A Monkey In Need Save By His Friend Monkey Indeed

A viral video of a monkey from India who saved the life of another monkey who fell unconscious after being electrocuted from railway electric wires in India's northern city of Kanpur railway station.
This video shown the compassion of a monkey to another monkey who is in need of help.

 The heroism of the monkey showed that even them will do anything to save the one that in deed in need.

They are just like human, animals and human are the same when there is a friend that need a help, we will do anything just to help them.

In this situation the monkey who pulled his unconscious friend from the railway,trying to revive his friend by shaking, biting and even drops his friend to the water, and luckily the monkey gets back conscious, as the heroism of the savior got rewarded.

This viral video, shows a crowd of people in a train station, as they watch and video of a monkey pulling another monkey away from the electrocuted railway.

This is might not a good scene to watch as one monkey hanging on his dear life but a good things happen of having one friend trying everything just to save a dear friend’s life.
source: youtube