Watch: "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer" Already Earn 15 Millions Of Views In Just Two Days

Two of the most popular super hero of DC, will finally clash on March 25, 2016 in theaters. But as for now a 3:39 minutes of trailer was released  to give us glimpse on the story of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

The latest trailer of the movie has already earn 15,948,932 as of today and still counting after the trailer was uploaded last July 11. Social media users have different opinion of the upcoming movies. Some of them are excited to watch the movies but they have to wait more!!! In general the trailer has earned positive impression. Fans of Batman and Superman are now exited to watch the latest movie of the Iconic super hero.

The story plot of this movies, A feud between Batman and Superman, which the people turns against superman who became a super hero for them for a long time and now realizing that he is a great threat in them and they want the alien super hero to leave planet earth. Batman, eventually is one of them, will do anything to stop superman using his especial gadget and with the help of Kryptonite. A special stone that makes superman weak.

Ben Afflect will portray the role of Batman, while Henry Cavill as Superman. In this trailer you will also see Wonder Woman as one of the characters in the upcoming movies.
source: youtube