The History of El Fraile or Port Drum the Unsinkable Battleship

Many of us might not know the history of El Fraile or Port Drum. The unsinkable battleship of Filipino-Americans during WW2 that until now the unsinkable ship is can be seen in the inlet waters of Manila Bay.

The battleship is made of rocks or a small island of rock that constructed to form in the image of a real  battleships.

It was constructed to monitor and to destroy all incoming ships enemy in Manila Bay. A powerful defense strategy of Filipino-american's who fights during that time. Despite the powerful artillery of s. Port  Drum, manage any attack from land, air and sea. It cannot be destroyed because of powerful construction of the said Battleship.

When the Japanese finally occupied the Philippines, many people believe that time, that Bataan was the last stand of the country but the truth is that El Fraile was the last battle fields that surrendered to the Japanese.

When Gen.Douglas Macarthur, return and defeated the Japanese , El Fraile was also occupied by the Japanese army .The american's burns the Battleship from inside were many japanese army are hiding were killed.

Now a days El Fraile still stands in the sea of Manila Bay and almost forgotten. the remains of the port from artillery and steel from concrete to foundation are stolen by many people in order to sell it and make some money.

Philippine government should rebuilt this El Fraile, in case of war this Port will be a good area for defense strategy. It was tested before and until now it was proven unsinkable.
source: youtube