NFA Warns Public Consumer On Fake Rice, Be Vigilant, Observe Firts Before Buying Rice

Philippines - The National Food Authority or NFA, recently admitted that they are having trouble of tracing illegal and fake rice that are entering in the country especially rice that coming from China.

On recent reports NPA Chief for public affairs, Angel Imperial, said that it is very difficult to compare a sample of fake rice without seeing one?

The characteristic of a fake rice is a mixture of potatoes, sweet potatoes and industrial synthetic resins or plastic. The fake rice was discovered in the city of Davao.

NFA are now conducting several test and laboratory test in the fake rice, a sample that came from Davao city.

The Fake sample rice will undergo in two stages of laboratory test. to determine whether the rice has bran streaks and grain groove.

If the rice has a natural production you can see markings where rice chaff was seen, even how beautiful the milling is, the not fake rice will be seen a grain groove that we called.

If  the rice is extruded or molded , the grain groove  will not be seen. Explain by Engr. Diocano Alojad , Jr., chief of NFA 's technical research and laboratory.

Assistant division chief of the quality assurance division, Rolando Gomes, Advise the consumer that they should look for  the rice that has a bran streaks that they will purchase. Where at the bottom of the rice there is a cracked or “Bungi” where the color is white.

DOH, warn all rice consumer that do not consume fake rice, because it will lead to Constipation , vomiting and can also lead to cause cancer if there is a real plastic component.

The NFA also assured that they will trace the origin of the said fake rice.
source: GMA