finished enjoying his hundreds of millions that he had in the last fight.
source: ESPN

LaMarcus Aldridge And David West Joints The San Antonio Spurs To Formed A Super Team

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San Antonio Spurs, perhaps the biggest winner in this year 2015 NBA Free Agency. Acquiring the biggest  free agency LaMarcus Aldridge, from Portland Trailblazer.

LaMarcus Aldridge, agreed to 4 year deal to the San Antonio Spurs worth $80 million. Aldridge career average is  19.4 points,  8.4 reb. And 1.0 blocks.

Photo Credits to: usatoday

Aside from Aldridge, another acquisition  from Indiana Pacers, forward David West , who turns down a deal in Indiana worth of $12 million for the 2015 – 2016 season,  chooses San Antonio Spurs  for a deal of veterans’s minimum of $1.4 million. Despite a very low salary,West choose Spur, which he believes that he has a great chance of winning his first NBA Championship. West is one of the top players of Indiana Pacers, he helps the team reach the conference east finals twice which they were beaten by the Miami Heat.

While all the great acquisition of the San Antonio Spurs, they re-signs Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green in a maximum deal, while Manu Ginobli and Tim Duncan will have another ride to extend their Championship hope.

With this impressive lineup, the Spurs are now the favorite in the Western Conference. Just like the Cleveland Cavaliers in the East.  If faith leads to this team, they are likely the favorite team to meet the 2015 – 2016 NBA Finals  for my early prediction.

San Antonio Spurs is the best team in this modern NBA era, great coaching team, great and veteran players, five time NBA Champion. And perhaps an additional ring for this coming 2015 -2016 season.

Typhoon Egay Slowly Exit The Philippines, As Another Typhoon Will Likely To Enter PAR Area

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As Typhoon #Egay is moving slowly heading towards Taiwan and expected to exit  the Philippine Area of Responsibility this Tuesday evening , another typhoon will be entering the PAR Area.

Tropical storm ''Chan Hom''  might enter the country by Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

PAGASA said that tropical storm ''Chan Hom'' , which will be called “Falcon” once it enter the PAR. will not hit the country and it will just pass bye the border. But It will intensify the southwest monsoon or "habagat," triggering rains in the western parts of Luzon and Visayas that might cause heavy rain and floods.

Meanwhile TS Egay will still give Heavy rains in some part of the country:

Signal no. 1 are still raised in some provinces:

Ilocos Norte
 Babuyan group of Islands
 Northwest of Cagayan
And  Apayao

 Aside from the provinces which has a storm signals, but will experience a light to moderate rains due to “Habagat” are as follows”

 La Union
and Ilocos Sur

Public and Private school are suspended in some parts of the country which are heavily affected by the typhoon and Habagat due to flash floods and storm signals.
Fishermen and other small craft are not advisable to take voyage due to strong current of the sea.
source : PAGASA

Purefoods Star Hotshots Bowed To Alaska Aces, Failed To Defend Their Title From Last Season

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Purefoods Star Hotshots, losses their final chance of defending the remaining title that they achieved last year “ the Governor’s cup”, after falling to Alaska Aces in Game 3, 82 – 77.

Alaska Aces  outlasted the Hotshots in game 3, in a closed game where the Hotshots lead on most of the game. But the Aces came strong  late in the 4th quarter and ousted the Hotshot and booking the first final seed.

The Hotshots had their chance of winning Game 3, but fail short in the last two minutes of the game, they started the game strong and tallied their biggest lead at double digit.

Purefoods who was then called San Mig Super Coffee Mixer, won  all the three conference last season and earn the rare Grand Slam Champion. But this season is very different, they were never able to go back in the finals in any conference this season.

Purefoods Star Hotshots position end by conference this season:

Philippine cup – loss to the Meralco Bolts in the Quarterfinals match

Commissioner’s cup – loss to Taln N’Text Tropang Texter In Semi Finals who eventually won the Championship.

Governor’s cup – loss to Alaska Aces in a sweep in semi finals

Power Forward Marc Pingris of Purefoods, admitted that Alaska Aces were the better team , they are more hunger than us and they deserve it! We will comeback next season and perhaps a much more better team to be able to reach another finals appearance and another title?

Marcus Blakely who played for Purefoods in the last three season in Governors Cup, was not able to reach the Finals for the first time. His record is 2-1 in the finals, before  a sorry loss from Alaska Aces in preventing him to reach the finals 4th time. He gives the Purefoods  2 championship in Governor’s cup. Hope that he will be back again as Purefoods next season.

Rizal Monument In Luneta Park, Should Not Be Disturb To Avoid Photo Bombers

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MANILA, Philippines - Malacañang spokesperson laughingly commented when asked about the suggestion of a congressman who wants to turn the monument of Jose Rizal at Luneta Park  to end  the issue of " photobombs " Torre de Manila condominium.

Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said that the monument of Rizal should not be disturb.

Maybe we should not disturb Rizal 's monument in order to regulate the issue about there? Let 's leave the monument be, "said the spokesman of the Palace .

An earlier, proposal by Rep. Amado Bagatsing to turn to the monument of Rizal facing Manila and facing behind the sea.

In this way , the sea will be the new background of the monument of Rizal and instead of the controversial condominium building built by DMCI Homes.

But Bagatsing 's proposal was opposed by the National Commission on Culture and the Arts ( NCCA) Rizal monument was deliberately presented  to face the manila bay.

Take a look at real state that are facing  watershed [ riverside ], ocean side, seaside properties. They are more valuable. So we offered to Rizal most valuable real estate in the country, said lawyer Trixie Angeles of NCCA.

A temporary restraining order from the Supreme Court, has be issued to stop the construction of the building while DMCI hear the petition on the matter.

The condominium “Torre de Manila”, has been in the controversy after  it became a photo bomber  in Rizal Park view.
Many people believe that the said building makes a pejorative view of Luneta Park.

Past Manila City Mayor and present Mayor are blaming each other on who authorized and why they let the building to be constructed without studying first and the situation it might bring?

Several people are advising that the photo bomber building should be demolished to resolve all problems?
source: GMA

NBA Free Agency Latest Rumors And Reports

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NBA  free agency is one of the most anticipated event in NBA. a yearly event that a Team and a Player will have their chance to improve one another.

As  a Team, the management will have their chance to improve their team by trading a player, hired a new player that they think will fit for their system and renewing a contract of their current player that they want to stay.

As a player, there are several options, you can opt-in or opt-out on your current team, demand a higher salary or look for another team that can give you a higher deal, some player or most of the player chooses a maximum deal, that can secure their future as NBA player and some are sacrificing their salary to stay to the team that they like.

Here are some of notable player that been sign In for their current and new team:

Cleveland Cavaliers
Kevin Love – re-sign with the cavs for a maximum $110 million, fives years contract
Tristan Thompson – re-signs with the cavs
Iman Shumpert – re-sign with the cavs

Miami Heat
Dwane Wade – finally make a deal with the Miami Heat organization, agreeing to a one year deal worth $20 million.
Goran Dragic – re-signs with the heat , $90 million for a five years deal.

Dallas Mavericks
DeAndre Jordan –  a four year deal worth $80 million

LA Clippers
Paul Pierce – accept a three years deal

Golden State Warrior
Draymond Green –  re-signs  a five year deal worth $85 million

Indiana Pacers
Monta Elis – Sign in with the Pacers

Sacramento Kings
Rajon Rondo - agrees to join the kings

LeBron James  - opt- out with the cavs but will likely to return in cavs unifrom

Lamarcus Aldridge – still waiting for the decision on whether what team he will be joining? As of now the Sab Antonio Spurs, is the leading suitors foe acquiring Aldridge.

NFA Warns Public Consumer On Fake Rice, Be Vigilant, Observe Firts Before Buying Rice

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Philippines - The National Food Authority or NFA, recently admitted that they are having trouble of tracing illegal and fake rice that are entering in the country especially rice that coming from China.

On recent reports NPA Chief for public affairs, Angel Imperial, said that it is very difficult to compare a sample of fake rice without seeing one?

The characteristic of a fake rice is a mixture of potatoes, sweet potatoes and industrial synthetic resins or plastic. The fake rice was discovered in the city of Davao.

NFA are now conducting several test and laboratory test in the fake rice, a sample that came from Davao city.

The Fake sample rice will undergo in two stages of laboratory test. to determine whether the rice has bran streaks and grain groove.

If the rice has a natural production you can see markings where rice chaff was seen, even how beautiful the milling is, the not fake rice will be seen a grain groove that we called.

If  the rice is extruded or molded , the grain groove  will not be seen. Explain by Engr. Diocano Alojad , Jr., chief of NFA 's technical research and laboratory.

Assistant division chief of the quality assurance division, Rolando Gomes, Advise the consumer that they should look for  the rice that has a bran streaks that they will purchase. Where at the bottom of the rice there is a cracked or “Bungi” where the color is white.

DOH, warn all rice consumer that do not consume fake rice, because it will lead to Constipation , vomiting and can also lead to cause cancer if there is a real plastic component.

The NFA also assured that they will trace the origin of the said fake rice.
source: GMA

Kevin Love, Re-sign With The Cavs, Agree To A Five Year $110 Million Maximum Contract

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A day after the NBA free agency started a decision was already been made in one of the most talented All Star Forward, Kevin Love.

Love who chooses to opt-out his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers, decided to stay with the cav’s, after agreeing  a deal of five year maximum contract worth $110 million that will give him $22 million salary payout per year.

Love, did not take the opportunity to exercise his free agency by communicating with other teams which can give him bigger offer.  There are rumors that Los Angeles Lakers are interested in meeting Kevin Love later this week? But all rumors ended after the news came out of Love re-signing with the cavs.

Love, realizes  and chooses to stay with the cav’s which he has a better opportunity of getting back in the NBA Finals. A dream that he always wanted that he can do it only if he stayed with the Cavs.

 With Love, staying on Cavs, Kyrie Irving with  4 more years contract to go, Tristan Thompson is more likely to return, Iman Shumpert and LeBron James who also opt-out ,will be also returning as a Cavs and just waiting for his maximum contract deal.

The Cavaliers  are the early favorite in winning the 2015 – 2016 NBA Championship. With a complete lineup and a little revamp on the line up, the Cavs will be tough team to beat, having LeBron James the greatest player of today basketball, any team who had this guy will be a title contender and with Kevin Love and Kyrie irving healthy and available when it come to playoff time this cavs team will be tough to beat.

It is remembered that LeBron Jasme, almost single handedly carried the cavs in the 2014 – 2015 NBA Finals, despite all crytics predicts that the warriors will sweep the cavs. They defy all odds winning 2 games in the finals. If only Kevin Love and Kyrie irving are available in the Finals, perhaps the story would been different and the Cavaliers would been the Champion?