Watch: Wedding Shoot Ruins By Street Kids After It Went Scramble For A Bird

A viral video of a Wedding shoot caught the attention of Netizen, due to the reaction of the groom and the epic fail of the said wedding.

The wedding was held in the historical Barasoain Church in Bulacan. the wedding turns alright till the couple are taking some video in front of the church, after they kissed and threw the two doves then that was the time the problem happen.

After the couple throw the birds,  several street kids went out and grab the birds which eventually ruin the shoot of the wedding.  the kids block some portion of the wedding shoot.

The Groom in the video was definitely shock and he admitted in an interview that he was really dismay of what happen. He never thought that  time that the kids that are watching their wedding shoot was actually just waiting for the birds to throw and went scramble to the birds.

While her Bride was still all smile of what happen on their wedding shoot. The Groom reaction was the one who caught the attention of Netizens. it became viral in the social media world as the video of newly wed couple gain popularity as it reach 1 million views.

Despite of several people opinions and comments that the wedding shoot became an epic fail? the couple said the video became more memorable to them because they give laugh to all people who watch the epic video.
source: youtube