Racism Comment Of Hulk Hogan Brought Him From Being Terminated In WWE

Hulk Hogan who's real name is Terry Gene Bollea, is facing a controversy when a racist audio of him rant surfaced.

Hogan who admitted the audio voice of racism that is pertaining to the African-American boyfriend of her daughter  Brooke Hogan. The audio has been recorded and happen 8 years ago. Even though it happen from long time ago, and the timing of it surfaced, we don’t know? But still Hogan, apologize's from the way he act back then.

Due to this controversy and bad publicity of Hogan, the World wrestling Entertainment (WWE), cut ties with Hulk Hogan, terminates any contract that involving him, he was also remove from the WWE Hall of Fame, Tough enough and the WWE 2K16 game edition.

A heavy penalty from the WWE management, despite all the success that Hogan brought to the company. Maybe the WWE company must do things that best for their business.

The 61 years old American wrestler at the same time an actor and TV personality is one  and perhaps the most famous and iconic wrestler of all time. His fame gave him a break to be seen in movie and other tv shows.

Where ever he goes he became the most dominant wrestler in that company. From WWF, New Japan Pro Wrestling, American Wrestling Association, WCW and WWE. The popularity is always there. Wrestling fans idolized and loves the “Hulkster”

Hogan's Racist Rant Audio

Kids and even adult people idolized Hogan of his character as a good guy in movie, wrestling arena and even in real life. But due to this racism comment he had, some might turns back on him? But one thing is for sure, many fans and friends of Hogan still love him. “Hulkamania’ will never die.
source : youtube