Expert Explains How The Grouper Fish Or Lapu Lapu Grows As Almost As 7 Feet

Antique, Philippines - last July 8, 2015 a pictures of a very big fish known as grouper fish or Lapu – Lapu became viral after the picture of the fish was uploaded in social media.

Netizens caught the attention of the big fish and puzzled on why the Lapu – Lapu grows bigger than their usual size? The fish that was caught is almost a size of an adult man. Which measured 7 feet and weighed 176 kilograms.

Some social media users also wonders that the picture might be another fake  or photo edited.
The fish was caught by a fisherman in the shallow waters of the town.
Meanwhile expert explain on why grouper fish (Lapu-lapu) grow bigger than their usual size? And when the fish was cooked it takes like a meat of a cow.
Many people believe that in the province of Antique, there is a very big fish swimming in their ocean. But all are just rumors till last week the rumors finally ended after one very big fish was finally caught.

the stranded fish was caught in brgy Tabok, in the town of libertad. The size and weight of the fish needed two bamboo stick in order to carry it by seven men.

The big fish was believed by the residence to be a kind of Lapu-lapu which is usually called Pugaro. but expert explain that the fish that was caught in the said brgy. Is a Giant grouper which is usually grows from 3 to 7 feet and weighs up to 600 kilos.

Jessie Cacam, the man who saw the stranded fish, called fellow fisherman to carried the stranded fish. he then sell the fish to their brgy. Captain. Which they got paid of P13,000 pesos.

Meanwhile One of the residence of the brgy. Has cooked the meat of the said fish and said that the fish taste like a meat of a cow.

The fish that was caught is estimated up to ten years old of age? And due to climate change the salinity of the sea was lessen and that might caused the fish to swim toward the sea shore and got stranded.