Napoles Assets Worth $12.5 Million Will Likely To Return By US Government Upon Confiscated

The US Department of Justice are now doing their best to confiscate the $12.5M assets of' pork' scam queen Janet Lim Napoles in America.

Based on the report of the Federal Bureau of Investigation filed by the US Department of Justice for civil forfeiture complaint to confiscate the assets of  Janet Lim Naoples, which allegedly all her assets  in america came from kickbacks obtained from the pork barrel of legislators.

The FBI complaint, is that  allegedly all the funds used by Napoles are came from Philippines government for Development Assistance and Disaster Relief which in turn she buy property in America including condominium unit in Los Angeles California and Porsche Boxster who were named  at her daughter Jeane Napoles.

Besides from yhe  property she bought she have also reportedly has 19 % shares in a consulting company which is based in California.

According to Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell Criminal Division of the US Justice Department , said that US will not allow corrupt officials to make playground in their country and make it a haven for ill-gotten wealth

The civil forfeiture complaint filed under Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative, which jointly handled by the prosecutors of the Criminal Division 's Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section.

At that time that assets of Napoles was confiscate such assets will be returned Philippine Government.

Bayan Muna Rep . Neri Colmenares, said on the matters that US has the right idea of returning all the government assets in the Philippines which Napoles  used for her kickbacks that used for purchasing assets in america.

The Filipino people should benefits from it and not the foreigners
source: abante