Viral Video Of A Woman Who Gives Birth To A Baby Boy Inside A Car

A viral video of a woman who gives birth to a baby boy inside a car circulate in the social media where a mother is laboring inside a car along with his husband where both are going to a birth center. 

But did not make it , when  the mother  suddenly experience extreme pain and  her  water broke  and continues to shout. While his husband is so calm and recording the entire event.

When the woman realized that the baby is coming out, his husband and her pulled her pants to give way to the out coming baby.

The baby successfully comes out healthy with a little stain of blood and while the mother seems was alright after the tremendous pain she had earlier in the video. The mother tap his baby boy to cry and to be able to breath which usually done in a new baby born.

The couples were so happy as they tap their hands and enjoying the moment with their new son.
While the father recording the remarkable experience, he wonders if the birth center will still be charging them if they used the birth center?

The 4 minute video is one scary footage, having birth in none birth center is very dangerous. These couple are lucky enough that the baby comes out easily. Maybe the one reason is that the mother in the said video has already give birth on two previous child. And so she had already experience it and knows what to do.

But again the most safety precaution if giving birth is to come early to a birth center if you know the schedule of you  giving birth. Always be prepare.

There are several cases like this. It happen to a bus, a train, an airplane. But luckily all reports are positive.

To all mothers, if you experience this kind of situation, don’t panic, calm your self and do the right procedure of giving birth. It might be to easy to said than done.
source: youtube