Iglesia ni Christo Facing Controversy After Angel Manalo Revealed Corruption Inside The Church

Felix Nathaniel " Angel" Manalo , the excommunicated brother of Eduardo Manalo, executive minister of the Iglesia ni Cristo spoken on Friday morning . he called on their brethen to go to the compound where they were in Quezon City to vigil and protect their Bible doctrines allegedly changing  by the people around her leading brother.

In an interview with the media at 1:00 am Friday in the compound of Manalo , Angel deny with ongoing hostage -taking in their place . This came after Thursday morning 's message posted on the window of their compound.

Angel explained , that a child with them possibly make’s the posted messages in the windows.

However , Angel stood with a threat to their lives from alleged Council of the Church of Christ, as well as the abduction occurred to some colleagues

He also accused with corruption occurring with the use of church funds

Angel 's also clear that he loved and did not contradict his brother Eduardo , but he should not listen to the people around him.

Among Angel, criticized is the building developments , namely the Philippine Arena supposedly eat Iglesia Ni Cristo funds rather than spending on construction of new church.

Angel called on their supporters to go to them and to make vigil and protect  doctrinal who change by the people around his brother Eduardo.

We call on our brothers to stand up and do not be afraid , "said Angel.

Watch video of Felix Nathaniel "Angel" Manalo, asking the public for help
source: GMA