Watch: Surfer Mick Fanning Attacked By A Shark During A Live Surfing Competition

A scary moment happen to pro-Australian surfer Mick Fanning, when he was attack by a shark in a live television show.

Mick Fanning, who is waiting for his turn, suddenly attacked by a shark . the shark who appeared behind him, shows a big black pin and heading towards him. Mick Fanning, hold on tight on his board and start to kicking when he saw the shark but he was knock off his surfing board and struggle for saving his life.

Splash all over him is the only thing you can see and at that time the shark never seen in the footage, it was gone.

Mick, rushingly swim towards the shore. and rescuer, immediately runs toward him and maybe due to loud noise of jet ski and speed boat the shark never shows up again.

The incident is very dramatically emotional that even the announcer thought that Mick Fanning , might be killed by a shark in that very scary situation but luckily he escape death.

Because of the incident the surfing competition was cancelled.

In an interview to surfer champion Mick Fanning,  on what happened during the encounter with the shark. “he said. I felt something rub in my leg and I just kicking and screaming to go away” and ask if he see the teeth of the shark? “ He said he only see pins and he also punch it at the back” laughingly said.

Mick Fanning, has a reputation of shark attack, first was in the South Africa and now this. according to some people. this is not a rare incident, many surfer was killed and injured in shark attack, it can happen to everyone, after all the sea is the home of the shark.
source: CNN, youtube