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Family Of Head AirAsia Flight Attendants Expect Miracles

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On the fifth day after the disappearance of aircraft AirAsia QZ8501 , Setiawati Wanti family , one of the flight attendants on board , still waiting for news of the existence of their beloved person . They hope there is a miracle of God .

" We got offended when people ask for our sister will be buried where . Because until now it has not confirmed that our sister died , " said by Ana ( 32 ) older sister of Wanti when met at the residence of their parents Wanti in Housing Sariwangi Asri Village Middle Overtime RT 04 RW 05 Village Sariwangi Parongpong District of West Bandung regency , on Thursday ( 01/01/2015 ) .

The family hopes that there are still a miracles on God for the existence of the couple 's youngest daughter Manah ( 60 ) and Ansoma ( 70 ) .

" Wish immediately met . We entrust to charge there . We hope though only 1 percent , " he said .

In residence Wanti they still continue to follow the developments on television in search and rescue. The mother looked strong , as did his father . They hope she prayed that her son is protected by God .

" There are lectures every day , exhausted and depleted noon to sunset , " said Manah , the mother .

Warn is the youngest of six brothers pair Aam Somah ( 65 ) and Manah ( 55 ) . He was born and raised in Bandung . Graduates LPK Ariyanti Bandung previously worked at several hotels in Bandung before then entered as a flight attendant on AirAsia and rented a house in Surabaya .

Dingdong Dantes And Marian Rivera Nuptial Will Be Attended By The Biggest Celebrity Star And Politicians

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Ding Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera, will finally tie the knot today as their wedding day will happen at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Quezon City.

The most anticipated celebrities wedding of the year the so called “Kapuso Royal” Couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera nuptial will finally happen today which will be attending by the biggest star in the Philippine Industries and Politicians.

President Noy Aquino III will be leading the list of Very Important Person (VIP) guests, as the Witness of Honor.

Here are the list of  Ding Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera, Godparents and Godmothers

Godparents in the list are:

GMA big bosses Felipe L. Gozon and Gilberto Duavit Jr
Bossing Vic Sotto
Ogie Alcasid
German Moreno
directors Mak Reyes and Mac Alejandre
Dantes' manager Perry Lansigan
Rivera's manager Antonio P. Tuviera
Wilson Tieng
Ben Chan
Randy Ortiz
Monchito Dantes
Marlon Dantes
RADM Herby F. Escutin
Zaldy Rivera
Dr. Gary Lopez
Joel Rustia
Jose Francisco Gonzalez and
Jose Eduardo Gonzalez

The godmothers in the list are:

Batangas Governor Vilma Santos-Recto
Megastar Sharon Cuneta-Pangilinan
Kris Aquino
Regine Velasquez-Alcasid
Celia Rodriguez
Helen Gamboa-Sotto
Lily Monteverde
Lilybeth Rasonable
Wilma Galvante
director Joyce Bernal
Dra. Vicki Belo
Lolit Solis
Dra. Ma. Theresa Lopez
Floresfida Gonzalez
Ma. Margarita Gonzalez
Laila Rivera
Ma. Luisa Henson
Juliet Lanuza
Myrna Dominguez
Maria Joycelyn Rustia.
source: GMA

Tropical Storm "SENIANG" Hits Visayas And Mindanao Area

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Tropical Storm "SENIANG" has maintained its strength and is now moving towards Cebu.
With a maximum sustained winds of 65 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 80 kph and moving West Northwest at 11 kph.

As of 4am Tropical Storm “Seniang” was located at 35 km Southeast of Mactan, Cebu City with coordinates of  9.9°N, 123.7°E.

The estimated forecast position will be at:

Tuesday morning: 235 km West Northwest of Dumaguete City,
Wednesday morning: 115 km South Southwest of Puerto Princesa City.
Thursday morning: 450 km Southwest of Puerto Princesa City.

Public Storm Warning Signal # 2
(Will experience with Winds up to 61-100 kph is expected in at least 24 hrs)

Visayas Area

Negros Oriental
Negros Occidental

Public Storm Warning Signal # 1
(Will experience with Winds up to winds of 30 - 60 kph is expected in at least 36 hours)

Visayas  Area

Southern Leyte
Camotes Island

Mindanao  Area

Surigao del Norte
Agusan del Norte
Misamis Occidental
Misamis Oriental
Zamboanga del Norte

PAGASA report that Tropical Storm “Seniang” has a rain of 7.5 to 15 mm per hour (moderate to heavy) within its 300-km diameter.

Fisherman and other small seacrafts or vessel are not advised to sail out over the seaboards of northern and central Luzon and the eastern seaboard of southern Luzon, seaboards of Visayas and over the northern and eastern seaboards of Mindanao.
source: pagasa

AirAsia Faces Contreversy After AirAsia Flight QZ8501 Plane went Missing

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AirAsia is in a contreversy as their plane jet #QZ8501 has lost their contacts and is now missing.
 AirAsia,operates more than 180 jets in just over a decade but now faces its biggest ever challenge.

On Sunday, as Indonesia AirAsia report that AirAsia flight QZ8501 with 162 people passenger on board went missing during a flight  bound from  Indonesian city of Surabaya to Singapore.

Report said that the Pilot of the said plane, asked permission to change course due to bad weather. As they headed at storm clouds, strong winds and lightning.

The plane’s pilot request to the air traffic control to fly on the left side which was approved, but denied to fly 32,000 feet due to traffic and 5 minutes later the flight disappeared from radar,

Indonesia air traffic control said that after an hour of the plane departure, contacts on the plane was lost somewhere in Java Sea between Belitung island and Pontianak, on Indonesia's part of Kalimantan island.

 Search and rescue operations with the Indonesian army as well as Singapore and Malaysia will resumed on Monday morning .

The AirAsian airlines has had a virtually clear safety record until the incident happen on Sunday as compared with competitors like Malaysia Airlines and Indonesian carriers such as Lion Air and Garuda Indonesia which have lost several planes in crashes over the last decade.

AirAsia flight QZ8501,have passengers consist of 1 Singaporean, 1 Malaysian, 1 British, 3 South Koreans and 149 Indonesians, while the crew consists of 6 Indonesians and 1 French (the co-pilot). See the full passenger manifest here.
sources: yahoo, gma, youtube

Government Are Ready To Defend The Increase In Fare For LRT And MRT

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Manila, Philippines - The government lawyers are ready to respond to legal issues filed against the impending increase in the fare for the Light Rail Transit and Metro systems starting in this coming January 2015.

According to Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte , the Department of Transportation and Communications continue to explain to the public on the reason behind the decision to raise the fare.

" We are also ready to respond to that. We will await the decision ( the court ) , whether to issue a ( temporary restraining order ) , " he said in an interview on radio dzRB .

This statement was added in response to the reports come out with groups invited in court to question the fare increase .

New Alyandang Makabayan ( Bayan ) secretary general Renato Reyes Jr. said that they plan to escalate the court fare increase on Jan. 5 , the first day of work in 2015 .

Once they execute the extra fare , the fare of the LRT - 1 from Baclaran to Roosevelt would be P29 , and P24 also for one- way trip to the LRT - 2 from Santolan to Recto .

It’s going to be P28 MRT 3 fare from North Avenue to Taft Avenue , which currently charges P15 .

Valte insist that  the need for the extra fare . He also said that DOTC knows the need to enhance the system and the facilities of  the LRT and MRT .
source: GMA

LeBron James Almost Cry In A Video Tribute Given By Miami Heat Organization

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On LeBron James return to Miami at American Airlines Arena on Christmas day. Miami Heat, spoil  LeBron’s, return  as the Miami Heat beat the Cleveland Cavaliers  101-91.

LeBron lead the Cleveland Cavaliers with 30 points but shot only 10-18 in free throws, On the other  hand Miami Heat Dwane Wade scored 31 points  shooting 12 of 28 from the field.

But the highlights of the games featured the much awaited anticipation of Miami fans on how they will welcomed LeBron James? During pre- game as LeBron, introduced mixed reaction was heard, some fans cheered for Lebron, some boo him!

One of the announcer said this is not the right way to welcomed the man who help the Miami Heat organization in four staight finals appearance and leading the team to win 2 NBA titles.

As the games start, LeBron greet and hug his former team mates, especially his best friend Dwane Wade, which he hug with pure emotion.

During first quarter at the first time out of the game, the Miami organization take the opportunity to  played a video tribute on LeBron James,  a tribute of all the accomplishment and highlights of LeBron in Miami’s organization.

After the video tribute end, the fans, give LeBron, an standing ovation to the man’s who help to win the Miami franchise of 2 NBA Championship.

LeBron, acknowledge the fans, by waiving his hand, but as you can see in the video, LeBron has a teary eye emotion, whom you may think that it really touches his heart on the tribute and memories of the team he had during the last four year with Miami Heat.

Announcer said this is the right way to welcome LeBron James!

The game has a lot of emotion especially LeBron James and Dwane Wade, you can see in their reaction Best friend forever.

James Jones and Mike Miller, also featured a Video tribute, as being part of the Miami Organization,
source: NBA, youtube

A Monkey In Need Save By His Friend Monkey Indeed

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A viral video of a monkey from India who saved the life of another monkey who fell unconscious after being electrocuted from railway electric wires in India's northern city of Kanpur railway station.
This video shown the compassion of a monkey to another monkey who is in need of help.

 The heroism of the monkey showed that even them will do anything to save the one that in deed in need.

They are just like human, animals and human are the same when there is a friend that need a help, we will do anything just to help them.

In this situation the monkey who pulled his unconscious friend from the railway,trying to revive his friend by shaking, biting and even drops his friend to the water, and luckily the monkey gets back conscious, as the heroism of the savior got rewarded.

This viral video, shows a crowd of people in a train station, as they watch and video of a monkey pulling another monkey away from the electrocuted railway.

This is might not a good scene to watch as one monkey hanging on his dear life but a good things happen of having one friend trying everything just to save a dear friend’s life.
source: youtube

How Miami Heat Fan's Will Welcomed LeBron James On Christmas Day

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On Christmas day at Miami, LeBron James will be welcomed back in American Airlines Arena, Miami. LeBron James, opt his contract in Miami last July 1, 2014 and decided to go home and joined the Cleveland Cavaliers on an essay he send to Sports Illustrated, making his decision that he is coming home last July 11, 2014.

Cleveland fan’s celebrate on knowing the decision and Miami Heat fan’s dismay of the decision.
After several months LeBron will finally go back at Miami as a contender suiting  his jersey Cleveland Cavaliers.

As he enter the Arena, on Christmas day, familiar people, workers, camera shot at every corner and having some small talks to the people that he known which he has been  in his four years stayed in Miami Heat, American Airlines Arena.

Before the game start, a tribute will be happen in honor of Dan Marino and Michael Jordan with retired jerseys.

Also a tribute for LeBron James, as he help the Miami Heat, organiztion in four straight finals appearance and having won 2 NBA Championship Titles.

Lebron said, he’ll be excited to see his former teammates, the guys he went in four year’s in Miami, the coaching staff, It will be a great time.

Dwyane Wade, LeBron, best buddy, said that, he hope  Miami fans, give some love and appreciation on what LeBron James, contribute in the Miami organization.

NBA Sports Analyst, points of view, on LeBron’s return in Miami, James introduction, should not be booh? Fan’s should appreciate on what LeBron’s, brought in the organization for the past four year’s. but when the game start, then fan’s has the right to booh LeBron, as a competitor and he is no longer Miami Heat player.

Diffeerent people comments on the return of LeBron’s returns to Miami, some say Lebron’s  should receive a warm welcome? But some say, he did not deserved to be welcomed? Just like what happen on James return to Cleveland, as he decided to get his talent in south beach.

Can’t wait to see the reaction of Miami fan’s on Lebron’s return? Will fans welcomed him with love or hatred as LeBron left the  organization? Let’s see on December 25, on Christmas Day.
source: NBA

Viral Video:"Lebron James Jr." Has A High IQ In The Game Of Basketball

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Lebron James is making headlines on Youtube but this time  it’s the younger Lebron James Jr.
The ten year old kid lebron, the son of the Cleveland cavaliers superstar Lebron James Sr. has made hits on his viral video on youtube.

The video was about the Lebron James Jr.'s highlights from day 1 of the 2014 Ronald Searles Holiday Classic with Houston's nationally ranked Gulf Coast Blue Chips 4th grade squad.

Lebron James jr. who played like his father, see’s a great potential at his young age of being a great basketball player, which most likely a resemblance of his father.

Lebron James Jr., has already have the vision in the game of basketball, as you can see in this viral video, he has already have high IQ in the game of basketball. He can score, dribble, pass and rebound, an all around player just like his dad. A court vision which he get’s from his dad.

Lebron James sr, tells about his son, He’ll be alright, he’s got the chance if he really loves the game and he works at it, he has a chance to be good basketball player. But he’s still young. Just play the game and  love the game. Don’t worry about anything else.

James said that his son is not aware that the video of highlights of day 1 of the 2014 Ronald Searles Holiday went viral.

If Lebron James Jr, continue his fashion and love the game of basketball? We might see, another  second generation of Lebron James, who will dominant the game? Like father like son.
sources: espn, youtube

Video Trailer: The Hobbit “The Battle Of The Five Armies” Top's The Weekend Box Office

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The 3rd installment The Hobbit “The battle of the five armies”  tops this Weekend Box Office hit with $54,724,334 weekend gross at 2nd place is the  Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb with $17,100,520 weekend gross at 3rd place is the Annie (2014) with $15,861,939 weekend gross at 4rth is the Exodus: Gods and Kings with $8,105,681 and at 5th place is the The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 with $7,879,421 weekend gross.

The Hobbit “The battle of the five armies”  debut at top spot on the final chapter of the Hobbit  trilogy of which earn  $56.2 million  over the December 21st  weekend and have a robust of 5 day of total of  $96 million of  total after opening on Wednesday.

 The Action and Fantasy movie which stars Martin Freeman as “Bilbo the Hobbit” as the main character  and  also features  the cast of Ian McKellen, Orlando Bloom, and Luke Evans.

The Hobbit “The battle of the five armies” story line is Bilbo and the Company are forced to engage in a war against an legion’s of combatants and keep the Lone Mountain from falling into the hands of a rising darkness.

After having reclaimed the Erebor and the vast treasure from the dragon Smaug, Thorin,  sacrifices their friendship and honor in seeking the Arkenstone, even though Smaug's  wrath and desperate attempts by the Hobbit Bilbo to make him see reason.

On the other hand, Sauron sends legions of Orc’s  are in a surprise attack on the Lonely Mountain. As the races of Men, Elves and Dwarves must decide if they want to unite or if not they will die in the hands of the rising darkness.
source: youtube

Cherry Mobile Announced A Limited “Buy One, Take One” For Cherry Mobile Alpha Style

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Cherry Mobile Lunch the Alpha Style Windows phone which basically a windows phone and tablet. Which come in four devices to be lunch. The first device is the Alpha Style Windows phone, the most affordable windows phone in the market.

If you still have some budget or an extra money after Christmas preparation, this is your chance to buy the most affordable or maybe the cheapest Windows Phone 8.1 in the world

Cherry Mobile, inform the Public that they will be conducting a limited “buy one, take one” sale of its entry-level Alpha Style Windows phone on December 22.

The event of sales will be happen in three major branches of SM. The  SM City North, SM Mega mall, SM South mall, and Market! Market.

The said event will start at exactly 1 p.m. inside the Cherry Mobile’s concept stores.  Every each customer or buyer will be given designated numbers at the start of the said sales event and customer will be allowed to buy one Alpha Style Windows phone.

The Cherry Mobile Alpha Style, comes with a specification of 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 quadcore processor, 512MB of RAM, a 4 inches IPS display, and a 5 mega pixel rear camera.

The Cherry Mobile Alpha Style, alongside with the Alpha Luxe, which the Cherry Mobile’s attempt to provide an inexpensive handsets that are  running Windows Phone 8.1, which an operating system program that has long been championed by Nokia.

Specification’s of the Cherry Mobile Alpha Style (Price: P2,999)

* 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 quad-core processor
* Adreno 302 GPU
* 512MB RAM
* 4-inch IPS display
* 4GB internal storage, expandable via microSD
* 5-megapixel rear camera
* VGA front camera
* WiFi, Bluetooth
* Dual SIM
* 1500mAh battery
* Windows Phone 8.1 OS
source: yahoo

Viral Video: Angel Save A Man In A Bike

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This Viral Video was taken on  May 9, 2012, its more than 2 years since then. I have no idea on when  it was uploaded on youtube or social media, but it became viral since then.

I have watch these video on youtube last year, but to some who have not watch this amazing video, I will share this link to take some comment from all of you guys.

This viral video is about a man or angel or maybe something which is not human, who save a man in a bike, which is in danger of hitting by a truck.

As you can see in the video a sudden burst of speed towards the man in a bike and a bright lights appeared as the truck, passing through.

As the truck pass through you can see the man in the bike suddenly appeared in the upper right side of the road, at the exact same time which the bike will about to be hit by truck, The man or whatever it might be? Who ave him is might be using a teleportation? you can also see the glowing in his hand as he release the bike of the man.

Then the saviour suddenly walks out through the man he save, and as if there is nothing happen and continue his jogging.

Meanwhile the truck driver who though he hit something  has stop, and went under his truck to see what he hit? But find nothing.

At the said video you can also see the burn of wheels on the road in the middle of intersection which caused by the truck which caused on the sudden break of the truck.
Netizen’s had different point of views on the said video, some say it is real? Some say it is another Photoshop edited?

Whats your comment on the said viral video? You’ll be the judge?
source: youtube

BSP Will Be Issuing Commemorative Coins This Coming Christmas

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Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas, will be issuing a limited edition of commemorative coins of P5 and P10 this coming Christmas.

In a report by Ruth Cabal in GMA News 24 oras last Friday. It is said to be that the limited edition commemorative coins which consist of P5 with a design of “New Hereos” or Bagong Bayani of  Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW).

There is also a new P5 which is for the 70th anniversary of “Leyte Landing” and a P10 which is for the 150 years old of Apolinario Mabini.
Those who are intending to give money this coming Christmas, it is much better to give new released commemorative coins which are limited edition  rather that the crisp paper money?

According to the report , 30 million of commemorative coins will be released  compared to a total  of  22 billion pieces of coins in circulation as of today .

This coming Monday, people will have the change to change their bills  or their old coins into the new commemorative coins which is in the same value, which will be available in the office of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas(BSP) and some other Banks.

Meanwhile, this coming next week, most of the bank will be open for only 3 days until New years.
Because of many days of  holidays in the next two weeks , the bank  will have transaction only on this coming dates of  December 22, 23, and 29 .

But BSP, assured that all banks are ready on this coming long schedule of Holiday
ATM operations  will Continue this coming holiday period
source: GMA

Facebook Drop's Popularity In American teenager's

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U.S. Teenagers Are fast  Deserting Facebook Faster Than Ever as they are much preferred on using  the like’s of  Snapchat  and Twitter.

A recent survey’s  that american teenager’s age  from 13 -17 year’s old  which are using social media are fast deserting the Facebook, faster than ever.

In a report which stated that the percentage of those who using Facebook dropped 6 percent from 94 percent last year to 88 percent in this year 2014. In year 212 to 2013 it only drops at 1 percent.

Analyst said that this is not the first time in a sudden drop on Facebook's popularity likely with teenagers.  The company and co-founder , CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has  gone on the record , he said , based on our data, that’s simply not true.

Zuckerberg added If the numbers are not growing in that demographic,  that’s is only because the Facebook  site is already so deeply attached in the life of the US teenager that there’s nowhere to grow.

Frank N. Magid Associates Inc., the group that are behind on the said report, stated that teenagers in america are more spending their time in messaging application's and even Twitter, which now boasts 48 percent engagement in that age group.

Teenager are more attracted  to newer services or application  like Snap chat and messaging apps which are at their youthful user base. After all, with their parents and even their grandparents are using the social network Facebook, no wonder that teenagers are saying thanks but no thanks to Facebooks.

 After all, they are just kid's whatever is the latest or new application available in the market? it makes them interested? so for now snapshot and twitter? tomorrow who knows?
source: time

Watch The Trailer Of The Controversial Movie “The Interview”

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The controversial movie “The Interview” was cancelled the released of by The Sony Pictures on last  Wednesday which about the movie pertaining to the North Korea, that triggered a chilling threats from hackers, as the United States investigators reportedly blamed Pyongyang for a damaging cyber-raid on the Hollywood movie giant.

Even though the movie has a bad publicity and a delayed debut  film industry predicts that it will turn out to be a good news and maybe  a modest box-office hit.

Jeff Bock, a senior box office analyst said that the movie with so much press behind it, people will be eager to see the movie, and it is going to be a hit.

The movie which invest a $42 million, under the Sony Pictures Entertainment, has cancelled the release of “The Interview” last Wednesday due to some security concerns.

The movie stars, James Franco and Seth Rogen
 "The Interview," which about a fictional plot to assassinate the North Korean leader/dictator Kim Jong-Un.

In this action-comedy “The Interview”, Dave Skylark (James Franco) and his producer Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogen) which run the popular celebrity tabloid TV show "Skylark Tonight." When they learn that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is a fan of the celebrity tabloid TV show, they have given the opportunity to interview North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to cement themselves as journalist, when they are about to travel to North korea, CIA recruits them to take down the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un
sources: youtube, nbc,

An Entity Was Caught In The Video In Real Time, As The Tsunami Hit Japan

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On March 11, 2011, Japan was hit by a magnitude-9 earthquake which shook northeastern Japan, unleashing a devastated tsunami.

During the occurrence of the devastated tsunami, as it happen a man recorded the video of the tsunami, on the said video which something was caught that make people puzzled?  What is the thing that was recorded? Is it a ghost? A creature? Or something that natural people cannot be explain? The said video was uploaded and has been viral in the social media as well in youtube.

As shown in the video, a man recorded Tsunami as it happen in real time, as he incidentally recorded a thing or something in the water at 3:13 mark, a creature  jumps out of the water and climb up and suddenly disappeared.

The creature which has a colorless appearance like in a movie “Predator”? as it seems he is trying to save his life from tsunami? Which is more likely in the said recorded footage.

On the later part of the said video, again the creature, entity or something, shows again as he trying to escape from one house to another.

 Netizen’s has given their opinion on the said video, some say that its just a smoke? A strong wave which moves upward the house? Whatever it seems on their opinion you’ll be the judge on the video footage that you have seen? Is it real? Or another Photoshop edited?

One thing is for real, it becomes viral, seems legit and made me interesting.

Our world have many mystery, maybe they are living with us without seeing and knowing them? Like a ghost, entity, and other creatures which many of us do not believe?
source: youtube

Video: Extreme Turbulence Forced American Airlines To Take Emergency Land To Japan

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A recent video was circulating in the social media which about a passenger that recorded the turbulence they experience during their flights.

On the said video you may see the horrible experience of the passenger which are afraid, shouting, terrified, praying for their lives, and even one of the passenger said that he loves his family.

The American Airlines plane which departured from Seoul, South Korea to Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas had made an emergency land to Narita, Japan, last Tuesday after several of the passengers and crew were injured by the turbulence during their  flight.

American Airplane Flight 280, was departed the  Incheon International Airport which destination to Dallas-Fort Worth when an intense winter storm happen and  shook the cabin and caused injuries that forced the airplane to divert flight to Japan.

The said incident has injured 14 passengers and crew member who need a medical attention, said by Andrea Huguely an American spokeswoman.

Report said that four passenger and a crew has been transferred to the nearest hospital for further observation and medication., All of the passenger who suffered injury are not were life threatening.
The flight will not continue on to Dallas-Fort Worth on Tuesday, Huguely said.

All passengers currently stayed to a hotels and they will resume their flights to DFW on Wednesday.

On The Weather Channel reports ,American Airlines  Boeing 777 carrying 240 passengers and a crew of 15. Had experience an intense winter storm which was develop over Japan, with blizzard warnings in northern and western sections of the said country.
source:CNN, youtube

Viral Picture Of Ghostly Image Captured During Chito and Neri Wedding Celebration

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A recent wedding happen between  Chito Miranda and Neri Naig. but the talk of Netizen's in the world of social media is that some thing was caught in the picture that during chito and Neri, was cutting their cakes. some say it was a ghost of a man that was staring at Chito and Neri, some say it was just a man that his images was not fully developed?

The said picture was released by Official page of Universal Records Philippines.

Netizen's has different point of views of the said viral picture of Chito and Neri with a ghostly picture, some say that a ghost was really captured, some say that a man or one of their guest that just passing by and other comments say's that they don' t care if that's a ghost or not?

As of now, Chito Miranda and Neri Naig has no reaction or comments on the said Ghost image that has been captured during their wedding celebration which happen last December 13 and last December 14, in a garden wedding in Tagaytay.

source: abs-cbn

Airport Police Officer Smashed a Cab's Window After The Driver Refused To Give His License

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A Viral Video was circulating lately in the social media of an Airport Cop who was caught smashing a window of a Taxi driver.

Report said that PO2 Alejandro Pineda Jr, who was an airport cop at the Terminal 3 Police Division is forcing an MGE Taxi Driver whos name is Boots Imagata to give his license,

 But Pineda refuses the airport cop, which believe that the Taxi driver made a violation of picking a passanger at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport terminal 3.

On the said video, Boots Imagata refused to the cop to surrender his license, which he felt that he was being singled out by Airport cop Pineda which make Pineda angerd to Taxi driver as he smashed the windows of the said vehicle at the left side of the driver’s side.

Manila International Airport Authority ,General manager Jose Angel Honrado, said in an interview that PO2 Alejandro Pineda Jr an Airport Officer assigned at Terminal 3 Police Division is temporary relieved of his duty while the investigation is ongoing.

As of now he was releived, we will see if Pineda is the one who commit the mistake? He told.

PO2 Alejandro Pineda Jr, has filed a complaint at the Pasay fiscals office against Boots Imagata, the Taxi driver which he filed for resisting arrest and disobeying a cop or person of authority.

Another separate complaint which against to Taxi driver Boots Imagata filed at the Land Transportation Office, which is said that Imagata accused for obstruction of traffic and disregarding traffic signs.

General manager Jose Angel Honrado, also said that before the incident happen, the taxi driver Imagata, had already been warned twice not to pick up passengers at the airport.

He said that the Taxi driver was caught twice but  he  just escape the Security guard during that time. But this time he refused to be arrested. The said video, which only tells one part of the story, sometimes you need to be discipline, he said.

A NAIA -3 security guard, said that a lot of many unauthorized taxi drivers, violates the designated  authorized zones.
source:yahoo, youtube

Kobe Bryant Moves At # 3 In All Time Scoring List, Surpassed Michael Jordan

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Finally Kobe Bryant surpassed  Michael Jordan on the all-time scoring list. During their game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Kobe Bryant, take a 2 pair of free throws to tied and surpass Michael Jordan. Bryant is now  currently  placed number  3, in the all time scoring list and moves down Michael Jordan  at number 4 in all time scoring list.

Kobe Bryant, trailing two more NBA superstars, Karl Malone which placed at number 2 and Kareem Abdul-Jabar at number 1 in all time scoring list.

Bryant, received a round of applause in the home court of Minnesota Timberwolves, congratulating him by his team mates and some players of the Minnesota timberwolves.

At the start of the game between Minnesota and Lakers, Kobe was just shooting 1 out of 5 in the first quarter but on the second quarter, he began to take shot and became aggressive as he take the memorable two free throws that makes in his career history at  5:24 to go in the second quarter to surpassed the greatest ever played the game Michael Jordan.

Kobe Bryant  finished the game with 26 points on 7-for-20 shooting, should it be the Indications  that Bryant will retire when his contract expires at the end of the next season, at his 20th year in the league.

But no matter what happens down the line whether he retired or not? , Bryant now reigns as the most prolific scoring guard in NBA history, having passed  to Michael Jordan, the guy he’ll forever be compared to. It’s a tribute to his talent, his drive, his work ethic, motivation and his longevity.
# 24 has surpassed # 23 to become No. 3 in All Time Scoring List.

New Miss World 2014 "Rolene Strauss Of South Africa"

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A New Miss World 2014 has been crowned on Sunday which was held at the Excel London ICC Auditorium in London on December 14, 2014, Monday morning here at Manila, Philippines.

 Rolene Strauss From South Africa is the new Miss World 2014.

Rolene, is a 22 year’s old medical student in her native country and enjoys playing the sports golf, netball and cycling, and reading inspirational and educational books.

And also she is the first Miss South Africa to take this prestigious title since Anneline Kriel's reign in 1974.

When she asked what she felt she wanted to be Miss World, Rolene said: "I am proud to be being South African, I have the firsthand experience of the unity, respect, forgiveness exists those all the aspirations of the Miss World organization.

so it would be amazing to me to represent the organization that is a beacon of hope all over the world."

Afterwards she said "South Africa this is for you," I think I will brace myself for what's about to happen. It's a huge responsibility.

Miss World 2014 was handed her crown by the reigning Miss World 2013, Megan Young of the Philippines, and cheered on by second and third runners-up, Miss Hungary Edina Kulcsár and Miss United States Elizabeth Safrit.

"I hope Miss South Africa enjoys her year as much as I did," said Young, meanwhile. Young became the first bet from the Philippines to win the Miss World tiara last year.

Miss Hungary Edina Kulcsar was runner-up, while the United States' Elizabeth Safrit was third runner up.

The Miss World 2014 pageant which also featured many subsidiary competitions and titles, which were played out in the days leading up to the grand final round.
These contests and their winners:

2014 Miss World Top Model is – Miss Bosnia & Herzegovina Isidora Borovčanin
2014 Miss World Sportswoman is – Miss Finland Krista Haapalainen
2014 Miss World Beach Fashion is – Miss Sweden Olivia Asplund
2014 Miss World Multimedia is – Miss United States Elizabeth Safrit
2014 Miss World Talent is – Miss Malaysia Dewi Liana Seriestha
2014 Miss World People's Choice Award is – Miss Thailand Maeya Nonthawan Thongleng

For the first time, 5 contestants were announced as the Miss World 2014 Beauty With a Purpose winners: Miss India, Miss Kenya, Miss Brazil, Miss Indonesia and Miss Guyana.

Philippines candidate Valerie Weigmann failed to make it to the semifinals of the competition, ending her dream of winning back-to-back crowns for the country.
sources: GMA, ibtimes

Afghan Man Abas Ali Zada or “Bruce Hazara", The Present Resemblance Of The Late Kung-Fu Star "Bruce Lee"

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A young fighter in Afghanistan. Abas Ali Zada, who idolized the king of Kung –Fu, Bruce Lee.
Has been famous through Social media and Youtube because of the resemblance of him to the late Bruce Lee who died 40 year’s ago. .

 Abas Ali Zada or “Bruce Hazara,” as his facebook friends called him,  has a lot of similarity to Bruce Lee, Both are Kung-Fu expert and have a great similarity in their looks which might think you that this man from Afghanistan is the reincarnation of the late Kung-Fu star Bruce Lee.

Abas Ali Zada, begin his Internet sensation when he began posting some of Bruce Lee’s famous moves in his facebook page and immitation as Bruce Lee impersonator.

Abas Ali Zada, said that he train's twice a week to be able to achieve his goal. He came from a poor family with a number of 10 children. His parent cannot afford to send to the school for martial arts, but a trainor who mentored him anyway to learn martial arts.

source: youtube

For now, he wants to make it to the big screen, and to be able to give some good press or news to Afghanistan country.

Floyd Mayweather Challenge Manny Pacquiao , To Make It Happen The Fight On May 2, 2015

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In an interview under the Showtime network  Floyd Mayweather, was ask  if he is willing to fight Manny Pacquiao? Mayweather, said he absolutely want to fight Manny Pacquiao, which he want to make it happen but unfortunately did not happen because of the issue of blood random testing.

He said that Manny is in a tight situation which he loss to Juan Manuel Marquez and timothy Bradley and pay per view of fights of Manny Pacquiao are extremely low, so that Manny is desperate to fight him, Mayweather said.

Floyd said, I am just waiting on them to make the fight happen? If the fight happen it will be showed on Showtime Pay Per view because Showtime is the number 1 boxing promotion, He said.

If negotiation happen Floyd is willing to fight Manny, he is not ducking or dodging any opponent.

He also said that promoter Bob Arum is the one who stopping the fight? He is the one who doesnt want to make the fight happen behind the scene.

Fans and the people have been fooled, the people listen only on one side and now its time for us to talk, we are ready we want the fight let’s make it happen on May 2, 2015, Mayweather said.

Mayweather criticize Pacquiao that he is not on my level? The fans will love to see the fight and he will come out in the ring against Pacquiao with a bang!

Watch The Interview

So let’s make it happen the fight, he called into Manny Pacquiao and Bob Arum, who are been ducking the fight for all this years, who been fooling the public who does not want to take the random test on blood.

Mayweather also offered Manny Pacquiao 40 million US dollar and against turn down the fight and now Pacquiao who lost twice and now coming back begging for the same money and it aint gonna happen? Floyd Mayweather said.

Let’s make it happen the fight for the people, fans Mayweather vs Pacquiao on May 2nd,Mayweather said.
source: youtube

Purefoods Star Hotshots Championship Reign Has Ended By Meralco

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Last December 11, 2014, it marks the end of the 4th straight championship of Purefood’s Star Hotshots formerly known as San Mig Super Coffee Mixer.

Meralco Bolts ended the the dominance of Purefoods in the last four conferences, as they end the Streak of the recently Grand slam Champion San Mig Coffee Mixers  (Purefoods).

Purefoods Star Hotshots  former ly San Mig,  is known for their poor start every start of the conference but when it matters most during playoff’s they  showed the character of a true champion and becomes champions for 4 straight conference and won their first ever grand slam.

But this time their luck ended as Meralco Bolts dethroned the defending Champion last Thursday  77-65.

On the early start of the Philippine cup, Purefood’s loose Ian Sangalang, in an injury during their first game, Marc Pingris did not play for 3 straight  as a rest given to him by the coaching staff.

As the Philippine Cup conference proceed Purefood’s again start the season on a poor start, they finish the elimination round with  6 wins and 5 loss placing # 7 in the standing, tied with Ginebra  San Miguel and Meralco Bolts but due to quotient system Purefoods became the # 7 spot in the standing to face the Meralco Bolts on a twice to beat advantage which favor on  Meralco Bolts.

Purefood’s recently acquired Mick Pennissi in a trade, to make the team front court strong and competitive?  In preparation of the upcoming playoffs. But unfortunately this time the things did not turn on their side.

There is nothing to be ashame , Purefood’s has became Champion of the last 4 conference’s became a Grand Slam team after winning the last conference. definitely a proud team even after loosing to Meralco.

Purefood’s will defend their Championship next conference.  Early preparation and time to healed some injury and maybe became champion once again?

A Meter Length Worm Discovered Living Inside A Man's Foot

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A 38 year’s old man from Sudan, discovered that a meter long African worm resides within his foot.
After moving in Australia, he noticed  that his foot is been swollen.

The meter long worm that's living within a man’s foot, buried at the rear of his mortise joint, and within the front of his sole. Has been living within his foot, for over four years as shown in a very gruesome x-ray of the disintegrated elements of the worms.

The Sudanese migrant, who is now currently living in Melbourne, Australia, has no concept he had a flesh intake parasite or worm within his feet.

At St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, an X-ray has taken on to his foot and shown of the length of the remains of guinea worm.

Sydney Morning Herald reported, That the person, who migrate to Australia for about four years ago, who decided to visit a doctors, after having complaining  that he experiencing pain on his swollen foot.

Infectious diseases doctor Dr Jonathan Darby explained that the X-ray showed 2 items of curled ‘Guinea worm’ within the man’s mortise joint and foot.

He said the creature had in all probability died and began to degenerate within the man’s body.
Normally the worms live in the intestines and enter the body via larvae in infected potable water.
They dig through flesh and set themselves free through a blister on the skin.

‘That whole method will take years. It will sit within the human body alive for years or die, degenerate, then cause issues in the area like it did for our patient,

The guinea worm could be a nematode worm that causes Guinea worm disease, conjointly called guinea worm disease.

The parasite, that is found in Southern Sudan, Ethiopia, Republic of Ghana and Chad, can't be treated however neither will it infect anyone else.

The man has created a full recovery when the worm was removed throughout surgery.

Earlier this a Chinese girls was afraid to find she had a an 8 feet tapeworm living within her.
The woman, identified solely as Mrs Li, is believed to possess picked up the worm from intake under cooked meat whereas travelling in South East Asia earlier this year.

She has currently had the worm removed however says the thought of it still makes her feel sick.
She told Chinese media: ‘It’s wicked and nearly makes me faint.’

The Lady, who is in her 30's and lives in Xiamen, in China’s visited a doctor when she began to feel unwell and noticed  uncommon fluids in her stools.

Sometimes there aren't any symptoms for tapeworms however signs will embrace nausea, weakness, diarrhea, abdominal pain, hunger or loss of appetite, fatigue, weight loss and sustenance and mineral deficiencies.

a three-stage life cycle as well as an egg stage wherever the larva initial gets within the body and an adult stage at that the worm will turn out additional eggs.
source: dailymail

UFO Sighted During The Wreaking Of Super Typhoon "RUBY"

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A video of Unidentified Flying Object or UFO, was caught during the wreaking of Super Typhoon “RUBY”. The said video was uploaded on Youtube and been circulating on social media like Facebook.

The said video was not identified on what locations it was taken or who is the one who take the video? But it is very evident that the weather is dark, cloudy and it might really that a storm is coming?

Netizen's are debating on this video that if it is a hoax or not? Maybe another software creation from cellphone or the magic of photo shop?

You will notice in this video that the person who is taking the video seem’s to comfortable, no reaction on the thing or UFO that he is taking it, he is to calm that might seem’s that the video is a fraud?

But on the later part of the video, when the UFO moves toward the sky, on the part that’s the only thing you might say that is legit? Again, it looks like legit, but the technology we had, everything is easy to fake?

UFO or  Unidentified Flying Object, is not new in world news, social media news or in Youtube.
Lately on huzlers,the site published on the incoming of 6 unidentified object, which believe by NASA an extraterrestrial beings heading towards the earth. Which prove that we are not alone in this world? That Alien being’s do exist.

A lot of sightings has been recorded about UFO, a lot of people proven their existence but time will tell if they really show on us on world wide? Let’s wait till December 18, 2014 on the oncoming of extraterrestrial beings heading towards the earth?
source: Youtube

Are We Alone In This World? NASA Confirmed An Alien Spacecraft Captured By Hubble Telescope

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This viral news was published by about an extraterrestrial beings heading towards the earth.
 The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Officials report that, they believe that extraterrestrial beings traveling towards planet earth and it is estimated that it will be arriving on Earth on December 18, 2014.

For the first time in human History that an extraterrestrial beings have been actually heard and observed through telescope and sound waves. NASA, officials said that they captured sound frequencies of the oncoming of extraterrestrial beings and they even heard their voices?

This discovery about the on coming of extraterrestrial beings on earth are the most shocking discovery yet. The debate for centuries of whether or not that alien creatures really exist? But today, we definitely assured the answer, that we are not alone on this World?

NASA scientist said, we don’t know what to expect from them? What they look like? How they will be act to us? Do they come in hear on peace as friends? Or conquer us as their enemy? Or will they came to harm us?

The risk possibility of these alien beings to come to Earth and hurt human are very high, according to NASA officials. Could they be a 4th world war break out? A war between human race and alien race?

NASA officials, cannot tell the actual images of the Alien beings, how they look by using the Hubble telescope. They can only see the spacecraft that they are using towards Earth.

A total of 6 spacecrafts which believed to have same size of about half of football field. As shown in Hubble telescope.

 As of now, President Barrack Obama, has not yet make any public statement of the incoming extraterrestrial beings, but it is expected to make statement anytime soon
source: huzlers

Tropical Storm "RUBY" Warning Signal's Updates

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Tropical Storm “RUBY” Has slightly change its forecast track.

The center of Tropical storm “RUBY” was estimated at Marinduque  at 12 NN, base on PAGASA.
Storm “RUBY” is moving  West Northwest, it is expected to cross in some portion of Laiya, Batangas.

Be reminded that the wind carried by the storm has weaken but the rainfalls carried by clouds will remain strong, particularly within 100 km radius . If  it enter in Batangas , expect to weaken the storm and the wind.

CALABARZON, will experience  rainfalls from afternoon till tomorrow morning.
NCR, is expected to experience a moderate wind particularly in Manila. But definetely will experience moderate to heavy winds until tomorrow ot Wednesday.

Tropical Storm“RUBY”location is at 15 km southeast of Laiya, Batangas
With a Maximum sustained winds of 85 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 100 kph
Forecast to move West Northwest at 13 kph

Public Storm Warning Signal # 2

Luzon Area

Metro Manila
Southern Quezon
Northern Oriental Mindoro
Lubang Island

Public Storm Warning Signal # 1

Luzon Area

Rest of Quezon
Rest of Mindoro Provinces

The expected fourth landfall will be in Laiya, Batangas at 6:00 pm today and it will be associated with strong winds, storm surge and moderate to heavy rainfall.

The rainfall amount will be estimated at from 5 – 15 mm per hour (moderate – heavy) within the 450 km diameter of the typhoon.

 Topical Storm "RUBY" and the Northeast Monsoon or” HABAGAT” will cause rough to very rough sea conditions over the seaboards of Luzon and Visayas. Fisherman's  and those using small sea craft are advised not to venture out over the said seaboards.

Expected to Exit Philippine Area of Responsibility or PAR : Wednesday evening.

A Terrace House In London Turns Out To Be A Fortress

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Andy Martin, an Australian who lives in North London and an designer who worked for rock star Noel Gallagher and variety of fashionable restaurants.

Mr Martin, who bought the property for £620,000 in 2012, talked concerning his home in The London Magazine last year.

Mr. Martin, designed a picket fence for his own residence however some neighbors complain, who claimed it created the house appear as if a sinister and fort, was out of character with the road, and will really be a magnet for burglars ,who may hide behind it.

But Martin, said that he designed a fence so that his family are  protected. ‘We had some issues with somebody being pursued into our house late at night, and it’s place my young youngsters situation where they're quite nervous currently, ‘It’s extremely helped for them. It provides us lots additional security. 'It provides us two lines of defense before getting into the house.

But neighbor Paula Garcia, 43, said: ‘It’s sort of a very little prison, not a house.
‘To amendment the planning of the road isn't nice. once the milkman or builders come over they always ask, “Why are these folks doing this?” ’

IT employee Dilip Hirani, 52, delineated  the fort house as ‘an eyesore’ and said: ‘I don’t grasp what they're protective.  'They should be running around naked or one thing.’

Writer Shyama Perera, another neighbor, said: ‘It ruins the planning of the road and I’m troubled others can imitate. 'It’s not acceptable.’

That is what happened at this terrace house in North London, wherever owner Andy Martin put in a 6 ft 5 in fence around his front garden, while not designing permission.

Council has dominated he cannot create it appear as if a picket fort – although he claims it's an important defense necessary to make his youngsters feel safe.

After mr Martin was told to use for retrospective designing permission, his barricade was rejected. He can currently need to take it down, however is mystified at the opposition.

A spokesman for the council said that designing permission was needed for a fence or wall to the front of a property which might be quite one meter, or 3 foot 3 in, high.
source: dailymail

Public Storm Warning Signal's Update Of Typhoon "RUBY"

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Typhoon “RUBY” UPDATE:

Typhoon “RUBY” has slightly weaken as it passing through Sibuyan sea. It was last seen by Dost_pagasa, 10Km Northwest of Masbate City or 50 Km Northeast of Romblon, Romblon.

With a maximum sustained winds of 120 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 150 kph, moving at speed of  West Northwest at 10 kph.

Typhoon Signals are raised in the following Provinces:

Public Storm Warning Signal # 3

Luzon Area

Burias Island
Oriental Mindoro
Occidental Mindoro
Southern Quezon
Lubang Island

Public Storm Warning Signal # 2

Luzon Area

Ticao Island
Calamian Grp. of Islands
Northern Quezon
Camarines Sur
Camarines Norte
Metro Manila

Visayas Area

Semirara Island

Public Storm Warning Signal # 1

Luzon Area

Polillo Island
Nueva Ecija
Northern Palawan including Cuyo

Visayas Area

Northern Samar
Bantayan Island

The expected third landfall will be at Northern Mindoro between 6:00  – 8:00 pm today and it will be associated with strong winds, storm surge and moderate to heavy rainfall’s.

The amount of rainfall’s are estimated up to 5 – 15 mm per hour (moderate  to heavy) within the 450 km diameter of the typhoon.

 "RUBY" and the Northeast Monsoon will cause rough to very rough sea conditions over the seaboards of Luzon and Visayas. Fisherman and those who are using small sea craft are advised not to venture out over the said seaboards.

Typhoon “RUBY” is expected to Exit the Philippine Area of Responsibility at Thursday morning.
source's: PAGASA,GMA

PAGASA'S Updated Landfall Of Typhoon "RUBY"

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Weather Update as of 1:15 PM by Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration or PAGASA

Typhoon “RUBY” has made its second landfall on the newest update of PAGASA, Storm Signal are still raise in some provinces.

Public Storm Warning Signal # 3

Masbate, includes Ticao Island
Burias Island
Northern Samar

The said provinces will experience heavy rains, wind and a possible storm surge’s which measure up to 3 meters

Public Storm Warning Signal # 2

Camarines Sur
Camarines Norte
Southern Quezon
Lubang Island
Oriental Mindoro
Occidental Mindoro
Northern Cebu
Cebu City
Bantayan Island
Eastern Samar
Southern Leyte

Provinces in Public Storm Warning Signal # 2 will experience up to 2 meters of storm surge’s.

Public Storm Warning Signal # 1

Some remaining portion of Quezon
Nueva Ecija
Northern Palawan
Metro Manila
Some portion of Cebu and Bohol
Dinagat Province
Siargao Island

Citizen are advice to take extra careful of strong winds and heavy rains and possible flash floods and landslides.

PAGASA said that Typhoon “RUBY” has make a landfal in Dolores, Eastern Samar 9 pm, yesterday.
At 9 am today the Typhoon was spotted “the Eye” of typhoon on Cataingan, Masbate

Base on track the next landfall will be in Sibuyan Island. Making its way to Sibuyan sea and tomorrow morning it will hit Oriental Mindoro. Tomorrow noon it will cross the Occidental Mindoro and passing through West Philippine sea. On Wednesday the Typhoon will be exiting the Philippine Area of Responsibility.

The Typhoon is slightly weakens which has 140 kilometers per hour (kph) and gustiness of 170 kph. Moving west northwest at speed of 15 kph.

Northern Luzon and some other parts of Central Luzon are  expected to  experience heavy rains which will be directly affected by the Typhoon.

Mindanao, Zamboanga Peninsula, will be experiencing also some heavy rains.
In Metro Manila , will experience some strong wind and rain.  tomorrow, should be prepare on heavy down fall of rains and strong winds in Monday through Tuesday.

And because of Typhoon, small vessel are not advisable to go out in the sea because of strong current and rough sea on the seaboard of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

December 7, 2014 At 4:00 am, PAGASA Latest Update On Typhoon "RUBY"

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As of 4:00 am, December 7, 2014, PAGASA’s latest update on Typhoon “RUBY”
Typhoon “RUBY” is located at the vicinity of Calbayog City or 40 Km of Catbalogan City, Samar.

Typhoon RUBY, is slightly weaken with a Maximum sustained winds of 160 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 195 kph, moving  West Northwest at 15 kph .

As Typhoon “RUBY”, slightly weaken but remain dangerous because it is still remain a Typhoon, further precautions is still needed.

PAGASA, assumes that Typhoon RUBY, will be in the vicinity of Masbate, early in the morning Sunday.

TYPHOON “RUBY” Warning Signals:

Signal #3

Luzon Area
Camarines Sur
Burias Island
Ticao Island

Visayas Area

Northern Samar
Eastern Samar

Signal #2

Luzon Area

Camarines Norte
Southern Quezon
Oriental Mindoro
Occidental Mindoro

Visayas Area

Northern Antique
Semirara Grp. of Islands
Northern Iloilo
Northern Cebu
Cebu City
Bantayan Island
Camotes Island
Southern Leyte

Signal #1

Luzon Area

Rest of Quezon
Lubang Island
Calamian Group of Islands
Metro Manila

Visayas Area

Rest of Antique
Rest of Iloilo
Negros Occidental
Negros Oriental
Rest of Cebu

Watch Here The Latest Updates

Watch: Super Typhoon "RUBY" PAGASA Press Conference

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Latest Update on Super Typhoon” Ruby “as of 10:00 am by PAGASA latest press conference.
The eye of “RUBY” is  at 180 km of East Northeast Borongan  Eastern Samar or  at 260 km of  East of Catarman, North East Samar (11.5 degrees , North, 130.0 degrees East).

With a maximum wind/gust : 185 KPH/ 220 KPH
Diameter of the Typhoon is 600 KM
Forecast movement West at 13 KPH

Still remain a great treats on the said province which believe that typhoon “RUBY” will make a landfalls, they will experience heavy rains and strong winds.
Base on the latest Track of PAGASA,  within the 24 hours interval it is expected to be that Typhoon “RUBY” will be passing through Eastern Samar, the landfall is expected to hit eastern Samar at Sunday morning.
On Tuesday morning, typhoon”RUBY” is expected to pass through the land masses of the Philippines, at 115 Km of  West Calapan City, Oriental, Mindoro.
The Provinces that includes in the Typhoons Cone of Probability , should take precautions, whether the eye of the Typhoon will hit or not there respective provinces. Always take cooperation to their respective Barangay Leaders and Officials of their respective provinces.

As  of now Typhoon Signal are raise at the following Provinces:

Public Storm Signal #3:
Catanduanes, Albay, Sorsogon, Masbate including Ticao Island, Northern Samar, Eastern samar, Samar, and Biliran.

Public Storm Signal #2:
Camarines sur, Burias Island, Romblon, Capiz, Northern Cebu including Cebu city, Batayan Island, Camotes Island, Leyte, southern Leyte, Dinagat Province, Surigao Del Norte, Siargao Island.

Public Storm Signal #1:
Southern Quezon, Camrines Norte, Marinduque, Batangas, Occidental and Orriental Mindoro, Ilo ilo, Guimaras, Northern Quezon.
All areas that have Public Storm Signals, will experience heavy rains, rough sea’s and also some storm surges.


Is Nelson Asaytono, Danny Seigle And Olsen Racela Are More Deserving To Be Listed In The 40th Greatest Player?

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A lot of Sports fan, especially Basketball fan’s, criticizes the latest lists of PBA Greats, with the inclusion of 15 players  that will be added to the first 25 Greatest Player of the PBA.

The addition of 15 Greatest Player will happen into the celebration of PBA  40th season.

Netizens and sports fan’s, debate on what is the basis of the PBA , on choosing the additional 15 Greatest Player?

It must been played in the PBA for five season, won Major awards and an impact to his team.
definitely, the choosen 15 players are qualified but the question is, are they the one who really deserved?

 Is there any other PBA greats that are not included? Is it too early for other chosen PBA Greats to be included?  This is some of the question and comments that netizens and sports fan’s are debating on this addition of 15 Greatest Player.

The 15 additional PBA greats are, Danny Illdefonso, who has won 2 MVP, multiple Championship with the SMB franchise  and definitely deserved to be in the PBA Greats.  James Yap, 2 time MVP, Grand slam Champion, one of the most popular player in the PBA today, definitely deserved in the list.

Willer Miller, 2 time MVP, Asi Taulava, Eric Menk, Kelly Williams, Jay Jay Helterbrand, Mark Caguiao, Jimmy Alapag  and Arwind Santos has won 1 MVP respectively. With out a doubt they are MVP and had make an impact on their respective team.

The other 5 PBA Greats that has not won an MVP, but won some other major awrads and made an impact to their team are, Kerby Raymundo made an impact during his tenure in Purefoods, Chito Loyzaga, one of the famous Loyzaga brothers and been famous as a Ginebra player, Marlou Aquino, made an impact to Ginebra, Jason castro and Marc pingris, also made an Impact to their team.

Some might say that Arwind Santos, Kerby Raymundo, Jason Castro and Marc Pingris are too early to be included in the PBA Greats? Why? because, Jason Castro , Arwind Santos and Marc Pingris are still in their prime of there career and a lot more years to prove more in their PBA career? Some say that perhaps they should belong in the next PBA 50 Greatest Players?

 Another debate that  there are some more great players that has been enlisted despite the Impact they brought to their team and to the PBA.

Some say, Nelson Asaytono, Danny Seigle, Olsen Racela , Jeffrey Cariaso, Paul Alvares, Dondon Ampalayo are much more deserving to be listed in the PBA Greatest Player? That’s the question that only the PBA officials can answer on what is the basis of including the PBA Greatest Player?

But definitely whether they included or not Nelson Asaytono, Danny Seigle , Olsen Racela are proven an impact player and to the true fans of PBA Basketball these three might in their list as one of the 25 Greatest Player?

Different Track Scenario Of Super Typhoon "RUBY" Confused Many People

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December 5, 2014, Friday, As of today Super Typhoon “RUBY” is nearing to make a landfall on Eastern Samar. It is expected to make a landfall on Saturday night.

But Weather updates had different scenario of tracking the Super Typhoon “RUBY” that confused a lot of people?

Joint Typhoon Weather Center or JTWC, has a scenario that Typhoon “RUBY” tracks, will be targeting the part of Luzon. Which might hit Metro Manila.

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration or PAGASA, and other weather center like Japan, Korea, China and UK, has almost the same scenario that Super Typhoon “RUBY” tracks,will make a landfall in Eastern, Samar.

Super Typhoon “RUBY” has a diameter of 700 km, which is much bigger than to Typhoon “YOLANDA”

At 4:00 AM today, the eye of Super Typhoon “RUBY” was located based on all available data at 500 km East of Borongan, Eastern Samar (11.5°N, 130.0°E).

With a Strength Maximum sustained winds of 215 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 250 kph
Forecast Movement: Forecast to move West Northwest at 13 kph.

People are advised to take precautions and be vigilant of the upcoming updates.

As of this morning the PAGASA, Official Website are under maintenance that make a lot of people complained, which make a lot of people confused on the real status of Super Typhoon “RUBY”.

JTWC and PAGASA Has Two Different Tracks Of Typhoon "HAGUPIT"

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 Joint Typhoon Warning Center or JTWC and  Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration or PAGASA, has two different scenario of tracking Typhoon HAGUPIT,

 “HAGUPIT” which has a Maximum sustained  winds of 160 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 195 kph as it moving forward nearing the PAR section.

JTCW and PAGASA Different Track Scenario

Joint Typhoon Warning Center or JTWC, tracks Typhoon HAGUPIT, moving towards Luzon as it enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility or PAR.

Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration or PAGASA, tracks Typhoon HAGUPIT, moving towards Eastern Visayas, as it enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility or PAR.

This is confusing but both scenario, must take more caution whether  the Typhoon lands in Luzon or Visayas? 

Tropical Storm "HAGUPIT" Updates, Before Entering The Philippine Area Of Pesponsibility

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On Weather Update, the Tropical storm “HAGUPIT” will be expecting to enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) this coming Thursday.

“HAGUPIT”  which will be name Tropical storm “RUBY” once enter the PAR section. “HAGUPIT” which has a maximum wind of 75 KPH, gustiness of  90 KPH  and moving West North West at speed of 35 KPH.

Typhoon “HAGUPIT” will slightly slow its movement once it enter the PAR area. It will stay in Eastern Visayas till Sunday.

If Typhoon “HAGUPIT”, makes a landfall in the Philippines, it is expected to have a maximum wind of 150-175 KPH. Compare to Typhoon “YOLANDA” which has a maximum wind of 235 KPH.

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration or PAGASA, warns the possibility of a storm surges that will measures up to 3 to 4 meters.

As of now Typhoon “HAGUPIT” has not yet affecting the weather system of the country.
But Northen Luzon will be experiencing scattered rainfalls because of cool northeast wind or "AMIHAN"

At Afternoon some parts of Luzon and Mindanao, will be expected to experience light to moderate rainfalls.

In Metro Manila, there is a low chance of rain.


Strong Typhoon "HAGUPIT" Might Make A Landfall In The Philippines

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A strong Typhoon which is monitoring by the PAGASA,  which is now already a Tropical storm. With an international name “Hagupit”.

Base on the observation of the Weather company, the typhoon has a big possibility of becoming a strong Typhoon tomorrow.

But as of now, the said typhoon, is still very too far in the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR).
The said Typhoon migh enter  the Philippine Area of Responsibility  at midnight Thursday or Friday morning? Once it enter the PAR section the Typhoon will be name”Typhoon Ruby”.

The Typhoon,  has a big chance of making a landfall on the Philippines. But there might be a chance of change of movement or direction on the said Typhoon. PAGASA, said that they keep monitrong and wait for further announcement.

As of now a strong  cool northeast wind or (AMIHAN) is affecting the Northen and Central Luzon, Base on the observation of PAGASA.

Luzon will experience  a light to moderate rain this day, especially at night.
The most effected area would be the extreme Northen Luzon, like the Cagayan valley region that would experience light to moderate rain shower base on the observation of the Weather Company.

There would a moderate rain on some part of Luzon but MIMAROPA and Vicol Region will experience a moderate clear sky.

And because of  Northeast wind  (AMIHAN), the seaboards of North east Luzon will experience a rough waves small boat must implement precaution when they sailed.

Metro Manila will, experience Cloudy sky and the possibility of rain shower at afternoon.
Visayas Weather would be partly cloudy to scattered rain shower especially, to the Eastern section of Visayas.

Caraga region and Northen Mindanao will experience a partly cloudy to scattered rain shower.

Suspected Grave's Of Vampires Discovered In A Small Farm

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There are six suspected Vampires That were buried with blades and rocks in an exceedingly small farm in some village in Poland throughout the early 17th and 18th centuries.

The Vampire that were discovered is said to be were buried with sharp sickles across their throats meant to sever their heads if they tried to rise as a vampires and to take advantage of the human being. Rocks were propped at a lower place their chins to prevent them from biting.

Researchers are excavating unmarked graves of vampires at the mysterious burial cemetery site, on a farm outside the village of drawsko, for concerning six years, though the first bones of vampire that were tilled up by farmers  in somewhat in year 1929. researchers have examined 285 human skeletons, finding only 6 different odd  burials which happen to believe that a vampires grave.        

The "deviant" burial practices match historical records of Vampire mythologies and stories, that dated in  an  earliest of  11th century.

Why these people were tagged vampires, however, is lost to history.

"Back on the early days if you are doing or been suspected of practicing sorcery throughout your life, if you weren't baptized or did not have a Christian ceremony burial, if you suffered a human death  multiple reasons why you may have been targeted," said by Lesley Gregoricka, a bioarchaeologist at the University of South Alabama, in Mobile, who is the one examined the skeletons.

What created the six suspected vectors of evil was in all probability sickness, researchers believe.

Researchers suspect the burial site was a general burial zone that maybe intimate waves of cholera deaths.

Long before the appearance of the scientific theory of sickness, mysterious epidemics were attributed to evil spirits in operation through its earliest victims. The initial plan was that the very first  person to die of an endemic was changing into a vampire, rising from the grave, attacking the living and spreading the sickness,"
source: scmp