Two Classmates Emotionally Reunites As Judge And Burglary Suspect

Two classmate in middle school reunites after several years has passed. But the reunion was not on the right place. The woman who became a Judge, recognized his former classmates who turn to be the suspect for Burglary.

At first the suspect did not recognized her middle school classmate until the judge ask her on what middle school he attended?

The suspect started to cry, when he finally realize that the judge he was facing and going to sentence him is  actually his classmate.

The Judge who describe his old classmate during their middle school as one of the nicest and best kid in their school and she used to play football with him and look what happen to him.

She advised his former classmate that she hope that he can change his life and live a lawful life.

This is a very emotional reunion of two former classmate. Same people a two nice kid during their middle  schools, but chooses different path as the get older.

Sometimes a nice kid in schools turns to be a criminal and a bad kid turns to be a good man.

Future can never tell peoples life. Sometimes there are path that changes us for good or bad, defending on the situation of our life.

Sadly a nice kid in middle schools who recognized by the much younger judge at that time, eventually lost his path. But there are always a chance to move on and make us better, maybe after facing her old classmate he will now choose the right path.
source: youtube