Rumors "LeBron James Will Take His First Starring Role In Space Jam 2"

NBA superstar LeBron James, is now taking his talent as a movie actor. He debut on his first movie in a comedy movie “Trainwreck”. Which he co-star with comedian Amy Schumer.

After his first movie, another deal has been made to the basketball superstars and this time a big deal with Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Entertainment  reached an agreement with SpringHill Entertainment a company owned by Maverick Carter, which James also co-founded.

Rumors that a new sequel of the famous movie Space Jam will be made and this time LeBron James will lead his first starring role.

Space Jam, which stars by Michael Jordan, Bugs bunny and other looney tunes cartoon character, makes a bit hit in the movie industry and because of the popularity of Michael Jordan as the NBA Greatest Player at that time and Bugs bunny popularity as a cartoon character at that time the movie became box office hit.

Despite many years has been passed and a lot of cartoon character has been show up in TV and cinema. The iconic character of Bugs Bunny will still hit the cinema and teaming up with the Greatest player of today’s NBA LeBron James, it might be a sure hit.

Whether the rumors are correct of the upcoming new movie Space Jam 2, many social media comments and tweets are now predicting the outcome of the movie. As they say LeBron James is not the right one to play the role of Michael Jordan? Kobe Bryant should be the right one to play the role of Michael Jordan and James should not ruin the integrity of Space Jam.

Haters gonna hates LeBron James whether in NBA sports or in Movie. But one thing is for sure, haters always watch LeBron James. And if the rumors of the second movie of Space Jam are true? Haters will make it a hit, because they will watch it.

What can you say about this? Is LeBron James is the right choice of starring in the alleged Space Jam 2?