Watch: John Cena Successfully Defended His US Title, Even Suffering A Broken Nose

WWE superstar  John Cena, suffered a broken nose in his match against the current WWE Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins accidentally hit John Cena  nose after giving a knee from the head during their match. Despite the bleeding and uncomfortable feeling that he suffered, John Cena, continue the match as a sign of professionalism.

The said match happen on Monday Night Raw, July 27. Where John Cena,  will be defending his United States Title against the current Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins.

John Cena, defeated Seth Rollins in a submission hold, successfully defended his US title. After the match , a medical officer, immediately comes to Cena, to know if he is alright. Cena, said he is fine and celebrate his win.

For those who don’t know what is WWE? WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. It is not a sport. It is a entertainment, where all matches are scripted. But even though it is scripted, accident happen just like what happen to John Cena.

Wrestler can really injured their self  due to contact,  throwing punches, knee, kicking , slamming body. Sometimes they are using chairs , tables and ladder to the extreme entertainment.

But after that, broken bones, ribs, back, injury and even death suffered by a wrestler.

There are several notable wrestler that died during their match. One of those is Owen Hart, in one of the WWF pay per view match. Hart falls down in a turnbackle, during an opening entrance which he hangs on the air on the way of the square ring, where a freak accident happen that caused him to fall on the turnbuckle that caused an internal bleeding in his chest and later died.

Even though they were professional and matches are scripted, you can never  tell when or where accident will happen?
source: youtube