Freak Accident: A Mother Died, Swallowed Inside The Escalator

An accident happened in the area that you less expected , take place inside a shopping mall. In what could be a bonding  time with a mother and son, shopping in a mall turn to be a nightmare.

A video footage showing a mother and a son, taking an escalator, when they reach the  upper floor, the plate of the escalator  they step in suddenly collapses. the two felt down. But with the presence of mind of the mother she immediately push his son forward where two employee’s at the mall immediately grab the boy.

But the mother was unfortunately did not survived the incident. despite a mall employee’s effort to save her by pulling her, the mother falls down and disappeared  inside the escalator where she was later died that day.

The mother who was only 30 years old along with his son, shopping in a mall around 10:00 am  after the accident happen. the dead body of the mother was recoverred around  14:00 pm.

The accident happen in a shopping mall in the city of Jingzhou in China.

What kind of management or maintenance have this kind of mall? Should they secure all people safety before opening their shopping mall? Now that I see this kind of accident involving escalator, the next time  I go to a shopping mall I’ll be watching my steps along with my family when we used escalator. Who knows? Maybe another irresponsible management are still out there? Now even an escalator can kill you.
sources: GMA , youtube