NBA Free Agency Latest Rumors And Reports

NBA  free agency is one of the most anticipated event in NBA. a yearly event that a Team and a Player will have their chance to improve one another.

As  a Team, the management will have their chance to improve their team by trading a player, hired a new player that they think will fit for their system and renewing a contract of their current player that they want to stay.

As a player, there are several options, you can opt-in or opt-out on your current team, demand a higher salary or look for another team that can give you a higher deal, some player or most of the player chooses a maximum deal, that can secure their future as NBA player and some are sacrificing their salary to stay to the team that they like.

Here are some of notable player that been sign In for their current and new team:

Cleveland Cavaliers
Kevin Love – re-sign with the cavs for a maximum $110 million, fives years contract
Tristan Thompson – re-signs with the cavs
Iman Shumpert – re-sign with the cavs

Miami Heat
Dwane Wade – finally make a deal with the Miami Heat organization, agreeing to a one year deal worth $20 million.
Goran Dragic – re-signs with the heat , $90 million for a five years deal.

Dallas Mavericks
DeAndre Jordan –  a four year deal worth $80 million

LA Clippers
Paul Pierce – accept a three years deal

Golden State Warrior
Draymond Green –  re-signs  a five year deal worth $85 million

Indiana Pacers
Monta Elis – Sign in with the Pacers

Sacramento Kings
Rajon Rondo - agrees to join the kings

LeBron James  - opt- out with the cavs but will likely to return in cavs unifrom

Lamarcus Aldridge – still waiting for the decision on whether what team he will be joining? As of now the Sab Antonio Spurs, is the leading suitors foe acquiring Aldridge.